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Siblings Survive 14 Hours in Ocean

US vacationers in St. Lucia survive sinking of boat

(Newser) - The AP recounts a tale that falls easily into the vacations-from-hell category for two US siblings visiting the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Dan Suski, 30, and Kate Suski, 39, were out at sea earlier this week on a chartered fishing boat when its electrical system conked out. As the...

Waste &#39;All Over Floor&#39; on Another Carnival Cruise
Waste 'All Over Floor' on
Another Carnival Cruise

Waste 'All Over Floor' on Another Carnival Cruise

Tourists stuck on ship with no access to bathrooms: passenger

(Newser) - A rather disgusting moment of deja vu: It seems another Carnival cruise ship, the Dream, is experiencing a mess similar to last month's on the Triumph . The apparently crippled boat is docked in the eastern Caribbean, at St. Maarten. "We are not allowed off of the boat despite...

Gunmen Steal $11.5M in Gold From Fishing Boat

Curacao police say robbers posed as customs officials

(Newser) - Here's a fishy one: Police on the Caribbean island of Curacao say they are investigating after armed men robbed a fishing boat of $11.5 million in gold bars on Friday, the AP reports. The alleged robbers wore police jackets and told the boat's crew they were customs...

Hurricane Sandy Hits Cuba as US Braces for 'Frankenstorm'

President Obama briefed as experts predict Irene-level damage

(Newser) - Hurricane Sandy roared across the Caribbean today, dropping heavy rains, ripping the roofs off homes, and killing two people, the AP reports. The storm had a stunning growth spurt overnight, according to the Washington Post , becoming a category 2 hurricane, and a Cuban meteorologist says it "crossed the...

Caribbean Coral Reefs Are Mostly Dead
Caribbean Coral Reefs
Are Mostly Dead
report says

Caribbean Coral Reefs Are Mostly Dead

Less than 10% of the reefs have live coral, says report

(Newser) - The coral reefs of the Caribbean are mostly wiped out, according to a new report from a major conservation group. Scientists have found that the reefs have about 8% of live coral coverage, down from about 50% to 60% in the 1970s, reports National Geographic . Some main culprits cited by...

Isaac Kills 4 in Haiti
 Isaac Kills 4 in Haiti 

Isaac Kills 4 in Haiti

Tropical storm strikes country's southern peninsula

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Isaac pushed over Cuba today after sweeping across Haiti's southern peninsula, where it caused flooding and at least four deaths, adding to the misery of a poor nation still trying to recover from the terrible 2010 earthquake. Isaac's center made landfall just before midday near the...

Bloodsucker Named After ... Bob Marley

10 years after its discovery, new parasite gets a famous name

(Newser) - More than 30 years after his death, Bob Marley has a new, strange accomplishment. Researchers at Arkansas State University have named a parasitic crustacean that makes its home in warm Caribbean waters after the late reggae star, reports LiveScience . It doesn't seem like Gnathia marleyi shares Marley's "...

Strong Currents End Palfrey's Cuba-Florida Swim

Palfrey was about 26 miles from Florida when she got out of water

(Newser) - Endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey has abandoned her effort to become the first woman to swim unassisted from Cuba to the Florida Keys, ending her odyssey after almost 41 hours in the water and about three quarters of the way through the more than 100-mile swim, her support team said early...

Palfrey Passes Halfway Point in Swim From Cuba to Florida

Penny Palfrey cruising along in warm waters

(Newser) - Endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey crossed the halfway mark today as she pushed through the Florida Straits, enduring jellyfish stings but otherwise encountering perfect conditions in her attempt to become the first woman to swim unassisted more than 100 miles from Cuba to Florida. A GPS tracking device on Palfrey's...

US Drones' New Mission: Caribbean Drug Traffic

Homeland Security will increase surveillance flights

(Newser) - No wonder the US has so many drone bases scattered about the country: The drones keep getting extra duties. In the latest development, the US plans to ramp up flights over the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to catch drug smugglers, reports the Los Angeles Times . The move will "...

