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A Month Ago, 41 Soldiers Were Killed. Now, Dozens More

More than 50 are dead after extremist attack on Mali's army

(Newser) - Jihadis attacked the Malian military near the border with Niger, leaving at least 53 soldiers and one civilian dead, in the second major assault against the country's armed forces in a month, the government said Saturday. The latest violence to target Mali's armed forces took place Friday in...

Another bin Laden Son Is Dead
Another bin Laden Son Is Dead

Another bin Laden Son Is Dead

Hamza bin Laden was killed, but where or when is unclear

(Newser) - Another Osama bin Laden son is apparently dead. The story broke after two US officials told NBC News that Hamza bin Laden, a likely successor to lead al-Qaeda one day, had died—but no details. Now officials say Osama's heir died between 2017 and 2019 and the US government...

How ISIS Is Trying to Be Like Japan's Kamikaze Fighters

Military targets are now in terrorists' sights more than civilian ones

(Newser) - Suicide bombing is nothing new in terrorism circles, but for Islamic State extremists, the tactic is getting a revamp. The Sunday Times reports on a new study released Monday out of the International Centre for Counter-terrorism in the Hague that shows a definite shift in how jihadi are using the...

Germany Nabs List of 22K Suspected ISIS Fighters

Potential 'law enforcement gold mine' reveals recruits from at least 50 countries

(Newser) - Germany is in possession of what one expert tells the BBC could be a "law enforcement gold mine": an apparent list of 22,000 or so foreigners from about 50 countries—including "a handful of Americans," per the Guardian —who headed to Syria to fight for...

20K Military Uniforms Meant for ISIS Are Intercepted

There were enough uniforms 'to equip an entire army': Spain

(Newser) - Spanish authorities seized containers holding about 20,000 military uniforms and other supplies last month from two port towns, all destined for ISIS and Nusra Front jihadi fighters, the country's Interior Ministry said Thursday in a statement. It was contraband said to be able to "equip an entire...

Texas Plumber Wants $1M After Jihadists Get His Truck

Mark Oberholtzer says his business has been ruined

(Newser) - The Texas plumber whose truck infamously ended up in the hands of jihdists is suing a car dealership for more than $1 million, the Houston Chronicle reports. At issue: the dealership’s failure to remove a decal bearing the name and phone number of the Texas City man's business,...

Whiz-Kid Cartographer Tracks ISIS From His Bedroom
 Tracks ISIS From 
 His Bedroom 

in case you missed it

Whiz-Kid Cartographer Tracks ISIS From His Bedroom

Thomas van Linge is respected war-zone mapmaker—and he's only 19

(Newser) - Thomas van Linge has become one of the most respected cartographers around when it comes to tracking global conflicts, including the advances of ISIS, Boko Haram, and separatists in Ukraine. His highly detailed, color-coded maps have been picked up by CNN, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post, among...

Jihadists' New Method of Travel: Cruise Ships

Interpol wants cruise lines to take advantage of its database

(Newser) - Not all cruise ship passengers are hoping for a nice holiday. According to Interpol, would-be jihadists are now using cruise ships as a way of eventually getting to Iraq and Syria. The mode of transportation allows them to both avoid more tightly monitored airports and hop off at any number...

Latest ISIS Weapon: Hijacking Iraq's Water
 ISIS' New Weapon: Water 

ISIS' New Weapon: Water

Insurgents commandeering precious commodity to strengthen position

(Newser) - Even when ISIS militants can't maintain control of Iraq's cities and villages, they have another weapon at their disposal: water. The insurgents are increasingly cutting off water to villagers, extorting local governments, and flooding homes, schools, and farms in an effort to gain the upper hand by usurping...

ISIS Sells Women Into Marriage for $1K Each: Report

The Islamic State considers Yazidi women 'spoils of war': report

(Newser) - The Islamic State has "distributed" about 300 Yazidi women to its jihadist fighters as spoils of war, CNN reports. The Islamic State, or ISIS, kidnapped the women when it attacked Yazidi villages and forced tens of thousands to flee earlier this month, according to a British group monitoring the...

Sword-Swinging 'Hipster Jihadi' Is New ISIS Mascot

Well-educated Egyptian with black-rimmed glasses tweets support for militants

(Newser) - Islam Yaken is a law school graduate who comes from an affluent Egyptian family, speaks three languages, and sports a trendy haircut and thick-rimmed glasses that make him look more like an extra on Portlandia than a Sunni insurgent. But Yaken's vocal support for the Islamic State, or ISIS,...

Inside the Mystery of World's 'Most Wanted Woman'

AP profile details what's known about the 'White Widow'

(Newser) - She's been called the "white widow," the most wanted woman in the world, yet she's eluded police for years, even while traveling Africa with four children in tow. In a profile of fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, the AP explores the life of a white woman, born to...

Seymour Hersh: Obama Lied About Syria

President didn't mention that jihadists may have gassed Syrians

(Newser) - President Obama lied about the chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of Syrians in August—or at least spoke way out of school, writes Seymour Hersh in the London Review of Books . "In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts," writes...

New Worry: More Militants Speaking English

Officials fear Western militants could bring extremism back with them

(Newser) - The new terrorism worry: English-speaking militants. Reuters takes a look at the reported rise of just such extremists, pointing to European intelligence sources who say dozens of British men are believed to be in Syria, many possibly fighting with a rebel group with ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq. Reuters also...

Turkey Forces Another Plane Bound for Syria to Land

And White House finds most arms sent to rebels end up in jihadists' hands

(Newser) - Turkey forced another Syria-bound plane to land today, but the Armenian plane was allowed to continue to Syria after its cargo—humanitarian aid—was searched, Reuters reports. Last week, Turkey forced down a jet en route to Syria from Russia, claiming it held weapons for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's...

Letterman: Leno's Behind Jihad Threat

'Late Show' host responds to threat in monologue, top 10 list

(Newser) - David Letterman returned to the Late Show last night with an evening full of jokes about—what else?—a jihadist’s death threat against him . “Tonight, you people are more to me, honestly, more than an audience … you’re more like a human shield,” he said, before...

Jihadist Demands Revenge on David Letterman

Joke about terrorist's death prompts threat

(Newser) - Add this to the Top 10 list of reasons not to make fun of al-Qaeda: A jihadist is calling for the assassination of David Letterman after he joked about the death of terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri on his show. The radical made his comments on the Shumukh al-Islam web forum, and...

Germans Use Anti-Nazi Laws to Raid Muslims

Fundamentalists groups targeted in crackdown

(Newser) - German police raided homes and offices linked to two Islamic groups this week, using "anti-Nazi laws of association," reports the Christian Science Monitor . The groups raided are made up of fundamentalist Salafist Muslims, and a government official says they are suspected of wanting to "create an Islamic...

Jersey Jihadist Wanted to 'Mutilate Gays'

Alessa radicalized in early teen years

(Newser) - Mohamed Mahmood Alessa at 14 was already talking about mutilating homosexuals, blowing up his school, and subordinating women in the name of Islam. During his teen years the Jersey jihadist was kicked out of a string of schools, where "he was exhibiting this crazy, radicalized behavior," and officials...

Jihadist Records Bin Laden Bromance Tune

Voice 'enhanced' with infidel technology

(Newser) - A jihadist has recorded a song mooning over Osama Bin Laden using voice-enhancing technology developed in the infidel West. Amir of the Ansar , devoted to Bin Laden, is sung on a jihadist site by "Asadaullah Alshishani" using a form of Autotune. "How beautiful you are; your sword gleams...

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