Dennis McGuire

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Ohio's Solution to Drawn-Out Execution: Bigger Dose

Inmate didn't suffer during long execution, state decides

(Newser) - The unusually long execution of Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire with a previously untested combo of drugs did not cause him "any pain or distress," state authorities have decided—but they plan to up the dosage in the future to be sure. McGuire, who raped and murdered a pregnant...

Daughter Suing Over Dad's Slow Execution

McGuire suffered cruel and unusual punishment: lawyer

(Newser) - An Ohio inmate put to death for murder was tortured by his unusually slow execution , the man's daughter said today as she announced plans to file a lawsuit over her father's death. Dennis McGuire's daughter, Amber, referred to the "agony and terror" of watching her father...

Lawyer: People 'Should Be Appalled' by Ohio Execution

Dennis McGuire's death took longer than expected

(Newser) - The events leading up to this morning's execution of murderer Dennis McGuire made headlines because of Ohio's use of untested drugs . It doesn't look like the controversy is going to fade anytime soon, after McGuire gasped and choked for about 10 minutes before being pronounced dead. “...

Ohio Rejects Killer's Organ Donation Offer
Ohio Executes Killer With Untried Drug Combo

Ohio Executes Killer With Untried Drug Combo

'Prolonged' execution takes 15-plus minutes

(Newser) - Dennis McGuire was put to death today with a two-drug combination previously untested in the US, and at more than 15 minutes, it was one of the longest executions in Ohio since the state resumed capital punishment in 1999. McGuire, whose lawyers had attempted to delay his execution by arguing...

Ohio Inmate Likely to Suffer 'Terror' During Execution

Expert warns against state's untested drugs

(Newser) - A death-row inmate in Ohio will likely suffer the "terror" of a suffocation-like phenomenon known as air hunger during his execution, an anesthesiologist told a judge today. "Air hunger is a horrible feeling," said the expert at a federal court hearing, reports AP . "It's the...

Ohio Killer to Be Executed With Method Untested in US

Dennis McGuire will be put to death using 2-drug combination

(Newser) - Ohio will use a dose of two drugs untried in the US to put to death a condemned inmate who raped and killed a pregnant woman, according to a decision by the state prison system. The determination means the prisons agency was unable to obtain an unregulated batch of pentobarbital,...

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