BP oil spill

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BP Faces $52B in Gulf Spill Fines

With trial to begin tomorrow, lawyers negotiating furiously

(Newser) - With the trials set to begin tomorrow for BP and the other companies involved in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP alone could conceivably face up to $52 billion in fines and compensation, reports the AP . Under the Clean Water Act, which requires a minimum of $1,100...

Waterboarding, Paris Hilton Liked More Than Congress

Just 10% approve of work on Hill, according to latest Gallup poll

(Newser) - A Gallup poll released Wednesday finds that Americans' approval of Congress has hit yet another record low: 10%. There aren't many institutions Americans have liked less over the last 50-or-so years, according to Gallup: Only Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and OJ Simpson detective Mark Fuhrman have...

Oil Appearing Around BP Well Again

Sheen reaches across a quarter mile

(Newser) - A year after BP capped its ill-fated Macondo well, oil is once again appearing on the surface overhead. Oil blobs climbed to the surface and spread into patches 4 and 5 feet wide, the Press-Register reports. The thin sheen covered an area some 50 yards wide and a quarter-mile long....

New BP Oil Spill, This Time in Alaska

Ruptured pipeline leaks as much as 4,200 gallons

(Newser) - A burst pipeline in Alaska has prompted BP's latest US spill, with a mixture of methanol, crude oil, and water leaking onto the tundra on Saturday, the company announced. The spill—somewhere between 2,100 and 4,200 gallons—happened during a pressure test and is currently being cleaned...

Peter Fonda to Obama: You're a Traitor

Environmentalist not happy with president's handling of oil spill

(Newser) - Another Cannes ruckus: Peter Fonda called President Obama a “f***ing traitor” at the launch of a documentary about the BP oil spill, the AFP reports. At yesterday’s premiere of The Big Fix, Fonda recalled his reaction to the feeling that Washington was trying to silence reporting on...

BP Fined $25M for 2006 Alaska Spills

It's the largest per-barrel assessment ever imposed for a spill

(Newser) - Another blow to BP's coffers—and reputation: The oil company has been fined $25 million for two Alaska pipeline spills in 2006 . The civil fines will settle charges arising from both the spills and BP's non-compliance with court orders to properly maintain the pipelines, the New York Times...

Coast Guard Slams Transocean in Gulf Report

Shoddy equipment, poor safety training to blame in BP oil spill: probe

(Newser) - A wide array of Transocean safety failings were to blame in the Deepwater Horizon disaster last year, a Coast Guard report says. The official probe “revealed numerous systems deficiencies, and acts and omissions by Transocean and its Deepwater Horizon crew” that hampered “the ability to prevent or limit...

Emails Show BP Trying to Tamper With Oil Spill Studies

Greenpeace digs dirt with Freedom of Information Act request

(Newser) - In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP created a $500 million fund for independent research into the disaster. But in emails obtained by Greenpeace under the Freedom of Information Act, BP officials talk openly about how they can manipulate that research, the Guardian reports. “Can we...

Gulf Oil Spill: Localities Went Shopping on BP's Dime
 Gulf Went 
 on BP's Dime 

Gulf Went Shopping on BP's Dime

Localities bought SUVs, iPads, anything

(Newser) - When BP's Macondo well blew skyward, the oil titan opened up its wallet and doused oil-soaked Gulf communities in cash. And non-oil-soaked Gulf communities. Both of which went shopping, reports the AP in an analysis of what the $754 million that BP paid to state and local governments bought. BP...

Transocean: So Sorry for Calling 2010 'Best Year' Ever

Comment 'may have been insensitive' ... you think?

(Newser) - How to win a King-of-No-Tact award, in three easy steps! Step one: Dish out meaty bonuses to your company's top execs. Step two: Base said bonuses, in part, on the fact that 2010 was your "best year" ever in terms of safety—the pesky Gulf oil spill and 11...

Guess Who's Restarting Deepwater Drilling?

BP cuts deal with US to restart 10 wells by July

(Newser) - What with Transocean today patting itself on the back for its "best year in safety performance in our company's history," it only follows that BP will return to deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico this summer. The oil giant has cut a deal with the US government...

Transocean Execs Land Fat Safety Bonuses
 Transocean Execs 
 Land Fat Safety Bonuses 

Transocean Execs Land Fat Safety Bonuses

Company had 'best year in safety performance'

(Newser) - That minor explosion that killed 11 people and dumped 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico aside, it seems Transocean had a banner year in terms of safety. And to celebrate the "best year in safety performance in our company's history"—despite noting the "...

Gulf's Real Dolphin Toll: 50 Times What Washes Up

Dead dolphins, whales found on shore the 'tip of the iceberg'

(Newser) - More than 130 bottlenose dolphins have washed ashore in the Gulf of Mexico's mysterious die-off, but the deeper question for many has been, how many more go unrecorded? Marine animal corpses that wash ashore are widely regarded as the "tip of the iceberg," notes the NRDC, and new...

BP Managers May Face Manslaughter Charges

Investigation focusing on decisions they made leading up to explosion

(Newser) - Manslaughter charges may be coming down the pike for a handful of BP managers. Bloomberg spoke with three insiders who say federal prosecutors are considering whether to pursue the charges based on decisions made in the lead-up to the oil rig explosion that killed 11. Charging individuals would be an...

Busted Pipe Blocked BP's Blowout Preventer

New report details devastating mechanical troubles

(Newser) - The flow of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico could have been stopped—but for a single piece of mangled drilling pipe that got in the way, according to contractors who examined BP's raised blowout preventer. As oil began gushing from the Deepwater Horizon rig in...

Could Dr. Seuss Goop Have Plugged BP's Oil Well?

Professor thinks cornstarch, water would have done the trick

(Newser) - From a month-old copy of Physical Review Letters, NPR stumbled on an article bearing the somewhat impenetrable title, " Viscoelastic Suppression of Gravity-Driven Counterflow Instability ." Behind the mouthful was an interesting premise: That the calamitous BP well could have been plugged using oobleck. The combination of two parts cornstarch...

Baby Dolphin Die-Off in Gulf Grows

Officials say it's too soon to blame the oil spill

(Newser) - More and more young bottlenose dolphins are turning up dead in the Gulf, and scientists aren’t entirely sure why. The number of dead dolphins has swelled to 80, according to National Geographic , with about half of them being calves. Speculation is running rampant that the deaths are connected to...

BP Workers Could Have Averted Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster: Report
Workers on BP Rig Could Have Averted Disaster
says report

Workers on BP Rig Could Have Averted Disaster

No one asked visiting engineers about problematic test results

(Newser) - Experts on the BP Deepwater Horizon rig could have prevented last year’s huge oil spill—but no one checked with them, said the White House commission investigating the matter. A knowledgeable BP engineer was visiting the rig, but when a key pressure test returned odd results, workers didn’t...

BP Official Quit Over Safety Months Before Spill

Kevin Lacy didn't think company was committed to safety: lawsuit

(Newser) - An engineer who had been recruited to join BP in 2007 to improve its drilling policies and protocols resigned over safety disagreements a few months before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, according to a lawsuit related to the spill. Kevin Lacy, BP's senior vice president for drilling operations in the Gulf...

Judge: BP Spill Claims Czar Not Independent

Ken Feinberg must start disclosing that he works on behalf of BP

(Newser) - When Ken Feinberg doled out compensation to victims of the BP oil spill, he argued they should trust his decisions because he’s an independent party—but considering he’s getting paid by BP, that’s not entirely true, a judge ruled yesterday. Feinberg, who administrates the $20 billion compensation...

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