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Why I'm Supporting BP Against the Lawyers

Joe Nocera: BP has already paid the spill victims—lawyers are just being greedy

(Newser) - BP can afford to pay the settlement for a lawsuit filed against it for the Gulf oil spill—but it shouldn't have to, says Joe Nocera in the New York Times . "BP is the best example I’ve ever seen of a company that actually tried to find... More »

When USPS Defaults, Blame Congress

Joe Nocera says the pending crisis was totally avoidable

(Newser) - This is the week the US Postal Service defaults on a major obligation—in this case, a legally mandated $5.5 billion payment to "prefund" its health benefits. What brought the post office to this sorry state? Of course, part of the problem is we're sending less mail.... More »

Penn State Sanctions Not Nearly Enough

NCAA football needs to learn a lesson: Joe Nocera

(Newser) - The sanctions handed down to Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal were harsher than Joe Nocera thought they would be—but not harsh enough. The NCAA should have imposed the so-called "death penalty," a move that would have been reminiscent of University... More »

Only Santorum 'Drubbing' Can Save GOP

Like Dems in 1980s, GOP has forgotten center: Joe Nocera

(Newser) - The Republicans need to nominate Rick Santorum, and not just because he would ensure President Obama's re-election. No, an even more important reason is that Santorum represents the most extreme wing of today's GOP, and only his nomination and "drubbing" will force the party to return to... More »

Our Best Hope for New Jobs: Starbucks

Joe Nocera on Howard Schultz's excellent job creation program

(Newser) - When Joe Nocera heard about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s plan to turn Starbucks customers’ donations into job-creating microloans, he had one thought: “God bless him,” he writes in the New York Times . Sure the government should be tackling this jobs problem, “but with an election coming... More »

Hey, Obama: Dems Slow Job Growth, Too

Labor agency's action against Boeing is case in point: Joe Nocera

(Newser) - President Obama has been rightly railing against Republicans for blocking job-creation measures, but they're not the only ones. Boeing is ready to start building its 787 Dreamliners partially in a new South Carolina plant, home to 5,000 nonunion workers. But the National Labor Relations Board wants to leave... More »

6 Stories
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