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County Wants Stadium Payback if Steelers Are Sold

Controller sends team a warning

(Newser) - If the Pittsburgh Steelers are sold, someone will have to pay for the $281 million in taxpayer money used to build Heinz Field, Allegheny County’s controller told the owners in a letter today. He said even engaging in sales talk may violate the 2000 lease, and demanded the team...

Critic Cries in Beer Over Ballpark Brews

Drinking tour of sports stadiums draws Bronx cheer

(Newser) - Nothing like downing a cold one while watching the game at the ballpark—or is there? On a beer-tasting tour of select baseball stadiums, Portfolio's connoisseur Franz Lidz found the brew generally lukewarm, with a rank aftertaste. "Nobody tastes stadium beer," said his neighbor at Shea Stadium. "...

Obama Planning Huge Convention Rally

Democratic nominee will give speech before 76,000-seat stadium

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn’t canceling the last day of the Democratic National Convention, as was rumored earlier this week—he’s turning it into a massive rally at the Denver Bronco’s Invesco Field, sources tell the Los Angles Times. Obama is confident he can fill the 76,000-seat stadium...

Say, That Star-Spangled Banner Is Huge!

Gigantic flags greet sports fans nationwide

(Newser) - A decades-old trend for field-sized Stars and Stripes at sporting events shows no signs of flagging, writes the New York Times. A flag big enough for the Statue of Liberty to wear as a cape will cover Yankee Stadium's turf before the upcoming all-star game—and the giant 150-foot banner...

Take Me Out to the Ballgame, If You Can Afford It

What was so bad about uncomfortable seats?

(Newser) - Modern ballparks may have more conveniences and better food, but they've become more expensive for everybody—even if you're just looking for cheap seats and beer—writes Josh Levin in Sports Illustrated. Higher prices across the board pay for the luxury restaurants and malls in the parks, which make make...

For Sale: Stadium Seating, Lightly Used

London Olympic planners eye passing along parts of arena

(Newser) - If Chicago wins its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, it might follow more closely in London 2012's footsteps than expected. The cities have begun discussing the possible sale of large parts of London's new stadium to Chicago, the Guardian reports. The deal could result in 55,000 seats...

China's Olympic Wonders Dazzle—at First

Beijing tried to impress, not deal with deeper issues

(Newser) - Beijing's new Olympic buildings will impress the world at first glance, Paul Goldberger writes in the New Yorker. The National Stadium boasts a lattice of crisscrossing beams, and the blue-gray Aquatic Center seems underwater with its translucent plastic pillows. But peel back the paint, and see evidence of what enrages...

New Stadiums Don't Repay Cities That Subsidize Them

Putting public funds into arenas has some benefit, but not enough to justify millions

(Newser) - Professional sports stadiums have seen an enormous boom since 1990, often drawing on millions of dollars in public financing. Economics professor Dennis Coates, writing in the American, examines whether the expenditures actually benefit local economies—and  finds the answer a general "no." Stadiums actually reduce per-capita income, drive...

Gigantic Dallas Stadium Will Host Super Bowl

Appallingly large arena to hold 120,000, wins bid for 2011 NFL championship

(Newser) - Dallas beat out Indianapolis and Arizona to secure the coveted hosting rights to the 2011 Super Bowl, largely due to the colossal capacity of the Cowboys' future stadium. The putative 120,000 seater could generate $27.6 million more in ticket sales than Indy's puny 73,000-seat venue.

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