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This 'Bovine Revolution' Has Lasted for Months

Cows who escaped from Quebec dairy farm in July keep evading capture, wreaking havoc on fields

(Newser) - In late July, a herd of 20 or so cows escaped from their dairy farm in St.-Severe, Quebec, after a thunderstorm spooked them, causing them to bust out of their pen. They've been on the lam ever since—annoying some by tearing up local farms, and earning the...

With Google's Advice, Boy, 9, Slips Onto Cross-Country Flight

Young sneak was returned safely after 1,677-mile trip in Brazil

(Newser) - Assuming his parents would be no help, a 9-year-old boy in Brazil turned to Google and searched for "how to get onto a plane unnoticed." Then he did it, winding up 1,677 miles from his hometown of Manaus after a flight to Guarulhos, the Mirror reports. Emanuel...

Scooby Ran Away to Canada. His Escape Saved 14 Dogs

Officials returning wandering beagle find more than a dozen others living in unsanitary NY home

(Newser) - A runaway beagle inadvertently led authorities to rescue 14 others in an international incident that started in Western New York. WGRZ reports on the adventures of Scooby Doo, who escaped from his home in Niagara Falls, NY, at some point—that outlet says it was last weekend, though a Sunday...

Cops Find Missing Teenager as Psychics Had Predicted

Group had gathered at Haylee Martin's home

(Newser) - A group of psychics met at the Kentucky home of a missing 17-year-old on Thursday night as part of the investigation into her disappearance. The Franklin County sheriff says he was skeptical, but "did not want to leave any stone unturned" in the search for Haylee Marie Martin, the...

He Hired Teen to Babysit. That May Have Been a Ruse

Louisiana girl, 15, has been missing since last week and is believed to be with Cory Disotell

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Louisiana girl has been missing since Thursday, and authorities say she may be in the company of her neighbor, a 47-year-old man. Domeanna Spell had been the babysitter for Cory Disotell's family, WAPT reports, though KATC reports that the babysitting job was a ruse and that there...

Mom Says She Heard From Daughter Who Vanished in 2013

'The ball is in her court still'

(Newser) - A Florida mother says she has finally heard from missing daughter Emily Paul, who left a note and vanished from the family home five years ago, when she was 14. "To all our friends and extended family, we want to let you know that we have heard from Emily,...

Missing 2 Years, Ga. Teen Had Quite the Adventure

Sheriff says Aubrey Carroll 'traveled extensively' using only cash

(Newser) - A Georgia teen who failed to return home from school nearly two years ago has resurfaced in the state with a new look. Aubrey Jayce Carroll, who turned 17 in January, appeared alongside Spalding Sheriff Darrell Dix in a video posted to Facebook Tuesday, sporting long hair and a beard,...

Sheriff: Missing Florida Teen Found With Coach in New York

Rian Rodriguez, 27, was taken into custody

(Newser) - Authorities say a missing Florida teenage girl and a 27-year-old soccer coach have been found in New York, the AP reports. According to the Gainesville Sun, 17-year-old Caitlyn Frisina and Rian Rodriguez were stopped by a New York State Police officer Friday afternoon in Syracuse. The Columbia County Sheriff's...

Officials: Teen Who Fled With Coach Left Boyfriend Behind

Officials say Caitlyn Frisina's boyfriend 'is beside himself'

(Newser) - Authorities say 17-year-old Caitlyn Frisina has been on the run with her high school's 27-year-old soccer coach, Rian Rodriguez, for five days now. But officials and Frisina's family are still searching for answers, as the pair appeared to have had no prior relationship. Sgt. Murray Smith tells CBS...

Girl, 7, Slips Through Airport Security and Onto Plane

A crew member spotted her and alerted police

(Newser) - A runaway 7-year-old girl slipped through security checks at Geneva's airport and onto a plane without a ticket before being spotted by a crew member and handed over to police, officials said Wednesday. Acknowledging an "eminently regrettable" incident that could have turned out worse, Geneva airport spokesman Bernard...

