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Holocaust Survivor Lived Through Attack on Synagogue
Judah Samet
Mass Shooting


Judah Samet Survived Bergen-Belsen, Mass Shooting

After 'Schindler's List,' he decided to tell his story

(Newser) - Judah Samet, a Holocaust survivor who narrowly escaped a shooting rampage at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018, died Tuesday. He was 84. Samet, who survived the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in World War II, was running a few minutes late for services at the Tree of Life of Life synagogue and...

'I Didn't Know It Was Such an Important Thing, That List'

Secretary Mimi Reinhard, who typed up Oskar Schindler's famous list of names, dies at 107

(Newser) - Mimi Reinhard, a secretary in Oskar Schindler's office who typed up the list of Jews he saved from extermination by Nazi Germany, has died in Israel at the age of 107. Reinhard died Friday and was laid to rest Sunday in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, her son Sasha Weitman...

Spielberg's 'Red Coat' Girl Has a Real-Life Role Now

Oliwia Dabrowska of Poland is helping Ukrainian refugees

(Newser) - The world knows her as the girl in the red coat from Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. But Oliwia Dabrowska—who was just 3 when she provided the only splash of color in the Holocaust film—is now 32 and helping Ukrainian refugees, reports Deadline . Dabrowska lives in Poland,...

Capitol Rioter Apologizes Ahead of First Sentencing

Indiana's Anna Morgan-Lloyd says she's learned from 'Schindler's List'

(Newser) - An Indiana woman, expected Wednesday to be the first of more than 400 people charged in the Capitol attack to be sentenced, has agreed to plead guilty to a single federal charge, saying movies and books have showed her what life is like for nonwhite people. In a letter to...

Schindler Saved 1,200 Jews in This Factory. Can It Be Saved?

Inside the effort to preserve the Brnenec textile factory

(Newser) - August brought the news that the Czech factory where Oskar Schindler famously saved the lives of 1,200 Jews had perhaps found a savoir of its own. In extreme disrepair since it ceased operations a dozen years ago, the Brnenec textile factory had after what the Telegraph describes as protracted...

'Schindler of Congo' Now Needs Others' Help

Marrion P'Udongo helps orphans, kid soldiers, rape victims—and has bad kidney

(Newser) - Marrion P'Udongo is recognized simply as "pastor" by many and has pulled off a laundry list of heroic acts in the war-torn Republic of the Congo , including assisting child soldiers and rape victims and helping manage an orphanage, per NBC News . His other nickname, the "Schindler of...

City Plays Schindler's List Theme for Neo-Nazis

Sweden's Norrkoping sends a message at rally

(Newser) - The Swedish city of Norrkoping allowed neo-Nazis to stage a rally, but officials managed to tweak them just the same—by ringing the bells of city hall to the theme song from Schindler's List. City officials decided the tune from Steven Spielberg's Holocaust drama was an appropriate way...

Schindler's Actual List Up for Sale—on eBay

Start your bids at $3M, please

(Newser) - Only four versions of Oskar Schindler's famous list are still known to exist. Three are in museums, and the remaining one can be yours with a starting bid of $3 million. On eBay. The New York Post reports that owners Gary Zimet and Eric Gazin put their copy up...

Youngest Name on Schindler's List Dead at 83

Leon Leyson was 13 at the time

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times today has the fascinating obituary of Leon Leyson, notable for being the youngest person on Schindler's List. Leyson was among the 1,100 Jews saved from the Nazis by Oskar Schindler, who employed them in his Krakow factory; "Little Leyson," as he was...

Mietek Pemper, 'Schindler’s List' Typist, Dead at 91
 'Schindler’s List' 
 Typist Dead at 91 

'Schindler’s List' Typist Dead at 91

Mietek Pemper convinced Schindler to make munitions to save prisoners' lives

(Newser) - Mietek Pemper, the Jewish prisoner who created "Schindler's List"—a list of concentration camp workers "essential" to the Nazi war effort, which saved hundreds from extermination—has died at age 91, reports the New York Times . Pemper was secretary for the commandant of the Plaszow concentration...

Judge Okays Sale of Schindler's List
Judge OKs Sale
of Schindler's List

Judge OKs Sale of Schindler's List

Ruling reverses a temporary ban

(Newser) - A New York judge has approved the sale of a 13-page list of names said to be an original "Schindler's List," reports the Telegraph . An heir to Oscar Schindler's widow had sought to block the sale, which could fetch more than $2 million. Seven lists were made, and...

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