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Eurozone Falls Back Into Recession

GDP falls for the second quarter in a row

(Newser) - The eurozone officially has a double-dip recession on its hands. The 17-nation euro bloc fell into that second dip in the third quarter, with GDP falling 0.1%, the European Union's statistics office announced today. Since that marks its second straight quarter of decline—it was down 0.2%...

Britain Slides Back Into Recession

Figures reveal first 'double-dip' recession since '70s

(Newser) - More bad news for Britain's beleaguered government: The country slid back into recession in the first quarter of this year, according to figures released today. The economy shrank for the second straight quarter, marking the first "double-dip" recession, in which GDP falls before output lost in the previous...

Next Recession Has Arrived: Economic Institute
'Vicious Cycle' of New Recession Has Started
institute says

'Vicious Cycle' of New Recession Has Started

Dozens of indexes indicate downturn: ECRI

(Newser) - The crippled US economy is already tumbling into another recession, according to one economic institute. The Economic Cycle Research Institute reports on its website that dozens of leading indexes indicate another "full-blown recession" is occurring, not a "soft landing." Why heed ECRI’s warning? "Perhaps because,...

George Soros: Double-Dip Recession Is Here

Rejection of stimulus a big mistake: investor

(Newser) - Worry no longer about an impending double-dip recession—it’s already here, says George Soros. “I think we are in it already,” the billionaire investor told CNBC , citing Republicans’ rejection of fiscal stimulus as a key problem. “We have a slowdown and basically a conflict about whether...

Odds of Second Recession Grow: Economists

And Fed can't do much to stop it, say experts

(Newser) - Economists are citing a one-in-three chance of a new recession—the highest likelihood given in the Wall Street Journal ’s regular survey since the recovery began. The figure is 4 percentage points higher than last month’s as joblessness, a troubled stock market, and fears for Europe continue. “...

Odds of a Double-Dip? Probably 50-50 Now

This kind of stalled job growth often leads to recession: David Leonhardt

(Newser) - Bleak reading for the White House ahead of the president's jobs speech : David Leonhardt of the New York Times thinks the odds of a double-dip recession have spiked of late and might be around 50-50 now. The US had been putt-putting along in what looked to be a modest...

AP Poll of Economists: Double-Dip Recession Unlikely, But Growth Will Be Slow
Next 12 Months: No Recession, but Slow Growth
economists say

Next 12 Months: No Recession, but Slow Growth

Risk of recession at 26%; unemployment likely 9% at year's end

(Newser) - Despite a bombardment of bad news in recent weeks, economists don’t expect another recession over the next 12 months—but economic growth will barely be perceptible in that period, an AP poll of top economists finds. They expect high unemployment and weak consumer spending to dog the US into...

Second Phase of Double-Dip Recession Could Be Even Worse
Brace Yourself for Even
Worse 2nd Recession

Brace Yourself for Even Worse 2nd Recession

Could devastate a still-ailing economy, writes Catherine Rampell

(Newser) - Economists say we could be headed for a second recession—and if they’re right, it’s poised to be even more devastating than the first, writes Catherine Rampell in the New York Times . That’s because the starting point for the second dip would be our current weak economy,...

Sinking Confidence Behind Market Collapse

Investors starting to panic that nobody has answers

(Newser) - What's behind the market meltdown? Some on-the-fly observations:
  • Ezra Klein, Washington Post : The market is "diving because of forces Washington can’t control, and in many cases, doesn’t understand very well. How many members of Congress do you think could give a coherent account of what has

It's the Busted Consumer Bubble, Stupid
 It's the Busted 
 Consumer Bubble, Stupid 

It's the Busted Consumer Bubble, Stupid

With no consumer spending, economy keeps dragging

(Newser) - There are plenty of theories and explanations for the economic crisis that has afflicted the United States for years now, but they all miss the element of the continuing malaise—it's really about the bursting of the decades-long consumer spending bubble, writes David Leonhardt in the New York Times...

Bernanke: We're Prepared to Dole Out More Stimulus

Says he expects more job creation once 'temporary shocks' pass

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve is ready and willing to pour more money into the economy if it has to, Ben Bernanke told Congress today. “The possibility remains that the recent economic weakness may prove more persistent than expected … implying a need for additional policy support,” Bernanke said. “...

Bernanke, Obama Agree: No Double-Dip

Fed chief, president expect recovery will strengthen

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke isn’t worried about a double-dip recession, despite an economy he acknowledged as unexpectedly troubled this year, reports MarketWatch . “I expect hiring to pick up from last month’s pace as growth strengthens in the second half of the year,” the Fed chairman told a meeting...

Housing Prices Hit New Recession Low

And there's no bottom in sight

(Newser) - The housing industry keeps finding new lows: Today's Case-Shiller price index shows that prices fell in the first quarter to the lowest levels since the crash began, reports the Wall Street Journal . The drop of 4.2%, on top of last quarter's 3.6% drop, is evidence of...

Housing Market Headed for Double Dip

Declines could hurt broader recovery

(Newser) - The housing market is cratering again, dousing the optimism that pervaded earlier this year. Prices fell for the third straight month in October, according to the S&P/Case Shiller index released yesterday, and economists expect them to keep dropping through early spring, wiping out any progress made since the market’...

Chance of Double-Dip Recession in 2011 Falls to 15%
Chance of Double-Dip Recession in 2011 Falls to 15%
economists predict

Chance of Double-Dip Recession in 2011 Falls to 15%

GDP will grow 3%, they estimate

(Newser) - The Bush tax cut deal has some economists walking on sunshine. Experts are getting more upbeat in their forecasts for next year, predicting accelerating growth, finds the Wall Street Journal in its latest forecasting survey. The 55 experts who weighed in expect GDP to grow in “nearly every period,...

The South May Fall Again: 22 US Cities That'll Double Dip

(Newser) - It seems that low wages and taxes eventually catch up to you. Moody's has identified 22 cities in the US that are ripe for a double-dip recession. Twelve are in the South, five in the Midwest, and the rest are a smattering of smaller cities in the Northeast and West—...

Shut Up, Alan Greenspan
 Shut Up, Alan Greenspan 

Shut Up, Alan Greenspan

Ex-Fed chairman can't get anything right

(Newser) - Former fed chairman Alan Greenspan warned this weekend that the US is headed for a double-dip recession, which might be frightening news, if we didn’t have a conflicting opinion—from former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan! Just 4 months ago, Greenspan said odds of a double-dip recession had fallen drastically....

Reasons to Bet Against a Double-Dip Recession
Reasons to Bet Against
a Double-Dip Recession

Reasons to Bet Against a Double-Dip Recession

Data don't support hysterical headlines

(Newser) - Fears of a double-dip recession is running high, but economic data suggest that they are unfounded. Writing in the Wall Street Journal , Milton Ezrati of the money management firm Lord Abbett explains:
  1. The consumer is regaining strength: A 1.4% decline in retail sales for May gave rise to double-dip

World Risks Repeat of '30s Double Dip
 World Risks 
 Repeat of '30s 
 Double Dip 

World Risks Repeat of '30s Double Dip

Spending cuts could send economy plummeting again

(Newser) - The world's top economies are all talking about tightening their belts, and in so doing risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s, writes David Leonhardt of the New York Times . When President Roosevelt tried balancing the budget in 1936, it plunged the recovering country back into depression. But austerity enthusiasts...

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