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Coast Guard Says No More to 14-Year-Old Oil Leak in Gulf

Taylor Energy has to start cleaning up mess that started in 2004 or risk fine of up to $40K per day

(Newser) - A massive cleanup effort has been ordered on a quietly devastating oil spill that's been contaminating the Gulf of Mexico for 14 years. The Washington Post reports the US Coast Guard has mandated Taylor Energy "institute a … system to capture, contain, or remove oil" from the affected... More »

One of Our Biggest Onshore Oil Spills Still Isn't Cleaned Up

3 years, 3 months later

(Newser) - Three years and three months later, a massive oil spill in North Dakota still isn't fully cleaned up. The company responsible hasn't even set a date for completion. Though crews have been working around the clock to deal with the Tesoro Corp. pipeline break, which happened in a... More »

BP Faces $52B in Gulf Spill Fines

With trial to begin tomorrow, lawyers negotiating furiously

(Newser) - With the trials set to begin tomorrow for BP and the other companies involved in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP alone could conceivably face up to $52 billion in fines and compensation, reports the AP . Under the Clean Water Act, which requires a minimum of $1,100... More »

As Feds Set Cleanup Deadline, Exxon Under Fire

Montana governor says oil giant lied about scope of spill

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil had better clean up its act—and its 1000 barrels of crude currently spilled in the Yellowstone River. Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has a litany of complaints that mostly boil down to the oil giant misleading state officials about the scope of the spill, and has yanked state... More »

BP's Gulf Cleanup Creates 'Spillionaires'

Many in Gulf Coast got rich in unsupervised spending frenzy: Pro Publica

(Newser) - A Pro Publica investigation introduces a new word in the Gulf Coast lexicon: spillionaire. As in, the nickname given to someone—usually someone politically connected—who raked in a lot of money from BP's unregulated $16 billion cleanup fund for localities. It puts a particular focus on St. Bernard Parish... More »

NYT's Deepwater 'Scoop' Was Regurgitated: AP Reporter

No new info in supposedly unprecedented reconstruction

(Newser) - The New York Times ' sweeping account of the Deepwater Horizon's final hours may be compelling storytelling, but it is not news, claims AP oil spill reporter Harry Weber . Though the Times story claims to be an account built from new disclosures that "make it possible to finally piece... More »

BP's Hayward: If Only I Had an Acting Degree

And so what if I went sailing, he harrumphs in first in-depth interview

(Newser) - Tony Hayward's lips are flapping again, which usually doesn't bode well for Tony Hayward. In his first in-depth interview since his departure from the company's helm, BP's vilified ex-CEO is unrepentant about wanting his life back and going sailing as the Macondo well gushed, and generally feels like he "... More »

BP's Gulf Fund Confusing Everyone

Including the Journal and the Post

(Newser) - All is not well with BP’s inscrutable Gulf compensation fund, but the exact problems seem to be a matter of debate. The Wall Street Journal today runs a piece complaining that payments have been too slow and weirdly erratic. The Justice Department has called the pace of payments “... More »

BP Finishes Relief Well

Now comes the 'bottom kill' permanent fix

(Newser) - It's been off the radar for a while, but BP has reached a milestone of sorts in the Gulf: The relief well is finally finished—it has intersected with the blown well, putting the company on the brink of a permanent fix (after 5 months), reports CNN . Next step is... More »

Who Is Getting Gulf Cleanup Contracts?

Review finds some oddball examples of big spending by feds

(Newser) - It might have been cheaper if the feds had plugged BP's blown wellhead with dollar bills—or so an early AP analysis of Uncle Sam's expenditures on the response and cleanup. Mind you, these details are for the first $142 million the government is disclosing, a small fraction; BP , however,... More »

MIT Builds Robots to Clean Oil Spills

Tech is too late for Gulf, but may prove useful

(Newser) - A fleet of robots to clean up oil spills for us: Sounds pretty nice, right? Thanks to some smart people at MIT, we'll soon have exactly that. Researchers have developed a robotic prototype called Seaswarm that can autonomously navigate waterways, sucking oil off the surface of the ocean using super-absorbent... More »

Oily Mist Coats Gulf Towns

Airborne oil could be trouble for humans, plants

(Newser) - Beach workers in Orange Beach, Alabama, have noticed that strong winds from the south—that is, from the oil-soaked Gulf of Mexico—bring with them a greasy mist. Few in the town believe BP's claims that the oil is gone—why would they, when, after a day at the beach,... More »

22-Mile Oil Plume Found in Gulf

BP pushes back final cap for well to mid-September

(Newser) - Scientists have detected an underwater plume of oil the size of Manhattan, according to the Wall Street Journal . The findings, published yesterday, further undermine the Obama administration’s optimistic view that most of the Deepwater Horizon oil has already disappeared. The 22-mile-long underwater plume is also highly unusual. “If... More »

Only 10% of Gulf Oil Cleaned Up

Scientist scolds administration for rosy estimates

(Newser) - Only 10% of the oil that spewed from the Deepwater Horizon well has been "actually removed from the ocean," a leading oceanographer will tell Congress today. Ian MacDonald's testimony throws cold water on a cheerful federal report earlier this month that declared 75% of the oil had either... More »

Gulf Still Choked With 79% of Oil: New Studies

Optimistic fed report missed plumes on sea floor

(Newser) - A recent federal report that only 26% of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill remains in the Gulf was far too optimistic, two new reports claim. University of Georgia researchers who've been assessing the Gulf said yesterday that in fact up to 79% of the oil and its toxic... More »

Future Gulf Drilling to Fund Gulf Cleanup

So much for lawmakers who want the company out of the Gulf for good

(Newser) - BP has almost reached a deal with the Obama administration to use its Gulf of Mexico profits to guarantee its $20 billion cleanup fund, the Wall Street Journal reports. BP has already paid $3 billion into the fund, which is designed to compensate coastal residents and businesses hurt by the... More »

End in Sight? BP Begins 'Static Kill'

Procedure could seal the blown well for good

(Newser) - Engineers began pumping heavy drilling mud into the blown-out Gulf of Mexico oil well today in what they think is their best chance yet to reach the ultimate goal in a delicate process—snuffing one of the world's largest spills for good. Crews began the long-awaited effort dubbed the "... More »

Rep: BP Doused Gulf With Dispersants

And the Coast Guard gave them the go-ahead

(Newser) - Despite an EPA directive to use oil dispersants sparingly, BP routinely pumped thousands of gallons a day into the Gulf of Mexico—with the Coast Guard's blessing, reports the New York Times. Though little is known about the dispersants' long-term environmental effects, the Coast Guard approved 64 of 74 waivers... More »

Media Helping BP 'Whitewash' Damage

Where's all the oil? Look under the sand

(Newser) - Mac McClelland is a little tired of all the stories in the mainstream media about how the oil from the BP spill is pretty much gone. ( Here's one that set him off.) He texts reporter friends and quickly turns up stories of "gobs of oil" on beaches... More »

Oil Vanishes From Surface of Gulf

But worries persist about what's beneath the waves

(Newser) - Finally there’s a glimmer of good news from the Gulf: the oil on the surface is disappearing a lot faster than anyone expected, according to the New York Times . The leak has been shut for almost two weeks, and “oil has a finite lifespan on the surface,”... More »

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