Russia investigation

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Barr: 'I've Said What I'm Going to Say About the Report Today'

Attorney general says redacted version of Mueller report will be out within a week

(Newser) - The attorney general appeared before a House panel Tuesday ostensibly to talk about a mundane issue—the Justice Department's budget. Democrats, however, had a much different topic in mind— the Mueller report . So far, William Barr hasn't divulged much new information, however. He said he's still on... More »

Some Mueller Investigators Are Upset With Barr

They apparently believe he left out important details

(Newser) - Some of Bob Mueller's investigators say President Trump is getting off too easy, the New York Times reports. According to inside sources, these investigators believe Attorney General William Barr's four-page letter to Congress summarizing the Mueller report failed to adequately convey Trump's troubling actions. Details remain scant—... More »

House Panel OKs Subpoenas for Full Mueller Report

Rep. Nadler said he would issue them if AG Barr doesn't change his position

(Newser) - The House Judiciary Committee approved subpoenas Wednesday for special counsel Robert Mueller's full Russia report as Democrats pressure the Justice Department to release the document without redactions. The committee voted 24-17 to give Democratic Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler permission to issue subpoenas to the Justice Department for the final... More »

Barr to Turn Over Mueller Report by Mid-April

Trump will not see it before Congress, says attorney general

(Newser) - Congress will get the Mueller report next month. "Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own," William Barr said Friday in a letter to Congress, at least half of which wants Robert Mueller's report on his Russia investigation released now. The attorney general says... More »

Mueller's Work Is Finished, and That Appears to Be a Relief

Tight-lipped special counsel has been spotted smiling

(Newser) - It looks like one person who's glad the Robert Mueller investigation is finally over is Robert Mueller himself. Robin Givhan of the Washington Post notices that since he turned in his report, he's been seen with an actual smile on his face. "He looks delighted—or at... More »

Mueller: No Collusion Evidence; Unclear on Obstruction

Evidence fell short of a 'prosecutorial judgment'

(Newser) - It has arrived: Attorney General William Barr delivered a four-page letter Sunday to Congress summarizing the central findings of the Mueller probe, the New York Times reports. In the letter, Barr says Robert Mueller's team didn't find sufficient evidence of President Trump colluding with Russia but also didn'... More »

Barr Scours the Mueller Report With Advisers

A fight with Congressional Democrats seems inevitable

(Newser) - Attorney General William Barr scoured special counsel Robert Mueller's confidential report on the Russia investigation with his advisers Saturday, deciding how much Congress and the American public will get to see about the two-year probe into President Donald Trump and Moscow's efforts to elect him, the AP reports.... More »

Here's the Latest Sign Mueller Probe May Be Wrapping Up

Top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann is leaving, sources say

(Newser) - A top prosecutor on Robert Mueller's team is stepping down from the special counsel's office and the Justice Department, the latest sign that the Russia probe may be nearing its end, NPR reports. Andrew Weissmann, who took the lead on Paul Manafort's prosecution, will go back to... More »

Cohen: These Documents Will Lead You to Trump's Lawyer

The president's former lawyer hands over his false statement to Congress

(Newser) - Michael Cohen turned over documents to the House intelligence committee on Wednesday that show edits to a false written statement he gave to the panel in 2017 about a Trump real estate project in Moscow, the AP reports. Cohen provided the documents in a closed-door interview with the panel, according... More »

Schiff Makes Threat About the Mueller Report

The House Democrat draws a line in the sand

(Newser) - A top House Democrat threatened Sunday to call special counsel Robert Mueller to Capitol Hill, subpoena documents, and take the Trump administration to court if necessary if the full report on the Russia investigation is not made public, the AP reports. Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff told ABC's This Week... More »

Even if Manafort Is Pardoned, New York Has a Plan

State prosecutors may bring their own charges

(Newser) - Even if Paul Manafort receives a presidential pardon for his federal crimes , he could face state charges that would send him to prison. Manhattan prosecutors have assembled a criminal case against Manafort, President Trump's onetime campaign manager, the New York Times reports. Presidents have no pardon power in state... More »

Despite Apology, Stone Faces Jail After Instagram Post

Bail could be revoked over altered photo showing judge

(Newser) - Roger Stone has apologized for the Instagram post that appeared to show crosshairs near the head of the federal judge who is presiding over his prosecution, but now he has to answer for it. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, NBC News reports, and she could... More »

Mueller Triple Whammy Involves 2 Old Names, Plus a New One

News from special counsel's probe on Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and now Sarah Sanders

(Newser) - How long will Paul Manafort go to prison for? If Robert Mueller has his way, a "long, long time," Vox notes, per a "harsh" sentencing memo filed by the special counsel's office Friday. In the memo, Mueller agreed with a probation department's recommendation that the... More »

Judge to Roger Stone: Zip It Around Courthouse

Defendant has been making his case to reporters

(Newser) - A judge ordered Roger Stone to keep his lips sealed when it comes to the special counsel's Russia investigation, at least when he's around a certain courthouse—the one in Washington, DC., where he's facing charges. The judge was considering a complete gag order on Stone, Politico... More »

McCabe: Yes, We Talked About Removing Trump From Office

Former acting FBI chief says Justice Department considered using 25th Amendment

(Newser) - Andrew McCabe is having his say. McCabe has been out of the headlines for a while, but he became acting director of the FBI after President Trump fired James Comey—only to be fired himself under heavy criticism from the president. While acting FBI chief, McCabe ramped up the investigations... More »

Whitaker Sets Condition for House Testimony

Committee authorizes a subpoena if necessary

(Newser) - After a House panel authorized a subpoena to summon the acting attorney general to appear Friday, Matthew Whitaker said he'll testify—as long as there's no subpoena. Whitaker said in a statement that the subpoena vote broke his agreement with the panel to appear voluntarily, the Washington Post... More »

Mueller: Files Given to Russian Firm Were Leaked Online

His office says hackers tried to discredit probe

(Newser) - Robert Mueller's office says materials it provided to the defense team of a Russian company ended up being altered and leaked online as part of a disinformation campaign to discredit his investigation. In a court filing Wednesday, the office said more than 1,000 files posted in October by... More »

To 'Lock Him Up!' Jeers, Roger Stone Shows Up to Enter Plea

Trump ally pleads not guilty to lying to Congress, obstruction, and witness tampering

(Newser) - Donald Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone has pleaded not guilty to charges in the special counsel's Russia investigation. Stone appeared Tuesday for his arraignment at the federal courthouse in Washington after spending the weekend blasting special counsel Robert Mueller's case against him as politically motivated, the AP... More »

Mueller Investigation Is 'Close to Being Completed'

Acting AG hopes to get final report soon

(Newser) - After an investigation that has lasted more than 20 months, it's almost Mueller Time. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller is nearly ready to wrap up his investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the New York Times reports. "The... More »

Defiant Stone Says He'll Plead Not Guilty

Trump ally also gave his first post-indictment interview: to Infowars' Alex Jones

(Newser) - As the dust starts to settle after the morning arrest and indictment of Roger Stone on obstruction, witness tampering, and other charges, the 66-year-old Trump ally made a defiant appearance Friday outside a Fort Lauderdale courthouse, complete with an imitation of Richard Nixon's famous "victory" pose (you may... More »

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