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Second Blast Hits NZ Mine, All Miners Believed Dead

'We are now going into recovery mode'

(Newser) - A second huge blast has hit the New Zealand coal mine where 29 miners are missing and authorities say it would have been impossible for anybody to survive. "We are now going into recovery mode," a police superintendent said. High levels of toxic gases thwarted rescue attempts after...

Rescuers Begin Drilling to Reach NZ Miners

Small test hole will take up to a day to complete

(Newser) - Rescuers began drilling more than 48 hours after a methane explosion in a New Zealand mine trapped 29 workers. Officials said that gas levels in the mine were receding, but still fluctuating, causing uncertainty as to whether the tunnel is safe enough for a search and recovery operation. A rig...

Chilean Miner Hits NYC Marathon

Edison Pena ran every day while trapped underground

(Newser) - He trained 2,300 feet underground, running miles each day with his very life in the balance, but today rescued Chilean miner Edison Pena hit the ground running in the New York City Marathon. He began at 9:40am, and hoped to finish the 26.2-mile race in six hours....

Chilean Miner Sings, Dances, Cracks Dave Up

Letterman interviews Edison Peña on Late Show

(Newser) - Rescued Chilean miner Edison Peña appeared on the Late Show last night, and cracked up host David Letterman with his tales of the “funky” conditions in the mine before it collapsed. “Is, in South America, ‘funky’ a mining term?” Letterman asked. After a pause, Peña’...

All 37 Chinese Miners Dead
 All 37 Chinese Miners Dead 

All 37 Chinese Miners Dead

Relatives slam safety standards in mine

(Newser) - Chinese officials have pulled the last five bodies of miners from the Yuzhou shaft that exploded Saturday , bringing the toll to 37. The outcome stands in sharp contrast to the rescue in Chile, reports the BBC, with little media attention paid to the latest accident in an industry that lost...

Miners Already Breaking 'Blood Pact'

Many willing to talk to media—for a price

(Newser) - While they were trapped, the Chilean miners signed a "blood pact" stating that they’d keep the details of their experience to themselves. But information has spilled as many consent to interviews—though rarely for free, the New York Times reports. “We’re poor—look at the place...

Miner With Mistress Has a Third Woman
 Miner With Mistress 
 Has a Third Woman   
chile's don juan

Miner With Mistress Has a Third Woman

But second lady turns this latest, 25, away from hospital

(Newser) - The plot thickens: Johnny Barrios, the Chilean miner who became famous when his mistress greeted him at the rescue site instead of his wife, reportedly has yet another girlfriend. Turns out Barrios, though technically married to Marta Salinas, has lived with the aforementioned mistress who greeted him at the mine,...

Chilean Miner: I Will Go Back

All but 2 have left hospital, headed home

(Newser) - All but two of the Chilean miners have quietly left the hospital, and being trapped for 66 days underground apparently isn't enough to stop at least one from heading back to the mines, reports the BBC. "That's my life," Omar Reygadas says. "I will go back to...

Chinese Mine Blast Kills 20, Traps 17

Gas-filled mine fraught with danger for rescuers

(Newser) - It's a good time to not be a miner: Mere days after Chile pulled off its rescue, Chinese officials are fighting perilous conditions to rescue 17 miners trapped underground after an explosion in a coal mine that killed at least 20. Gas levels nearing 40% inside the mine and the...

Fist Fights, Hunger: Miners Shed Light on Life Below

Democracy ruled, says foreman; others cite depression

(Newser) - Majority rule was key to the survival of the trapped Chilean miners, their foreman told the Guardian in one of the first accounts of their two months spent trapped underground. “Everything was voted on,” said Luis Urzúa from a hospital bed. “You just have to speak...

Rescued Miners Meet Deluge of Offers

First miners leave hospital, all are in good health

(Newser) - The rescued Chilean miners are beginning to leave hospital and go their separate ways amid a deluge of publicity and offers from around the world. The first three of "Los 33" have gone home and doctors expect the rest to leave hospital before Monday, reports the AP , which notes...

Miner Rescue Didn't Need 1300 Journos to Cover It

Why waste so many resources in "era of closed foreign bureaus"?

(Newser) - The rescue of Chile’s trapped miners is a wonderful story about “ingenuity, working together, and triumph,” but it’s also a story about journalism, Jeremy Littau writes. “To know that 1300 journalists have descended on this mining town to cover a worldwide story is a little...

Free Markets Saved the Miners
 Free Markets Saved the Miners 

Free Markets Saved the Miners

Innovative, for-profit companies came through

(Newser) - The Chilean mine rescue was “a smashing victory for free-market capitalism,” writes Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal . “It may seem churlish to make such a claim. It is churlish. These are churlish times, and the stakes are high.” The fact is, this miracle rescue...

All 33 Miners Reach Surface
 All 33 Miners Reach Surface 

All 33 Miners Reach Surface

Operation goes flawlessly; rescuers still must come up

(Newser) - They're all up. The last of the 33 Chilean miners—foreman Luis Urzua, 54—emerged just before 9pm ET after 69 days underground. (AP has details of the rescue and jubilation here and bios of the men here .) So far, no major medical problems have been reported. The first...

First Miner Reaches Surface
 First Miner Reaches Surface 

First Miner Reaches Surface

Florencio Avalos escapes after 69 days in mine

(Newser) - The first of the Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for a record 69 days has reached the surface safely. Florencio Avalos grinned as he stepped out of the rescue capsule as his wife, father, and two sons looked on. He hugged rescuers and Chile's president before being taken...

Media Frenzy, Family Dramas Await Miners

So, about that mistress...

(Newser) - What's more uncomfortable than spending months trapped in a mine ? Being greeted at the surface by both your wife and your mistress. Such is the awkward predicament of Yonni Barrios, 50, one of the 33 miners trapped some 2300 feet below Chile's Atacama desert, finds the Telegraph . As he...

Drill Breaks Through to Chilean Mine

Rescue could come as soon as Tuesday

(Newser) - Sirens and cheers went up today as a drill finally broke through to the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 66 days, reports the AP. The milestone means that if the shaft is found to be solid, miners could start emerging one by one as soon as Tuesday. But that's...

Rescue Imminent for Trapped Miners

Chilean president says they could be out by Oct. 15

(Newser) - The 33 miners who have been trapped in a collapsed mine since early August could be back above ground within days, Chilean authorities say. The rescue date has been moved dramatically forward from the original Christmas estimate and a huge drill is now within 48 hours of reaching the men's...

TV, Video Chat for Chilean Miners—But No Headphones

Private music, videogames withheld from stranded men

(Newser) - The Chilean miners trapped a half-mile underground are now getting regular shipments of hot food, modern technology, and a little discipline, the AP reports. The miners have a videophone, which they can use to talk to their families for 8 minutes a person every Friday and Saturday, as well as...

Narrow Drill Shaft Reaches Trapped Chile Miners

Raises hopes of early release; it still must be widened

(Newser) - Results produced by a unique drill bit made by a company based in Berlin, Pa., have raised hopes that the 33 miners trapped since August 5 in the San Jose Mine in Chile may be rescued sooner than originally anticipated. The bit, employed as part of an initiative labeled Plan...

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