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Newtown Families' AR-15 Suit Is Chugging Along—Surprisingly

That's not to say its chances look good

(Newser) - In the wake of the Orlando shooting , the New York Times takes a look at how Newtown, Conn., families' battle against the semi-automatic weapon used is faring—and the answer is surprisingly well, at least compared with expectations. That's not to say their suit has gone far: The case...

Peter Lanza Tells His Story
 Peter Lanza Tells His Story 

Peter Lanza Tells His Story

Says he wishes son Adam had never been born

(Newser) - More than a year after his son killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Peter Lanza is talking. Lanza met with Andrew Solomon six times starting last fall, and the result is an extensive, nearly 7,600-word profile in the New Yorker in which Lanza says of son Adam,...

Lanza Beaten by Sandy Hook Classmates: Source

Relative tells 'NYDN' Adam was never the same after time at school

(Newser) - The New York Daily News calls it an "exclusive" and the Huffington Post calls it a "possible motive": As a child, Adam Lanza was bullied and even beaten by his fellow students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a relative of Nancy Lanza tells the Daily News. Nancy Lanza...

Lanza's Mom Found Grisly Images Weeks Before Shooting

But friend says she decided not to confront her son

(Newser) - Recently released search warrants related to the Newtown school shooting revealed that investigators found gruesome photos in Adam Lanza's home, and now a friend tells the New York Daily News that mom Nancy came across grisly pictures just two weeks before the massacre. She was "disturbed, really disturbed"...

Newtown Families: 'Gaping Hole' in Lanza's Upbringing
Newtown Families: 'Gaping Hole' in Lanza's Upbringing

Newtown Families: 'Gaping Hole' in Lanza's Upbringing

They vow lifelong gun-control fight

(Newser) - Family members of some of the 26 children and educators killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre voiced their support for gun control and spoke of how they had been affected by the tragedy on CBS ' 60 Minutes last night.
  • Some parents said they felt compassion for Nancy Lanza,

Gun Shop That Sold to Lanza's Mom Loses License

ATF revoked license, no word yet on the reason

(Newser) - A Connecticut shop that sold a gun to the Newtown school shooter's mother has lost its federal firearms license. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives revoked the license of Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor, about 15 miles north of Hartford, in December. The agency didn't...

Adam Lanza 'Had Episodes': Club Adviser

'Frontline' airs first special on suspected school shooter

(Newser) - Frontline aired Part One of its special on Adam Lanza last night, and the tech club adviser who befriended Lanza said in an interview that the teen "had episodes" in which "he would completely withdraw." Richard Novia recounts one overnight trip when Lanza had such an episode:...

Adam Lanza's Mom Made 'Fatal Errors': In-Depth Probe

Nancy Lanza was juggling counselors and big life changes

(Newser) - Adam Lanza's mother struggled to raise her hypersensitive, Asperger's-diagnosed child and seems to have made a couple of fatal mistakes along the way, reports the Hartford Courant . In a joint investigation with PBS—which plans a week of shows on Newtown—the Courant draws a portrait of a...

Adam Lanza Had Sensory Disorder: Report

New documentary to address relationship with mother

(Newser) - Adam Lanza had a sensory disorder that impeded his ability to process the world around him, a Hartford Courant journalist tells NPR . His Sensory Integration Disorder diagnosis meant "he wasn't able to guide touch and smell and sight," Alaine Griffin says. "He wasn't able to...

Ryan Lanza Posts Tribute: RIP, Mom and Adam
Lanza Family: Ryan's
'RIP' Posts Are Fake

Lanza Family: Ryan's 'RIP' Posts Are Fake

'I am a victim,' says older brother of shooter

(Newser) - As the last Sandy Hook victims were laid to rest , the older brother of shooter Adam Lanza posted his own tribute to the tragedy, mourning the loss of two members of his family—or did he? The Lanza family claims that a Ryan Lanza Facebook page is a hoax, but...

Missing From Newtown Memorials: Nancy Lanza

'26 acts of kindness' campaign just one example

(Newser) - Twenty-seven people were murdered in the Newtown shootings, but the number cited—in memorials, in the media, and by the president—is often just 26. Nancy Lanza is often left out of the victim count amid the anger, the Washington Post reports. "Why would a woman who had a...

Mom Squashed Lanza's Dream to Join Marines

Said fact that he 'didn't like to be touched' would be a problem: friend

(Newser) - One of Nancy Lanza's "closest friends" is trying to help answer the nagging question: Who was Adam Lanza? Ellen Adriani tells the Connecticut Post that Lanza figured out what he wanted to do with his life at age 17: Join the Marines, or another branch of the military....

Mom Planned to Have Lanza Committed: Source

Joshua Flashman tells Fox News it could have caused shooter to snap

(Newser) - Investigators have yet to offer a motive for Adam Lanza's deadly rampage, but a Newtown resident offers one theory to Fox News : Lanza lost it because his mother planned to commit him against his will. Joshua Flashman, the son of a Newtown pastor, says he has been told that...

How Should We Feel About Nancy Lanza?

Slate columnist thinks it's unfair to demonize her

(Newser) - Grief and outrage are universal reactions to the murder of the Sandy Hook students and teachers, but Adam Lanza's first victim—his mother, Nancy—is a trickier case, writes Joan Walsh at Salon . Snippets emerging about her, that she collected guns and may have been a survivalist, for example,...

Gun Debate Was Already Raging in Newtown

Sound of frequent gunshots sparked complaints

(Newser) - Guns have long been a fixture in Newtown, Conn., but this year, controversy has boiled over. The months leading to July saw 50 complaints about gunfire, twice the number made throughout 2011, the New York Times reports. The sound of shooting emanated from unusual spots—near homes, for instance, and...

Nancy Lanza to Sitter: Don't Turn Your Back

Those who knew her recall a generous, fiercely private woman

(Newser) - Adam Lanza's mother was known for her generosity and friendliness, but she always kept quiet about her home life, say those who knew her. Nancy Lanza was a regular at a local bar, where she would often pick up the tab for those who needed it. When an acquaintance...

Shooter's Mom Was 'Big, Big Gun Fan'

Nancy Lanza showed strain of raising 'troubled son'

(Newser) - Adam Lanza's mother loved guns and took her kids target shooting—but was also a high-strung woman who seemed just able to hold herself together. People who knew Nancy Lanza, the first victim in yesterday's massacre, tell the New York Times she also liked landscaping, jazz, and craft...

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