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He Was Harnessed to Tree When the Bees Attacked

Family says Austin Bellmay was stung thousands of times

(Newser) - An Ohio man has managed to survive an exceptionally bad attack by bees. Austin Bellamy, 20, was harnessed into a lemon tree on Saturday in order to trim its branches when he inadvertently cut into a bee hive and was swarmed. Mom Shawna Carter tells WPCO he tried to lower...

Bee Sting Nearly Kills Adventurer While the Cameras Roll

Bear Grylls was shooting 'Treasure Island' when he went into severe anaphylactic shock

(Newser) - A rugged survivalist who's been celebrated for feats of endurance—like climbing Mount Everest and crossing the north Atlantic—was nearly felled by a bee while recording an upcoming TV show, the New York Post reports. Bear Grylls, 45, was on a boat on a Pacific island when the...

Woman Stung by Bees So Badly Firefighters Ignored Protocol

Victim is expected to survive

(Newser) - "Her face was completely covered with bees." So said a captain with the Orange County Fire Authority of a woman who was stung more than 200 times on Monday. Cpt. Tony Bommarito tells NBC Southern California she was essentially covered head to toe. The scene in Lake Forest...

Bee-Sting Therapy Touted by Gwyneth Paltrow Kills Woman

Spanish woman received acupuncture using live bees every month for 2 years

(Newser) - It may not surprise you to learn that Gwyneth Paltrow has sought to treat her ailments—in this case inflammation and scarring—by subjecting herself to the stings of live bees. "It's a thousands-of-year-old treatment," the Goop mastermind told the New York Times in 2016. "It'...

Hiker Dies After Being Smothered by Bees in Arizona

Louisiana man received more than 1K stings during hike on Mesa trail

(Newser) - A young man from Louisiana surrounded by bees during a hike in a Mesa, Ariz., park died from what a medical exam says was 1,000-plus bee stings. Alex Bestler, 23, was hiking the relatively easy Merkle Memorial Trail in Usery Mountain Park around 9am Thursday with a woman IDed...

Pregnant Mom of 4 Gets Stung, Dies

Sarah Harkins of Virginia was in her backyard when wasps were disturbed

(Newser) - A mother of four with a baby on the way has died after a freak event in Virginia. Sarah Harkins, 32, was in her backyard in Spotsylvania County earlier this week when she got stung multiple times by wasps after a nest got disturbed. Harkins—who was 21 weeks' pregnant...

Guy Gets 1K Bee Stings
 Guy Gets 1K Bee Stings 

Guy Gets 1K Bee Stings

2 co-workers also attacked in Texas

(Newser) - A North Texas street department worker has been stung about 1,000 times by aggressive bees that also attacked two co-workers who tried to help him. Wichita Falls officials blamed yesterday's attack on Africanized honey bees, a swarm of which attacked a worker mowing grass along culverts near the...

Where Bee Stings Are the Most Painful
Where Bee Stings 
Are the Most Painful
study says

Where Bee Stings Are the Most Painful

Nostril, upper lip, and penis, study finds

(Newser) - Where would it hurt more to get stung by a bee: on a testicle or on a nostril? It was this burning question that led Michael Smith, a graduate student at Cornell University studying honeybees, to his latest research. After being stung on the testicle and realizing it didn't...

Missing Climber Killed by Venom

Tucson hiker was swarmed by bees

(Newser) - One of the rock climbers who helped retrieve the body of one of his peers called the sight "tragic and horrifying," and it's easy to see why: Tucson's Steven Johnson was found dangling from a cliff, where he had been stung to death by bees, reports...

Angry Bees Kill Horse
 Angry Bees Kill Horse 

Angry Bees Kill Horse

Fly repellent spray may have ticked them off

(Newser) - A horse was killed and his owner seriously hurt when swarms of angry bees attacked them in southern California yesterday. The man asked someone to check on his horse as he was being treated in a Riverside emergency room for numerous bee stings. Animal service workers were dispatched to the...

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