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US Denies Citizenship to Daughter of 2 Men

Lawsuit against State Department challenges policy

(Newser) - Lev Kiviti has been a US citizen since he was born in Canada through surrogacy in 2016. But his sister, Kessem, was born this year, after the Trump administration began enforcing a policy that children born out of wedlock are not entitled to birthright citizenship. Their same-sex parents, Roee and...

Trump, Ryan Spar Over Birthright Citizenship

President slams House speaker after Ryan says it can't be ended with executive order

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Paul Ryan offered a rare break with President Trump when he told WVLK of the president's controversial plan to end birthright citizenship , "You obviously cannot do that. You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order." He went on to note that conservatives "believe...

Trump Wrangles With the 14th Amendment on Twitter
Trump Gives His Read of the
14th Amendment on Twitter
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Trump Gives His Read of the 14th Amendment on Twitter

He zeroes in on 5 key words

(Newser) - Whether President Trump can end birthright citizenship with an executive order comes down to one's reading of the 14th Amendment. As NPR explains in a fact-check piece, a "small but vocal group of conservative legal scholars" have zeroed in on five crucial words, bolded here: "All persons...

How Trump Could End Birthright Citizenship
Critics Say Trump's Citizenship
Move Has Fishy Timing
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Critics Say Trump's Citizenship Move Has Fishy Timing

President talks about ending birthright citizenship a week ahead of elections

(Newser) - President Trump made big headlines Tuesday by revealing to Axios that he intends to end the practice of "birthright citizenship" with an executive order. Trump maintained that the idea of granting US citizenship to a newborn simply because the child was born on American soil is "ridiculous" and...

Trump: I'm Going to End Birthright Citizenship

He tells Axios he'll use an executive order to end the longstanding practice

(Newser) - President Trump tells Axios that he plans to make a fundamental change to US citizenship rules: Babies born on American soil will no longer automatically be considered citizens. The president says he's been advised by constitutional experts that he can make the change to what's known as birthright...

GOP Rep Accused of White Nationalism After Tweet

Steve King praises far-right Dutch pol, rails against 'somebody else's babies'

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Steve King, who recently courted controversy by trying to keep Harriet Tubman off the $20 bill , found himself at the center of new outrage Sunday when he brought Twitter "to a screeching halt" with what the BBC calls an "inflammatory" post complimenting far-right Dutch politician Geert...

Feds Swoop on Chinese 'Birth Tourists'

Women paid up to $60K to have American babies

(Newser) - Federal agents have launched a major crackdown on what they say is a big industry that helps wealthy Chinese women have American babies. Agents raided 37 addresses in California yesterday in the crackdown on "birth tourism" rings that allegedly charge up to $60,000 to help the women come...

In California Homes, Tourists Birthed American Babies

LA county center shut as firms offer US trips to give birth

(Newser) - A "birth tourism" center uncovered by officials in Los Angeles County has given fresh ammunition to people calling for a change to the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to every baby born in the US. Officials say they discovered that three connected townhouses were being used as a...

Arizona Senate Shoots Down Immigration Bills

Lawmakers reject 'anchor baby' bill

(Newser) - The Arizona Senate has rejected a package of controversial immigration bills , including measures aimed at forcing the US Supreme Court to rule against granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Other rejected measures would have made it a crime for illegal immigrants to drive a vehicle, and would...

Ariz. Bills Would Bar Illegals From Driving, Marriage

Committee also peels back 'birthright' citizenship

(Newser) - An Arizona Senate committee passed a new immigration bill yesterday that would prevent illegal immigrants from driving or buying a car, getting married, or sending their children to school. They also passed a bill ending “birthright citizenship,” in defiance of the 14th Amendment. Under that bill, Arizona will...

Arizona Bills Target Birthright Citizenship

GOP lawmakers aim to trigger review of 14th Amendment

(Newser) - Arizona Republicans introduced four bills yesterday aimed at denying US citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. The lawmakers hope to provoke a Supreme Court review of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof...

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