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Mysterious 'Forest Boy' Identified as a Fraud

Robin Van Helsum admits he made it all up

(Newser) - The mysterious "Forest Boy" who showed up in Berlin last year with (so he said) no idea who he was is actually Robin Van Helsum, a 20-year-old from the Netherlands who had been reported missing by his family days before his appearance in Germany. Authorities identified Van Helsum—who...

Deported American Teen Intentionally Lied: Officials

US officials say Texas teen maintained false identity to be sent to Colombia

(Newser) - The Texas runaway who was mistakenly deported to Colombia will be handed over to American authorities today, clearing the way for her return to the US. Officials in both Colombia and the US are investigating how Jakadrien Turner, 15, who is now pregnant, ended up in Bogota, CNN reports. US...

Texas Runaway Mistakenly Deported

Jakadrien Turner, now 15, still trapped in Colombia

(Newser) - A 14-year-old American runaway was mistakenly deported to Colombia by authorities in Texas months ago, and was only recently tracked down by a relative. The screw-up occurred when the girl gave a fake name that happened to match a 22-year-old illegal alien, and officials never bothered to confirm her identity,...

Mom of 5 Kids Hidden From Society a 'Crazy Lady'

'NYT' tries to unravel the curious case of Louann Bowers, Sinhue Johnson

(Newser) - The five kids that lived for years outside society are now six after an unexpected and very premature jailhouse birth, and the story gets stranger from there as the New York Times delves into it. Thirty-three-year-old mom Louann Bowers, who gave birth in her cellblock last week, ran away from...

Teen Stowaway Survives Flight in Landing Gear

Russian foster kid ran away from Siberian home

(Newser) - A 17-year-old Russian ran away from his Siberian foster home in dramatic fashion today, crawling into the landing gear compartment of an Antonov An-24 turboprop plane. Wearing only a light coat, the boy survived a 50-minute flight in temperatures as low as -22 to the regional center of Irkutsk, the...

Missing Teen Found in Beau's Attic—Alive

Ohio youth ran away a month ago, planned to elope

(Newser) - Ohio police have found—and arrested—missing teenager Abbi Obermiller. The 17-year-old disappeared back on June 7. Police found text messages indicating she'd run off willingly with 20-year-old boyfriend Bobby Young, but police feared the situation had turned ugly when she didn't resurface. But they found her yesterday morning, alive...

Cops: LT Admitted He Paid $300 for Sex

Lawrence Taylor told cops he engaged in sex acts with victim

(Newser) - Disgraced gridiron great Lawrence Taylor admitted paying for sex at a suburban Holiday Inn where police say he raped a 16-year-old runaway, federal prosecutors said yesterday in a criminal complaint against the girl's alleged pimp. The papers filed in federal court in Manhattan refer to Taylor only as "Client-1....

Man Charged With Holding, Raping Teen for 6 Months

Buffalo suspect blamed son's burn on runaway

(Newser) - A Buffalo man is charged with holding a 13-year-old runaway in his home for six months, and raping her more than 100 times. Michael J. Abdallah, 26, is jailed on charges of second-degree rape, unlawful imprisonment, and custodial interference. The case came to light after police questioned Abdallah about a...

Dutch Court Mulls Removing Sailor Girl From Home

Dekker's father may lose custody

(Newser) - Runaway teen sailor Laura Dekker has returned home to a custody battle in the Netherlands. Child welfare authorities have asked a court to remove the 14-year-old from her father's custody and place her either with her mother or in foster care, Reuters reports. Dekker was reported missing last week after...

Asperger's Boy Lived in NY Subway 11 Days

Runaway vanished underground

(Newser) - A young boy with Asperger's syndrome lived on newsstand potato chips, jelly rolls, and bottled water for 11 days riding the trains of the New York City subway system. Francisco Hernandez Jr, 13, rode trains to the end of the line, then climbed back on another no matter where they...

FAA Admits Flubs on Wandering Northwest Flight
FAA Admits Flubs on Wandering Northwest Flight
Runaway Plane

FAA Admits Flubs on Wandering Northwest Flight

Miscommunication marked regulator's response to stray airliner

(Newser) - The FAA should have taken more decisive action on the Northwest Airlines flight that fell out of communication with ground control for 77 minutes last month, officials acknowledged today. While the plane was out of contact, air-traffic controllers changed shifts and failed to warn their replacements about the runaway plane....

Recession Leads to Uptick in Teen Runaways

Increase in fleeing juveniles strains social services

(Newser) - More and more young Americans, including many under 13, have left home or been kicked out as foreclosures, unemployment, and the rising cost of living make conditions in lower-income homes even tougher than usual. Experts and government studies estimate that 1.6 million juveniles leave home each year, though there...

Fla. Judge May Return Muslim Teen Runaway to Family

(Newser) - An Orlando judge will hear arguments today in the case of Rafqa Bary, a 17-year-old ethnic Sri Lankan who ran away from her Muslim home because she feared her family would punish her for converting to Christianity. The judge will decide whether she should remain in state custody in Florida...

Runaway Bride Flees Before Reception
Runaway Bride Flees Before Reception

Runaway Bride Flees Before Reception

After ceremony, Italian newlywed skips out with groom's buddy

(Newser) - As a newlywed groom and the wedding guests waited at a restaurant in Trieste, Italy, the bride was speeding away with the driver, a friend of her husband, ANSA reports. After an hour and a half, the groom got through to his new wife, who said that she had "...

Runaway Military Horse Hoofs It to Seine

Decided to make a break for the stable

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Paris military horse was feeling his oats, threw his rider and tried to hot-hoof it back to his stable, reports the BBC. The horse, who had been on duty at the presidential palace, clattered full gallop along the Seine with police in pursuit, stunning pedestrians and causing drivers...

Poodle Runway Runaway Delays Flights 17 Hours

Dog cavorts at Boston's Logan

(Newser) - A toy poodle got loose on the tarmac of Boston's Logan Airport and eluded state police and airport officials for 17 hours as planes were delayed, reports the Boston Globe. Eight flights were held about 20 minutes each, an official said, as passengers watched the poodle, named Choochy, cavorting on...

4 Charged as Craigslist Pimps
4 Charged as Craigslist Pimps

4 Charged as Craigslist Pimps

Chicago-area prostitution ring included high school runaways

(Newser) - Four Chicago-area men were charged today with running a Craigslist prostitution ring that included girls who were high school freshmen and sophomores. The perps are accused of pimping at least 11 women under the popular site’s “erotic services” section, the Chicago Tribune reports. “If you’re looking...

Missing Teen Found Alive in Hidden Closet

Connecticut girl abducted a year ago "physically ok" after rescue

(Newser) - A 14-year-old Connecticut girl missing for almost a year was discovered alive yesterday, hidden in the house of family friends. Police arrested the owner of the house, who they say has a history of improprieties with minors, along with his common-law wife and a third female resident. The girl, a...

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