Justice Breyer Robbed at Machete-Point

Supreme Court judge faces robber in Caribbean home

(Newser) - A machete-wielding intruder robbed Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer at his Caribbean vacation home last week, the AP reports. Breyer, 73, his wife Joanna, and guests were surprised to see the robber in their house on the island of Nevis at about 9pm last Thursday. The robber snatched about $1,...

Caribbean Resorts Battle Mysterious Seaweed Invasion

Mysterious hordes of algae shut down resorts

(Newser) - Gigantic piles of brown seaweed that reek of rotten eggs are piling up on beaches in the eastern Caribbean, forcing resorts to shut down and keeping swimmers from the ocean. The stinky, bug-infested algae—named Sargassum—has been creeping up shores in Antigua, St. Maarten, and other Caribbean hotspots since...

Kate Winslet Dishes on Dramatic Rescue

We saved what was important, she says of house fire

(Newser) - Kate Winslet, actress, plastic surgery disavower , and hero , has spoken out after rescuing Richard Branson’s mother from a fire at the Virgin tycoon’s Caribbean home. “I’m just so glad that everyone is safe. And this very easily could not have been the case,” she tells...

Caribbean Gains 2 Countries as Dutch Antilles Disbanded

Curacao, St. Maarten gain autonomy

(Newser) - The world lost one country but gained two new ones yesterday as the Netherlands Antilles officially ceased to exist. People on the Caribbean islands of Curacao and St. Maarten woke to find themselves in autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Reuters reports. Three smaller islands that had been...

Outer Banks Worries About Hurricane Earl

FEMA warns of possible evacuations along coast

(Newser) - Hurricane Earl threatened to sideswipe much of the East Coast just ahead of Labor Day, worrying countless vacationers who planned to spend the traditional last week of summer at the beach. FEMA warned people along the Eastern Seaboard to prepare for possible evacuations. Forecasters cautioned it was still too early...

Be a Good American: Eat This Fish

The lionfish may ruin us if you don't!

(Newser) - How to make Uncle Sam proud: Buy American, fly a flag, eat...lionfish? That third one is, indeed, what one government agency would like you to do. The voracious, aggressively invasive lionfish is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, off the Florida Keys, and along the Atlantic as far north as...

Tropical Storm Expected to Miss Oil Spill (for Now)

Alex's path could change quickly

(Newser) - Cross your fingers: The first tropical storm of the season has formed in the Caribbean. Alex is expected to pass over the Yucatan Peninsula this weekend, and while current forecast models say it won't pass over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, its path could change once it...

Storm Could Stop Spill Cleanup for 2 Weeks

'Top hat' would have to be turned off, releasing 840K extra gallons

(Newser) - A looming hurricane could force workers scrambling to slow or stop the Gulf oil spill back to shore—and release even more oil into the water, the Miami Herald reports. A weather system in the west-central Caribbean has a 70% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the weekend....

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands in Battle Over Captain Morgan

Caribbean rum war heads to Washington

(Newser) - A battle over rum has two US territories up in arms, with Puerto Rico accusing the Virgin Islands of a raid worthy of Captain Morgan himself. Diageo, the maker of Captain Morgan rum, is moving production from Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands, which offered the company $2.7...

Jamaica Bets 'Jewmaican' Past Will Draw Tourists
 Jamaica Bets 'Jewmaican' 
 Past Will Draw Tourists 

Jamaica Bets 'Jewmaican' Past Will Draw Tourists

Today's population is small, but remnants abound; plus, Jewish pirates!

(Newser) - When the uninitiated look at Jamaica’s Jews, they might see a small but resilient community: around 200 faithful, an historic synagogue but no rabbi, few choices for kosher food. But if you’re the nation’s tourism director, you see a goldmine. Plans are afoot to launch a Jewish...

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