Dougherty Gang

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Dougherty Gang's Plan: Flee to Mexico

Sibling trio planned to obtain fraudulent documents: authorities

(Newser) - The “ Dougherty Gang ” had a plan: Rob a Georgia bank, then flee to Mexico. Youngest sibling Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, was apparently the “mastermind,” a detective says, and came up with the idea the day he was sentenced for sending sexually explicit text messages to an...

Prosecutors Nail Dougherty Gang With 20+ Charges

Colorado authorities hold sibling suspects on $1.25 bonds

(Newser) - An alleged cross-country crime spree that climaxed in a dramatic shootout with police took a more lawful turn today as prosecutors filed charges against three gun-toting siblings, The DenverChannel reports. Ryan Edward Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley received 24 and 23 counts, respectively—including attempted murder and first-degree assault—while...

Fugitive Sister: 'I Deserved to Get Shot'

Lee Grace Dougherty admits pointing gun at officer

(Newser) - The female member of the fugitive siblings glorified as the Dougherty Gang doesn't sound too upset she caught a bullet in the thigh: "I pointed the gun at the cop," Lee Grace Dougherty told authorities, according to KMGH in Denver. "I deserved to get shot. The...

Dougherty Gang's Mom 'Devastated,' Relieved

Her three children face 'a big legal mess'

(Newser) - Barbara Bell, mom to the "Dougherty Gang," says she's relieved her three children have been found but is "devastated" over their string of run-ins with the law. "Thank God they're not tried by the media," the Florida woman says. "They're tried...

Fugitive Dougherty Siblings Were Armed With AK-47s

Plus, comments from Lee Grace's fiance

(Newser) - The Dougherty gang's time on the run was the stuff of movies—and the details of the siblings' capture are no less colorful. As reported yesterday , the sister was shot in the leg: It apparently happened as Lee Grace Dougherty ran through a field, armed with an automatic pistol...

Three Dougherty Siblings in Custody in Colorado
 Fugitive Siblings 
 Caught; Sister Shot 

Fugitive Siblings Caught; Sister Shot

Dougherty clan arrested by Colorado troopers after chase

(Newser) - The Dougherty gang's life on the lam is over. Troopers in Colorado arrested 20-something siblings Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace after a high-speed car chase, reports NBC 9 . Police say they shot the sister in the leg after she pointed a gun at them while trying to flee, but...

Fugitive Siblings Sought in Colo.

FBI says Doughertys could be hiding in rural area

(Newser) - Three fugitive siblings are accused of firing 20 or more shots at a Florida cop during an Aug. 2 chase, then robbing a bank in Georgia; now police believe they are on the run in Colorado. A customer at a Colorado Springs REI store called the cops yesterday after spotting...

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