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Dissident's Burial at Sea Has Unintended Consequence

Activists say it has created a global memorial

(Newser) - Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's supporters say that in casting his ashes into the sea , the Chinese government hoped to deprive them of a permanent resting place to hold dear. What it did instead was create the world's biggest memorial, say those supporters, who plan to gather next to... More »

Docs Contradict China, Say Dying Dissident Can Leave

Liu Xiaobo medically cleared for travel, unclear if Beijing will let him go

(Newser) - Two foreign specialists who visited Liu Xiaobo said Sunday that the cancer-stricken Nobel Peace Prize laureate can safely travel abroad for treatment, contradicting statements by Chinese experts who say a medical evacuation would be unsafe for China's best-known political prisoner. Dr. Markus Buchler of Heidelberg University and Dr. Joseph... More »

What Nobel Feud? China, Norway Sign Oil Deal

Flap over dissident not enough to scuttle arrangement

(Newser) - So much for China's hissy fit over dissident Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace prize: A major Chinese oil company just inked a deal with Norway's StatOil, the Wall Street Journal reports. The five-year deal will see an advanced China Oilfield Services rig deployed in the North Sea and operated by StatOil.... More »

Peace Prize Ceremony Proceeds ... With Empty Chair

Liu Xiaobo's Nobel the first since 1936 to go uncollected

(Newser) - Clapping solemnly, dignitaries in Norway celebrated Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo with an empty chair. Some 1,000 guests, including ambassadors, royalty, and other VIPs, took their seats in Oslo's modernist City Hall for the two-hour ceremony; about 100 Chinese dissidents in exile and some activists from Hong Kong... More »

China Blocks CNN, BBC Ahead of Nobel Ceremony

It's standard policy for Beijing on sensitive subjects

(Newser) - Beijing appears to be blocking foreign media, with CNN, the BBC and a Norwegian news organization blacked out on the mainland the day before the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. China hasn't stated it is doing so intentionally, but CNN and the like are frequently blacked out when dealing with sensitive... More »

Screw the Nobel: China Creates Its Own Peace Prize

'Confucius Peace Prize' counters dissident's win

(Newser) - Delegates from the 19 countries that China has persuaded to skip Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony have got somewhere else to go this week. China, just in case anybody hadn't realized it was infuriated by the dissident's prize, has created a rival peace prize of its own and plans... More »

China Convinces 19 Countries to Skip Nobel Ceremony

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan and others to stay home

(Newser) - The number of countries avoiding Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony has more than tripled in the last three weeks, from six to 19, as countries cave to pressure from China to snub the dissident. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Tunisia, Vietnam, the... More »

Nobel Panel May Not Present Liu's Peace Prize

Because he can't be there to accept it

(Newser) - The Nobel Peace Prize committee is considering postponing Liu Xiaobo’s peace prize presentation, because neither the jailed dissident nor any of his family members can show up to receive it, the New York Times reports. “The ceremony will definitely take place,” said committee secretary Geir Lundestad, but... More »

China to Europe: Boycott Nobel Ceremony

And intensifies the crackdown at home

(Newser) - China is leaning on European governments to skip the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo, and to refrain from issuing their usual statements of congratulations. In a diplomatic note to European embassies in Oslo, China argued that Liu is a criminal, and that the award interferes with... More »

China Jails Man for Leaflets on Nobel Winner

Arrest marks harsh turn in crackdown on supporters of Liu

(Newser) - China has detained a man on suspicion of subversion, after catching him handing out fliers about imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo , activists tell the AP . Guo Xianliang disappeared last week while on a business trip to Guangzhou. He had been passing out fliers in a park that read,... More »

China Accused of Freezing Out Miss World Favorite

Snub thought to be related to anger over Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize win has caused quite a backlash in China, where authorities are still cracking down on his supporters—and now the backlash has hit the Miss World contest, held this weekend on a Chinese island. Miss USA Alexandria Mills, 18, was crowned the winner amid speculation... More »

China Snatches Woman in Middle of Night Over Tweet

She tweeted that she planned to march in support of Nobel winner Liu Xiabo

(Newser) - A young Chinese woman who tweeted that she planned to march with a banner honoring imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo has been busted by police. Mou Yanxi was snatched from her house in the middle of the night as authorities stepped up a crackdown on Liu's friends and... More »

US Presses China to Release Nobel Winner's Wife

Liu Xia says jailed husband has asked her to collect peace prize

(Newser) - China should allow the wife of jailed Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiabo to "move freely and without harassment," American diplomatic officials in Beijing say. Liu Xia has been under house arrest since meeting with her husband Sunday. Chinese authorities, infuriated by the award, have cut off her... More »

Champagne Spill Lands Peace Prize Supporter in Jail

Hong Kong woman arrested for accidental splash at Nobel celebration

(Newser) - A woman was arrested in Hong Kong yesterday for accidentally splashing a guard while she commemorated Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize win with some bubbly. Ip Ho-yee, 22, was celebrating outside China's main government office in Hong Kong when her celebratory champagne splashed an unsuspecting guard. "It was a... More »

Wife Meets With Jailed Chinese Nobel Winner

Liu Xia under house arrest, but allowed to visit Liu Xiaobo

(Newser) - The wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo was allowed to visit him in prison Sunday and talk to him about the honor. Liu Xia, who disappeared yesterday after Friday’s prize announcement , tweeted that her husband learned of the prize yesterday and that he told her during their... More »

Nobel Winner's Wife 'Disappeared'

Lawyer fears China has detained her

(Newser) - Liu Xiaobo still has yet to get the phonecall, and his wife, set to deliver the news of his Nobel Peace Prize to him in prison tomorrow, has "disappeared," according to her lawyer. The AP had earlier reported that Liu Xia's cell phone had been disconnected, but her... More »

Obama Calls on China to Free Nobel Winner

Pressure mounts on China to let Liu Xiaobo go

(Newser) - President Obama called on China to release Liu Xiaobo today, after the jailed dissident became the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner. “China has made dramatic progress in economic reform and improving the lives of its people,” Obama said, “but this award reminds us that political reform has... More »

Jailed Chinese Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiabo praised for human rights struggle

(Newser) - Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiabo has been awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Liu, China's best-known dissident, is serving an 11-year sentence for trying to subvert state power. He was detained in 2008 for co-authoring Charter 08, an open letter calling for democratic reforms. The Nobel committee praised Liu, who... More »

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