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Top Zoo Body Linked to Animal Cruelty, Dolphin Hunt

Animal welfare groups blast Waza for ignoring code of ethics

(Newser) - Animal welfare groups are putting pressure on the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums to clean up its act after videos surfaced showing beatings and cramped quarters at some of the organization's 300 facilities. Though WAZA's code of ethics calls for the "highest standard of animal welfare,...

Feds to Zoo: Stop Using Cattle Dogs on Elephants

Pittsburgh zoo ordered to stop stressing animals

(Newser) - Using dogs bred to herd cattle to control elephants hasn't worked out so well at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, according to federal authorities. The Department of Agriculture has ordered the zoo to stop using cattle dogs in ways that cause "behavioral stress" to its African elephants,...

At Meat Research Center, a Litany of Death, Suffering

'NY Times' investigation into center's activities yields disturbing results

(Newser) - For 50 years, a facility in Nebraska has focused on meat-industry improvements, from the eater's perspective: more meat, less fat, safer food. But at the same time, reports the New York Times in a lengthy investigation, the center has provided a site for minimally overseen and sometimes brutal experimentation...

Dog Dumped at Train Station With His Things in Suitcase

Scots trying to trace neglectful owner

(Newser) - Abandoning an animal is wrong—even if you leave it with its belongings, say animal welfare authorities in Scotland, who are trying to trace an owner who left a young dog tied to a railing outside a train station next to a suitcase that contained a pillow, a toy, some...

War-Scarred Lions Find New Home

Israel-Hamas war killed 80 of Gaza zoo's other animals

(Newser) - A trio of scrawny lions was brought into Israel from Gaza yesterday en route to a better life at a wildlife sanctuary in Jordan after their zoo was damaged in the recent Israel-Hamas war. The three, a pair of males and a pregnant female, were sedated at Al-Bisan zoo in...

Experts: USDA Plan Will Boil More Birds Alive
More Birds Will Be Boiled Alive After USDA Change
experts say

More Birds Will Be Boiled Alive After USDA Change

Factories to be able to process 175 a minute, up from 140

(Newser) - An Agriculture Department plan to speed up poultry processing will result in more chickens and turkeys dying painful deaths, experts warn. Almost a million birds are already boiled alive every year when they are improperly shackled to the processing line, meaning they elude the automatic blade and are still alive...

It&#39;s Time We Let Pandas Die Out

 It's Time We 
 Let Pandas 
 Die Out 

It's Time We Let Pandas Die Out

Keeping the species going is a waste of time and money, writes Timothy Lavin

(Newser) - This may prove to be one of the more controversial opinion pieces in recent memory. Timothy Lavin isn't slamming sleazy politicians or Wall Street bankers. No, he's speaking out against ... pandas . Cute as they are, Lavin writes at Bloomberg , they are a "hopeless and wasteful species the...

McDonald's: No More Pork From Gestation Stalls by 2022

Suppliers told to start phasing out tiny pens

(Newser) - McDonald's has firmed up its plans to create a more humane McRib . By 2022, say company officials, McDonald's will no longer buy pork from suppliers who use "gestation crates"—narrow stalls in which breeding sows spend much of their lives. The company—which buys some 1%...

McDonald's Pushes for Humane McRib

Pork suppliers told to phase out hog crates

(Newser) - McDonald's is winning praise from animal welfare groups for taking action to create a more humane McRib. The fast food giant has told its suppliers to come up with plans for ending the use of gestation crates for adult female hogs, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most breeding sows...

Ringling Pays $270K Animal Welfare Fine

Circus mistreated elephants and tigers, feds say

(Newser) - The Ringling Brothers circus—without admitting wrongdoing—has paid $270,000 to settle federal accusations that it mistreated elephants, tigers, zebras, and other exotic animals. Federal inspectors found that a sick elephant was forced to perform, elephants' faces were cut by sharp edges in transport trailers, big cats were kept...

Ukraine Accused of 'Barbaric' Dog Slaughter

Strays routinely poisoned, activists say

(Newser) - In four Ukrainian cities that will host the Euro 2012 soccer championship next summer, more than 9,000 dogs have been put to death in the last year—and animal rights activists, who believe the number is actually much greater, accuse authorities of using illegal, inhuman methods including poison to...

No More Cigarettes for Smoking Orangutan

'Shirley' forced to quit cigarettes before move to new wildlife center

(Newser) - A chain-smoking orangutan who achieved notoriety when she became a symbol of Malaysia's horrid zoo conditions has been forced to quit her tobacco habit, reports the AP . The 20-year-old orangutan, Shirley, would smoke lit cigarettes thrown to her by zoo visitors. But now Malaysian wildlife officials have removed her...

Chickens Can Feel Empathy, New Study Shows

 Hens Can Feel 
 Their Chicks' Pain 
study says

Hens Can Feel Their Chicks' Pain

Study shows they share signs of distress

(Newser) - If you’ve been looking for a reason to take up vegetarianism, here you go: A new study finds that chickens can feel empathy. Researchers in the UK ruffled the feathers of chicks by exposing them to puffs of air. The result: signs of distress in the chicks … that...

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