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Reuters: Hyundai Subsidiary in Alabama Used Child Labor

Insiders say siblings ages 12, 13, and 15 were among numerous underage workers

(Newser) - The use of child labor in dangerous factories isn't a thing of the past, or a thing that only happens in other countries, according to a Reuters report on a Hyundai subsidiary in Alabama. Reuters says that after a 13-year-old Guatemalan girl disappeared from her family's home earlier...

Singer's 4-Year-Old Performed With Him. Now, a $3.6K Fine

Germany's Angelo Kelly is accused of violating child labor laws

(Newser) - A Bavarian court found a folk singer guilty Friday of violating Germany's strict child-labor laws for having his 4-year-old son perform onstage with him during an evening concert. Angelo Kelly, 39, was fined $3,600 by the Hassfurt administrative court for the 2019 appearance at an open-air summer concert...

Clooney Reacts to Nespresso-Linked Child Labor Exposé

'Clearly this board and this company still have work to do. And that work will be done'

(Newser) - George Clooney has been Nespresso's brand ambassador since 2006, but after an investigation claimed to find six of the company's Guatemalan coffee suppliers use child labor, the actor is expressing regret. Per Deadline and CNN , he says he joined Nespresso's sustainability advisory board seven years ago (along...

Chipotle Must Pay $1.3M Over Child Labor Violations

They occurred at the chain's Massachusetts locations

(Newser) - Chipotle was hit with a $1.3 million fine over thousands of child labor violations at its Massachusetts restaurants, the state's attorney general announced Monday. Attorney General Maura Healey ordered the largest child labor penalty ever issued by the state against the Mexican restaurant chain after finding an estimated...

Wendy's Franchisee Hit With $160K Fine Over Child Labor

Labor Dept.: Nearly 450 minors worked illegally at Wendy's in 9 states

(Newser) - A Wendy's franchisee was just hit with a massive fine after the US Department of Labor found it had violated child labor laws, allowing kids employed by restaurants in nine states to work longer hours than they were supposed to, or outside the parameters of when they were allowed...

Cops: 9-Year-Old Child Worker Tortured, Killed by Bosses

They allegedly inserted an air compressor into Sagar Barman's rectum

(Newser) - A 9-year-old factory worker in Bangladesh was killed Sunday when other employees allegedly inserted an air compressor's nozzle into his rectum and turned it on, AFP reports. Police say senior employees were upset Sagar Barman went into a restricted area of Zobeda Textile Mill in Dhaka. But Sagar's...

Report: Apple, Microsoft Use Cobalt Mined by Kids
Report: Apple, Microsoft Use Cobalt Mined by Kids

Report: Apple, Microsoft Use Cobalt Mined by Kids

16 brands named in report couldn't verify source of cobalt

(Newser) - Kids in the Democratic Republic of Congo risk their lives to supply the batteries used in your smartphone and other gadgets, according to a new Amnesty International report. Amnesty and NGO Afrewatch note children as young as 7 mine cobalt for lithium batteries found in products made by Apple, Microsoft,...

Filipino Kids Risk Lives in Country's Deadly Gold Mines

Some mines are 80 feet deep, some are underwater

(Newser) - Thousands of children in the Philippines are working in the country's gold mines, where conditions are deadly and "absolutely terrifying," according to a report published Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. According to Time , the report includes interviews with 65 child miners—some of whom started working in...

Bolivia Brings in World's Lowest Working Age

Work by 10-year-olds legalized

(Newser) - The Bolivian government has brought in the lowest working age of any country in the world, giving the OK for children as young as 10 to work as long as they are self-employed and also go to school. Children 12 and over will be allowed to work for others as...

Young Kids Working in US Tobacco Fields

Human Rights Watch issues scathing report

(Newser) - Children are toiling in unsafe conditions, suffering everything from breathing problems to vomiting, and putting in 12-hour days and 72-hour weeks. Think we're talking a third-world sweatshop? It's what's happening right now on US tobacco farms, Human Rights Watch alleges in a report today. The group spoke...

I Went Undercover at a Bangladesh Sweatshop

Canadian reporter goes undercover alongside 9-year-olds for $25 a month

(Newser) - With the safety (or lack thereof) of Bangladesh sweatshops in the headlines , Canadian journalist Raveena Aulakh decided to experience the conditions at factories that make our clothes firsthand, in a report for the Toronto Star . The first surprise? The worker showing her the ropes, Meem, was a 9-year-old girl, who...

Apple Finds 106 Underage Workers in Factories

Most of the cases were at one plant in China

(Newser) - Apple's own audit of its supply chain turned up 106 underage workers at overseas plants last year, reports the Guardian . Most of the violations—74 of them—occurred at one China facility. The kids were ordered home, and Apple cut ties with the plant, which makes components for circuit...

Victoria's Secret Buys From Child Labor Sources: Report

Kids pick cotton at West Africa farms

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret says it's rushing to investigate claims that it buys supplies from farms that use child labor. A Bloomberg report today described a 13-year-old girl in the West African country of Burkina Faso who faces beatings at the farm where she picks cotton. That cotton is ultimately...

Gingrich Calls Child Labor Laws 'Stupid'

Says poor students could work as janitors

(Newser) - First, Newt Gingrich wanted Occupy protesters to "get a job." Now he says teenagers should do the same, even if it means discarding child labor laws, the Los Angeles Times reports. In a speech at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government on Friday, the presidential candidate said he...

13 Things Made by Child Laborers You Probably Own

Some things you don't want Santa to bring

(Newser) - A staggering 115 million children worldwide are forced into labor, most commonly making one of 128 items contained in a newly released report from the US Department of Labor. The Huffington Post pulls out the 13 most commonly made products manufactured or harvested by kids, and the countries where the...

Kids Toil in Philip Morris' Tobacco Fields

 Kids Toil, Get Sick 
 in Philip Morris 
 Tobacco Fields 
human rights watch report

Kids Toil, Get Sick in Philip Morris Tobacco Fields

Children absorb nicotine equivalent to 36 cigarettes a day

(Newser) - In the tobacco fields that supply a Philip Morris factory in Kazakhstan, child laborers as young as 10 encounter such high doses of nicotine that they feel dizzy, vomit, and develop rashes on their necks and stomachs, a condition known as "green tobacco sickness." Other migrant tobacco workers...

Arabs Buck Ban on Child Camel Jockeys

10-year-old kids still used in dangerous sport

(Newser) - Children as young as 10 are still being used as jockeys in dangerous camel races in the United Arab Emirates, despite a law banning the practice. Observers from the group Anti-Slavery International photographed children racing at a recent event in Abu Dhabi attended by police officers and government officials, the...

Apple Finds Child Labor Abuses at Foreign Factories

Company's own report details 11 cases overseas

(Newser) - Apple's own investigation of the factories in its supply chain found 11 cases of 15-year-olds on the job. The company didn't identify the locations, but most of its facilities are in China. Apple ordered a "complete analysis" and a review of employment records. The report also found that about...

Jon & Kate Plus ... Child Labor Investigation

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania Department of Labor is investigating Jon & Kate Plus 8 to see if the show violates child labor laws, the AP reports. TLC says it complies with all state regulations; the department would not reveal who made the complaint, saying only “any complaint we get, we investigate....

Gems That Bankroll Burma Junta Remain on Sale in US

Congress closing loophole as a first step

(Newser) - Congress is moving to close a loophole in a law that forbids the sale of rubies from Burma, but the measure comes too late for the holiday shopping season, writes Marin Cogan of the New Republic. That means US shoppers—unless they take pains to question their jewelry shop's policy—...

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