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Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact
Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact
say lawyers

Rutgers Students Didn't See Any Sexual Contact

And what they did see was never broadcast, attorneys claim

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are finally breaking their silence, through their lawyers, about what happened the night they allegedly spied on Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounter in his Rutgers dorm room. Despite their new reputation as bullies who broadcast the encounter to the Internet at large, attorneys claim...

Pair Tied to Tyler Clementi's Suicide Leave Rutgers

Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei cite safety concerns

(Newser) - The two Rutgers students accused of covertly taping Tyler Clementi's encounter with another man have withdrawn from the school. Their lawyers announced the move last night, with Molly Wei’s lawyer telling the New Jersey Star-Ledger that she wrote to the school and asked to "withdraw without prejudice" over...

Why People Are Wearing Purple Today

Oct. 20 is LGBT Spirit Day

(Newser) - People around the country are wearing purple today to show their support for the eight teenagers who recently took their lives due to gay bullying. LGBT Spirit Day was started by a Canadian teenager who wanted to show gay teens that the world wasn't against them. A message on the...

Clinton Assures Gay Teens: 'It Will Get Better'

Tomorrow will be better, she assures LGBT youth

(Newser) - Add Hillary Clinton to the list of boldface names making videos aimed at gay teens in the wake of several bullying-related suicides. “I have a message for all the young people out there who are being bullied, or who feel alone and find it hard to imagine a better...

Bullying: Nine Myths About Bullies
 9 Myths About Bullying 

9 Myths About Bullying

It's not always easy to spot—and sometimes parents are to blame

(Newser) - Bullying has become a cause célèbre (though some insist it’s not a crime ). In Newsweek , bullying expert Rachel Simmons breaks down nine common myths about the practice:
  • It’s easy to spot: The truth is, “kids are adept at stealth nastiness” and “bullies are

Perez Hilton: I Won't Bully Celebrities Anymore

Gay teen suicides make blogger rethink his ways

(Newser) - Is the gossip world ready for a kinder, gentler Perez Hilton? We'll see. The suicides of Tyler Clementi and other gay teens has prompted Hilton to reconsider his aggressive approach to celebrity reporting, PopEater reports. The blogger told Ellen DeGeneres that he will change his site so that it no...

Bullying Isn't a Crime
 Bullying Isn't a Crime 

Bullying Isn't a Crime

Elie Mystal: Parents running to the courts set a horrible example for kids

(Newser) - Elie Mystal wants you to know that he frequently got the snot beat him out of him as a kid. Which gives him the authority in a Nixon-goes-to-China kind of way to declare that the country is seriously overreacting to bullies. "You see, American children apparently have become so...

Authorities Want Rutgers' Emails to Tyler Clementi

Plus, friends speak up for 'good, caring' Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei

(Newser) - Before committing suicide , Tyler Clementi appears to have told his story on a gay message board, and the posts indicate that he emailed his RA and two superiors to report his roommate’s spying. Now, prosecutors want to see those emails—or at least Rutgers University’s responses to those...

Homophobia Also Hurts Straight Guys
Homophobia Also Hurts Straight Guys

Homophobia Also Hurts Straight Guys

NYU professor: It results in stunted emotional growth for many men

(Newser) - The suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi shows well how homophobia preys on gay teens, writes NYU professor Jonathan Zimmerman. But often overlooked is the damage it inflicts on straight males—in fact on "our entire culture," he writes in the Christian Science Monitor . "Homophobia hurts all...

Molly Wei Is Innocent, Being Maligned: Lawyer

'Wonderful, caring, talented young woman' should not be used to further agenda

(Newser) - Molly Wei faces charges— perhaps even hate crime charges —for her alleged role in the webcasting of Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounters with another male, but her lawyers insist she’s innocent, the AP reports. Wei, from whose room Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi is accused of broadcasting his...

Tim Gunn Bares Suicide Attempt

Joins other celebs in telling gay teens: It gets better

(Newser) - As a 17-year-old gay teen, Tim Gunn tried to commit suicide. He tells this story in the above video to send a message to gay youth: It gets better. Gunn is the latest celebrity to film such a video for sex columnist Dan Savage’s “ It Gets Better ”...

Clementi Death Ignites Gay Outrage

Celebs preach hope to gay teens, urge tolerance

(Newser) - Just as Matthew Shepard once triggered a groundswell, Tyler Clementi is now a rallying cry for tolerance in the gay community, with celebrities and activists alike denouncing hate crimes and telling gay teens to just hang in there. "Things will get easier; people's minds will change," says a...

Tyler Clementi's Parents: Let This Be a Lesson in 'Human Dignity'

Parents of Rutgers freshman say support is 'deeply moving'

(Newser) - Tyler Clementi's parents say they hope his death will make a difference: "Regardless of legal outcomes, our hope is that our family's personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity," said Jane and Joe Clementi in a statement. They also said the outpouring...

Dharun Ravi, Molly Wei: The Kids Behind the Suicide

Hate crime charges are a possibility in Tyler Clementi suicide

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei were old pals who came to Rutgers University together—and classmates can’t fathom how the friends went from the socially tolerant halls of their New Jersey high school to a controversy in which they are accused of recording and broadcasting Tyler Clementi ’...

Body in Hudson ID'd as Rutgers Freshman

Tyler Clementi is the fourth gay teen suicide in a month

(Newser) - The body pulled from the Hudson River is indeed that of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi , reports ABC News , and the death has been ruled a suicide. Clementi is the teen who jumped to his death after his roommate allegedly posted a video online of him with another man. His is...

Suicide Frosh May Have Reached Out to Gay Site

Meanwhile, Tyler Clementi Facebook memorial site is hijacked by gaybashers

(Newser) - Complaints about a sex-tape spying situation similar to one that apparently drove Rutgers student Tyler Clementi to suicide have been spotted on a gay message board , and may have been Clementi's last call for help before he killed himself. "Cit2mo" complains about his college dorm roommate using a webcam...

Family of Rutgers Suicide 'Heartbroken Beyond Words'

Classmates face prison time if convicted

(Newser) - Nothing gets easier in this awful story: The picture emerging of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers freshman who killed himself after someone posted a tape of him in a gay encounter, is that of a nice, quiet kid who was also a genuinely talented violinist. The family is "heartbroken beyond...

Frosh Killed Self After Sex Tape Posted Online

Rutgers classmates charged; allegedly spied with webcam

(Newser) - A Rutgers freshman reportedly leaped to his death from the George Washington Bridge after his roommate allegedly secretly taped him having sex and posted the video on Twitter. Tyler Clementi, 18, left his wallet on the bridge and jumped last Wednesday, sources tell the New York Daily News . At least...

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