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Gadhafi Son Handed Back to Libya

Saadi Gadhafi to face charges of killing protesters

(Newser) - After years of very comfortable house arrest in Niger, one of Moammar Gadhafi's surviving sons is now in Libyan custody. Saadi Gadhafi, who fled Libya for Niger as his father's regime collapsed in 2011, was extradited from the West African country today and is now in a Tripoli...

There Were 2 Crazy Plots to Smuggle Out Gadhafi's Son

Plans to get al-Saadi Gadhafi out of Libya were 'Indiana Jones-style'

(Newser) - The strange story of the plot to smuggle al-Saadi Gadhafi into Mexico gets stranger: Prosecutors now say they actually broke up two plots to get Moammar Gadhafi's playboy son out of Libya and into Mexico, plots that the AP calls "Indiana Jones-style." A Canadian woman, Danish man,...

Mexico: We Busted Plot to Smuggle in Gadhafi Son

Al-Saadi planned to hit resort, now in Niger

(Newser) - Mexico says it has uncovered and dismantled an elaborate plot to smuggle al-Saadi Gadhafi into the country and set him up with a new name and identity. The evidently well-funded plotters, which included a Canadian, two Mexicans, and a Dane, flew private jets around Mexico setting up bank accounts and...

Gadhafi Son Living in Luxury in Niger

Saadi Gadhafi staying in 'playboy hideaway' next to presidential palace

(Newser) - Life in exile in Niger is looking pretty peachy for Saadi Gadhafi. The Gadhafi son, who fled over Libya's southern border earlier this week , is living in luxury in a state guesthouse next to Niger's presidential palace, according to the Telegraph . Numerous generals loyal to the deposed dictator...

Gadhafi Son Flees to Niger
 Gadhafi Son 
 Flees to Niger 

Gadhafi Son Flees to Niger

Niger agrees to allow Saadi Gadhafi to enter on humanitarian grounds

(Newser) - With several tank and military vehicle convoys fleeing Libya and rolling into Niger, rumors are swirling about which high-level government officials they may be moving. At least one was transporting a Gadhafi—not Moammar, but his soccer-playing, movie-investing third son, Saadi, reports the BBC . Niger government officials said they agreed...

Gadhafi Son: Our Victory Is Near

Other son negotiating surrender

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi's most prominent—and possibly most deluded—son says his father is doing fine and Gadhafi loyalists are close to victory. "We would like to assure people that we are steadfast and the commander is doing well," Saif al-Islam told a Syrian radio station, claiming to...

Gadhafi's Forces on Rebels' Deadline: No Way

They tell rebels to negotiate with Gadhafi's son ... who wants to surrender?

(Newser) - Libyan rebels yesterday told Gadhafi's men they need to surrender by Saturday or else—and it looks like the forces are opting for the "or else." In an overnight phone call to the AP , chief Gadhafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the deadline would be rejected: "No...

Gadhafi Sons: We'll Oust Dad for Democracy

But family appears split on country's direction

(Newser) - Two of Moammar Gadhafi’s sons have offered a plan for Libya: they would push their father from power, allowing son Seif al-Islam to helm a constitutional democracy, an insider tells the New York Times . It’s not known whether Moammar himself is on board with the proposal, which would...

Gadhafi's Sons May Be Looking for Way Out

Top aide to Seif al-Islam holding secret talks in London

(Newser) - A senior aide to Seif al-Islam has visited London in recent days to hold secret talks with British officials, government sources tell the Guardian . The Foreign Office says it won’t “provide a running commentary” on the talks, but one Western diplomat says it’s looking increasingly like Seif...

Gadhafi Cancels Benghazi Offensive

Rebels cheer UN no-fly zone

(Newser) - As Libyan rebels cheered the United Nations' last-minute approval of a no-fly zone , Moammar Gadhafi's forces decided the promised offensive against Benghazi was off. "We will chase the traitors from Benghazi,” the dictator had told his troops earlier. “Destroy their fortifications. Show them no mercy." Gadhafi's...

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