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Grad School Offers Groupon Deal on Tuition

At least for one $2,232 teaching course, which will go for $950

(Newser) - Is Groupon the future of financial aid? Probably not, but National Louis University is taking the site for a spin, offering prospective grad students almost 60% off its introduction to teaching course, the Chicago Tribune reports. The course is specifically designed for Groupon, and assumes students have no prior teaching... More »

Facebook Kills 'Deals'

Move should bode well for Groupon

(Newser) - Lots of bloodshed at Facebook this week: First 'Places' was axed . Now its four-month-old Groupon-competitor, 'Deals', is officially being killed off. "After testing Deals for four months, we've decided to end our Deals product in the coming weeks," explained Facebook in a statement sent to... More »

Groupon Is Watching You

Site will start collecting sharing more user data

(Newser) - Beware, bargain hunter: Groupon is looking over your shoulder. The daily deals site announced yesterday that it will collect and share more information about its users, in a move sure to attract the attention of federal regulators and privacy advocates. Also announced in the privacy policy changes: Groupon will market... More »

Is Buying Medical Services on Groupon a Good Idea?

Surprise, surprise: Experts aren't so sure that it is

(Newser) - Groupon and other "daily deal" sites are great places to snag discounted meals, outings, and—somewhat counter-intuitively—medical services. When you're looking at paying $2,400 for a $5,000 dental procedure or getting 81% off an eye exam, it probably seems pretty tempting. But is it a... More »

7 Startup Ideas That've Been Beaten to Death

Sick of Groupon knockoffs yet?

(Newser) - Sure, maybe the little kid down the block just happened to think of setting up a, um, limeade stand right after you started hawking lemonade, but in the real-life world of startups the consequences are somewhat more serious—and annoying. Business Insider runs down the seven moldiest startup trends out... More »

Another High-Profile IPO: Groupon Going Public

Online coupon company expects to raise $750M

(Newser) - If you think Groupon's online coupon idea will continue to be a surefire success against mounting competition , you'll have a chance to bet on it: The company filed paperwork for its much-anticipated initial public offering today, reports MarketWatch . Groupon plans to raise $750 million with its IPO and... More »

Groupon: We Owe Our Success to Good Writing

Daily deals site differentiates itself through the 'Groupon Voice'

(Newser) - Pop Quiz: What’s the best way to describe a 4,700-pound chandelier? If you want to work at Groupon, your answer should be “More brilliant than a studious Christmas tree.” That’s an actual question the booming Internet company asks its prospective employees, reports the New York ... More »

Look Out, Groupon: Facebook Debuts ‘Deals’

Looks to copy successful group coupon model

(Newser) - In its relentless quest for total world domination, Facebook today unveils its latest ploy: Deals, an unapologetic attempt to capitalize on the bargain-wielding model of Groupon and LivingSocial. Debuting in five test markets—Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco—Deals is separate from the check-in-based deals model it... More »

When It Comes to Tech Bubbles, 2011 Is Not 2000

...because 2010 was not 1999

(Newser) - With more money pouring into tech funds and some huge valuations for IT companies, there are more and more signs that we're in another tech bubble . But there are also some big differences, notes the New York Times , which compares the tech boom of 1999 with that of 2010. For... More »

Groupon Pulls Ads After Heavy Flak

Company yanks them after Super Bowl spots meet derision

(Newser) - After its attempt to draw laughs in Super Bowl ads drew condemnation instead, Groupon first tried to tweak the spots . Now it's giving up and pulling them off the air entirely, reports Mashable . In one, Timothy Hutton speaks earnestly about the problems in Tibet, then adds, "But they still... More »

Groupon Tweaking Controversial Super Bowl Ads

Charitable aim to be made clearer after angry response

(Newser) - After receiving an overwhelmingly negative response (but plenty of free publicity), Groupon is going to rework its controversial ads first aired during the Super Bow l. The ads, spoof PSAs that were slammed for trivializing causes like Tibet, were supposed to encourage charitable donations—and they will be tweaked to... More »

Groupon's Tibet Ad Enrages; Other Hits, Misses

'Can anyone be more stupid than Groupon?' wonders one blogger

(Newser) - Man, isn’t the plight of the Tibetan people hilarious? Groupon hit a real nerve last night with a Super Bowl commercial that seemed to exploit said plight for yucks. “The people of Tibet are in trouble. Their culture is in jeopardy,” says narrator Timothy Hutton. “But... More »

Spurned by Groupon, Google Creates Competitor

'Google Offers' has a familiar ring to it

(Newser) - If you can't buy 'em , run 'em out of town seems to be Google's motto. Mashable reports exclusively that Internet 800-pound gorilla Google is planning to launch "Google Offers," a service that offers a "pre-paid offers/vouchers program" to local merchants. While not announced, much less launched, it... More »

IPO Talks Peg Value of Groupon at Staggering $15B

Public offering could come in spring

(Newser) - Social deal site Groupon is moving toward an initial public offering that values the company at the princely sum of $15 billion, the New York Times reports. The company met with bankers this week to discuss the IPO, likely to occur in the spring; it would be one of the... More »

Boyfriend Proposes Via Groupon, and She Accepts

He uses deal site to pop the question

(Newser) - Deal site Groupon says it can be used for anything, and one young Cincinnati suitor took the company at its word to snag his future wife, Mashable reports. Greg H's deal —Groupon helped him create what it's calling his "Grouposal"—went up today, and suggested that, for... More »

Groupon to Raise Up to $950M

Online-coupon phenom could be valued at $6.4B...

(Newser) - Online-coupon phenom Groupon has tweaked its articles of incorporation to allow it to raise up to $950 million of new capital, reports VC Experts . That financing could give the Chicago-based company a post-money valuation of $6.4 billion, says VC Experts, in excess of the $6 billion reportedly offered by... More »

Groupon to Google: Keep Your $6B

Startup turns down rumored purchase offer

(Newser) - Valued at a mere $1.3 billion in April, Groupon last night walked away from Google and its rumored purchase offer of between $5 billion and $6 billion, opting instead to remain independent, sources tell the Chicago Tribune. Neither Groupon nor Google would comment, but insiders say that the 2-year-old... More »

Latest Rumor: Google to Buy Groupon for $5.3B

It would be search giant's biggest purchase yet

(Newser) - Google is thiiiis close to a deal to buy Groupon for a whopping $5 billion to $6 billion, according to multiple reports. Google’s current offer is $5.3 billion, sources tell All Things Digital , but according to the New York Times the pricetag could stretch as high as $6... More »

Facebook May Doom Little Guys With Mobile 'Deals'

Groupon, Foursquare, Gowalla in trouble

(Newser) - Facebook rolled out some new mobile features yesterday, most notably “Facebook Deals,” a kind of mashup of Foursquare/Gowalla, and Groupon. Users can check in on Facebook Places and get location-sensitive deals from nearby merchants. The Gap, for example, will give out a free pair of jeans to the... More »

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