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Where's Weiner? Playing Daddy

The former congressman still hasn't found his post-scandal gig

(Newser) - For those who didn't learn the hard way last year to not wonder what Anthony Weiner does in his free time, the New York Post has the scoop, now that he has a lot more of it: In a nutshell, the Democrats' former rising star is changing a lot...

Anthony Weiner Becomes a Dad
 Anthony Weiner Becomes a Dad 

Anthony Weiner Becomes a Dad

Wife Huma Abedin gives birth to son, Jordan Zane Weiner

(Newser) - We're guessing Anthony Weiner is finally using the word "baby" in a significantly more wholesome manner: The former congressman is now a dad, after wife Huma Abedin gave birth to son Jordan Zane yesterday. The babe weighed in at a little more than 7 pounds, a source tells...

Clinton Gets Gadhafi News on BlackBerry

And she says ... 'wow'

(Newser) - So how does a world leader react to big world news? Pretty much the way everyone else does, apparently. "Wow," says Hillary Clinton when she sees unconfirmed reports of Moammar Gadhafi's capture on her BlackBerry. "Huh." (See the CBS video below.) Then she tells...

Weinergate Lives On: Galpal Traci Nobles Releasing Book About Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal
Weinergate Rises Again, Thanks to Sexter's Book
titillating tell-alls

Weinergate Rises Again, Thanks to Sexter's Book

Traci Nobles reveals that Weiner called his in-laws 'backward'

(Newser) - Traci Nobles, aka Anthony Weiner Sexting Pal No. 5, initially didn’t want to talk about her digital dalliances with the one-time congressman. Apparently that’s all changed, however, because she’s releasing a book about the whole thing (someone apparently let her call it I Freinded You) on Saturday....

For Anthony Weiner's Seat: How About His Wife, Huma Abedin?

 For Weiner's Seat: 
 How About His Wife? 

For Weiner's Seat: How About His Wife?

Huma Abedin's got the 'expertise'—and the 'moral high ground'

(Newser) - Who better to take over Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat than the wife he betrayed? As a top aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin is a political force, writes Ann Friedman for Good : Time last year called her a “rising star of American politics.” What’s more, she’...

Weiner Resigns, Apologizes to Wife

Congressman announces he is done at press conference

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner stuck to script : He resigned his congressional seat this afternoon as expected. Weiner again apologized, "particularly to my wife, Huma," and said the "distraction that I have created" by his sexting scandal made it impossible for him to stay in office, reports CNN . (Read the...

Newest Weiner Photo to Emerge: in Bra, Stockings

Dems ready to talk tough today to push congressman out the door

(Newser) - What a drag. A new photo has emerged of Rep. Anthony Weiner strutting in a bra and black stockings. "Busted Wearing Women's Lingerie," screams the National Enquirer headline next to the photo slapped on the cover of yesterday's edition. The shot was taken Weiner's sophomore...

Dems Wait for Weiner's Wife to Nudge Him Out

Huma Adebin may persuade husband to quit

(Newser) - House Democrats didn't take any steps to punish Anthony Weiner after a closed-door caucus meeting yesterday, but more than one lawmaker said they were waiting for his wife to get home and hopefully convince him to step down. Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, arrived back from...

Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma Abedin, Is Pregnant With Their First Child
 Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant 

Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant

Huma Abedin is expecting their first child

(Newser) - Normally, word that a congressman's wife is pregnant is not national news, but we remain in the Anthony Weiner worm hole. Yes, his 35-year-old wife, Huma Abedin, is in the early stages of pregnancy with their first child. The news comes not from a tabloid but from the New ...

Who Is Weiner's Catch of a Wife?

Meet the gorgeous, glamorous Huma Abedin

(Newser) - Perhaps one of the most mystifying parts of the whole Anthony Weiner crotch-shot scandal is that he has a smart, successful, smokin' hot, 12-years-younger, (and "way too good for him," some say ) wife. The Daily Beast , ABC News , and the New York Times all take a closer...

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