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Future Painkiller: Scorpion Venom?

Study sees potential applications as it can locate human pain receptors

(Newser) - Scorpion venom could someday turn from threat to therapy. Researchers in Australia are investigating the chemical properties of the stuff after collecting 1,500 of the poisonous critters and extracting their venom. "Because they have been isolated in Australia for so long, their venom is very different to the...

Study: Simon &amp; Garfunkel Tune Eases Chronic Pain
Study: Simon & Garfunkel Tune Eases Chronic Pain

Study: Simon & Garfunkel Tune Eases Chronic Pain

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is the new Tylenol

(Newser) - Walk into select Lloyds Pharmacy locations in the UK complaining of a headache, and you may be more likely to walk out with a Simon & Garfunkel CD than a bottle of painkillers. The pharmacy chain commissioned a study that found 41% of all people suffering persistent pain (and 66%...

FDA Wants Tougher Rules for Painkillers Like Vicodin

It recommends tighter restrictions for painkillers with hydrocodone

(Newser) - It will likely be tougher for people to get their hands on Vicodin and similar painkillers next year. The FDA today recommended tougher restrictions for drugs made with hydrocodone, reports Reuters . Assuming the guidelines are approved by the department of Health and Human Services, patients would get fewer refills, and...

Centipede Venom Better Than Morphine: Study

It holds promise as pain-reliever, says study

(Newser) - How would you feel if the ER doctor offered you centipede venom for the pain? The idea isn't so farfetched: A new study finds that the venom, which paralyzes prey, may also yield a compound that's more effective than morphine as a painkiller for humans, Smithsonian reports. Why?...

Tylenol Caps Get New Warning
 Tylenol Caps Get New Warning 

Tylenol Caps Get New Warning

Acetaminophen overdose is top cause of liver failure in US

(Newser) - Acetaminophen overdose is the top cause of liver failure in the US—and concerns about the widespread pain-relief ingredient have been growing. Starting in October, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil will stick a new warning on the caps of Extra Strength Tylenol, reading: "Contains acetaminophen. Always read the label,...

World&#39;s Most Popular Drug: Pot

 World's Most 
 Popular Drug: Pot 
study says

World's Most Popular Drug: Pot

But painkillers behind most deaths

(Newser) - Researchers have, for the first time, conducted a worldwide survey on illegal drug use, and they learned that the most popular one on the planet is marijuana. But the drugs that are killing the most people are strong painkillers, Vicodin, OxyContin, and codeine among them, the AP reports, as per...

FDA: Tylenol Can Cause Rare Skin Diseases

Still, it's not recommending consumers switch to another pain reliever

(Newser) - The FDA is warning consumers that acetaminophen—the active ingredient in Tylenol—can cause rare skin diseases characterized by rashes, blisters, and, very occasionally, extreme damage to the skin's surface. The agency hastened to add that it wasn't advising that everyone abandon acetaminophen in favor of another pain...

Fatal Drug ODs Rise 11th Straight Year

Prescription medications at core of problem

(Newser) - Fatal drug overdoses rose for the 11th straight year, federal data show, and most of them were accidents involving addictive painkillers despite growing attention to their risks. "The big picture is that this is a big problem that has gotten much worse quickly," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, head...

Forget OxyContin: Opana Now Most-Abused Painkiller

But new formula will cause addicts to seek another drug

(Newser) - The powerful painkiller Opana has replaced OxyContin as the drug of choice for addicts and pharmacy robbers. Users switched to Opana—the trade name for oxymorphone—after OxyContin's maker reformulated its pills to make them harder to snort, chew, or inject for a quick high. But Opana's makers...

Black Kids Not Receiving Equal Care in ER: Study

Odds of getting pain meds lower than those of white kids

(Newser) - Black kids don't receive the same emergency-room care that white children do, according to a new study of 2,000 kids who sought treatment for abdominal pain in 550 hospitals. It found that black children were 39% less likely to receive painkillers than their white peers. The racial gap...

