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Scientists Can Now Control Mouse Minds With Magnets

And that could have huge implications for humans

(Newser) - Scientists at the University of Virginia were able to control the brains of living mice using magnetic fields, essentially harnessing the power of mind control, according to a study published this week in Nature Neuroscience. Researchers created a synthetic gene—dubbed Magneto, obviously—that is sensitive to magnetic fields and... More »

Meet the Robot You Control With Your Mind

Paralyzed people could soon have robot avatars

(Newser) - It sounds like an idea out of science fiction: Paralyzed people using mind-controlled robot bodies to interact with the world. But a team of Swiss scientists yesterday demonstrated a robot that could do just that. They tapped into the brain of partial quadriplegic Mark-Andre Duc, who was in a hospital... More »

Scientists Develop Wireless Mind Control Device

Soon there won't be wires in the way of your brainwashing

(Newser) - You're one step closer to having your movement and sexual arousal controlled by somebody else, but the huge, obtrusive helmet you'd have to wear would probably tip you off. A scientist at MIT has developed a method for wireless mind control in mice, reports Discover . The helmet triggers... More »

3 Stories
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