German Girl Found in Mosul Could Face Death Sentence

German media interview Linda Wenzel

(Newser) - A teenage German girl who ran away after converting to Islam and was found by Iraqi troops in Mosul says she wants to go home, a German newspaper and broadcaster reported Monday. "I just want to go back home to my family," says 16-year-old Linda Wenzel. "I...

Teen Who Disappeared After Prom Dies in Car Crash

Deputies were called about a possibly suicidal person

(Newser) - The Idaho teenager who disappeared following his prom —and was later charged with running away from home —died in a car crash Wednesday, bringing a sad end to a week of headlines. KBOI reports the driver of a Chevy Tahoe was speeding when he lost control of the...

Teen Who Disappeared After Prom Faces Criminal Charge

Police say Kristian Perez ran away from home—and that's against the law

(Newser) - The 17-year-old Idaho high-schooler who disappeared after his prom has been found—and is now facing a criminal charge for running away from home, KTVB reports. Kristian Perez was reported missing by his mother on Saturday when he didn't return home following his prom in Orofino. According to the...

'Bonnie and Clyde' Teen: We Were Escaping Abuse

Dalton Hayes says Cheyenne Phillips was being beaten at home

(Newser) - The 18-year-old Kentucky teen accused of taking off on a multi-state crime spree with his 13-year-old girlfriend says they bolted from home because she was being physically abused. Dalton Hayes tells the Panama City News Herald that Cheyenne Phillips was being beaten, though he didn't offer more details. “...

Runaway 'Bonnie and Clyde' Teens Seen in Florida

Cops call on pair to hurry up and surrender

(Newser) - Two runaway teenagers whose traveling crime spree has earned them comparisons to Bonnie and Clyde have been seen in Florida. The two, missing since Jan. 3, were seen panhandling, police tell NBC News . "I think (their spree) started as a game or something funny," a sheriff says. "...

Cops: 'Bonnie and Clyde' Teens on Crime Binge

Dalton Hayes, 18, and 13-year-old girlfriend Cheyenne Phillips of Ky. on the run

(Newser) - A Kentucky man and his 13-year-old girlfriend have been missing for nearly two weeks, during which they've reportedly launched what NBC News calls a "Bonnie-and-Clyde-style crime spree across the South." Since Cheyenne Phillips was reported missing Jan. 3, she and Dalton Hayes, 18, have allegedly stolen a...

Arkansas Girl, 11, Takes $10K, Hails Cab to Florida

Police catch up with the taxi 500 miles away near Atlanta, and all ends well

(Newser) - An 11-year-old girl in Arkansas managed to get about 500 miles from home in pretty easy fashion: She hailed a taxi and asked to go to Florida. Alexis Waller is back home safely now, reports KARK-TV . Authorities say she sneaked out of her home in Bryant in the middle of...

Runaway, 14, Lived in Walmart for 2 Days

He spent 54 hours at an around-the-clock store before being discovered

(Newser) - A 14-year-old boy who was sent to stay with his aunt in Corsicana, Texas, when his parents went out of town found an interesting place to live for a few days. On July 28, the boy, who the family says has a history of running away, was reported missing, and...

Boy Survives 9 Weeks in Wild; Has Leeches All Over

Matthew Allen, 18, had gangrene when hikers found him

(Newser) - An Australian teenager who wanted to "run away from his life" survived nearly 9 weeks in the bush near Sydney before being discovered by hikers, Perth Now reports. Matthew Allen, 18, was highly disoriented, partly blinded, covered in leeches, and suffering from gangrene when first responders winched him to...

13-Year-Old Girl Drives 700 Miles to Meet Online Beau
 13-Year-Old Girl 
 Drives 700 Miles 
 to Meet Online Beau 

13-Year-Old Girl Drives 700 Miles to Meet Online Beau

Trooper pulled over Texas teen in Nashville

(Newser) - A missing 13-year-old girl has been found safe, though 700 miles away from home. It turns out the Texas teen had gotten into an argument with her parents about a boy she met online via Xbox and decided to run away. She snuck out her bedroom window, swiped her brother'...

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