Painkillers Could Ease Social Rejection
 Could Ease 
 Social Rejection 
study says

Painkillers Could Ease Social Rejection

Physical, social hurt function similarly: researchers

(Newser) - Someday, painkillers might battle more than just physical pain. The medications could be used to fight the pain of social rejection, too, researchers say. That's because the brain handles physical pain and the hurt of rejection similarly, a study finds. Scientists picked up on the connection while looking at...

Abuse Experts Tremble Over Powerful New Painkillers

Drugs with hydrocodone may cause more addiction

(Newser) - A more powerful version of America's second-most abused medicine is likely headed for a doctor's office near you, the AP reports. Four companies are in the patient-testing phase of painkillers that will be up to 10 times more effective than Vicodin thanks to a highly addictive ingredient called...

No. 1 Cause of Overdose Deaths: Painkillers

Topping heroin, cocaine combined

(Newser) - Are prescription drugs more dangerous than their illegal counterparts? In 2008, prescription painkiller overdoses outnumbered deaths from heroin and cocaine combined, according to a new CDC report. Of the 36,450 US overdose deaths that year, 14,800 involved opioid painkillers like oxycodone, methadone, or hydrocodone. That’s a significant...

Most Addicts Get Pills From Pals

Doctors only give pills to 1 in 5 abusers: Study

(Newser) - Looks like Michael Jackson was the exception to the rule. Most painkiller addicts get their pills from family or friends rather than doctors, according to a new study. Just 1 in 5 abusers use their doctor as their primary source for their drugs, and 69% get their drugs exclusively from...

Ukraine Cancer Patients Deprived of Painkillers

WHO calls for end to country's strict limits

(Newser) - Rules tied to the Soviet era have left Ukraine with some of the world’s toughest painkiller laws—restrictions so broad that some cancer patients have attempted suicide to escape the pain, the AP reports. Morphine, for example, isn’t available in tablet form, and patients are limited to 50...

Meditation: Better Than Morphine
 Meditation: Better 
 Than Morphine 
study says

Meditation: Better Than Morphine

Little more than one hour reduces pain dramatically

(Newser) - In pain? Before you reach for the hard drugs, reach for ... your meditation cushion. Researchers found that a little more than one hour of meditation training was enough to "dramatically reduce" pain, the Telegraph reports. Fifteen newbie meditators attended four 20-minute training classes on mindfulness meditation as researchers induced...

Cops: Nurse Stole Patient's Painkiller—Before Surgery

When he was agony, she told him to go to his 'happy place'

(Newser) - Ow, ow, ow: A nurse in Minnesota allegedly shot herself up with some of the pain medication allotted to a patient just before his surgery for kidney stones, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune . When the patient was in agony on the operating table, the nurse told him to "man up"...

Ex-Busch CEO's Girlfriend OD'd on Oxycodone

Adrienne Martin was found at August Busch IV's home in December

(Newser) - The dead woman found at the home of ex-Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV accidentally overdosed on the painkiller oxycodone, the medical examiner said yesterday. Friends previously said Adrienne Martin, 27, was firmly against illegal drugs, but Busch had speculated medication she was taking could be to blame for her death....

Best Hangover Cure: Aspirin and ...
 Best Hangover Cure: 
 Aspirin and ... 


Best Hangover Cure: Aspirin and ...

Study finds cause, and cure, of hangover headaches

(Newser) - Forget about hangover remedies like raw eggs, hair of the dog, or yoga —simple caffeine and a painkiller are best for easing an alcohol-induced sore head, according to a new study. Neurologist Michael Oshinsky and colleagues used ethanol to induce hangover-like headaches in rats. They found that the caffeine...

FDA Pulls Darvon, Darvocet
FDA Pulls Darvon, Darvocet

FDA Pulls Darvon, Darvocet

Popular painkillers cause abnormal heart rhythms

(Newser) - The painkillers Darvon and Darvocet are being pulled off the prescription drug market because they can trigger potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities, CNN reports. The FDA requested that the drug behind both popular brands, propoxyphene, be yanked after a trial study found the side effect. "The drug's effectiveness in...

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