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Mo. County Orders Year of 'Mourning' Over Gay Marriage

Dent County officials vote to lower flags below half-staff to protest gay nuptials

(Newser) - When Alex Sellers saw the story in his local paper, he thought it was an Onion article. But the 26-year-old Missouri man was horrified to find out what he was reading was true: Three Republican commissioners in Dent County voted yesterday to lower county flags to half-staff to observe a... More »

Fiji to Dump Union Jack for New Flag

Contest will be held for new design

(Newser) - Almost 45 years after Fiji gained independence from Britain, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says it's time to lose symbols "anchored to our colonial past"—like the Union Jack that takes up a quarter of the country's flag. He says a national panel will choose a new... More »

New Jersey Home's Islamic Flag Riles Up Twitter

Muslim Mark Dunaway takes it down after critics equate it with terrrorism

(Newser) - "Jihadists are now in Garwood." Well, not exactly. New Jersey resident Mark Dunaway has removed an Islamic flag he's flown outside his home for 10 years after a photo of it was posted to Twitter and garnered comments like that one, AP reports. The black flag—which... More »

Meet the Guy Whose Face Is on the POW Flag

Jeffrey Heisley wasn't actually a prisoner of war

(Newser) - Jeffrey Heisley was never a prisoner of war—but his silhouette has represented POWs for decades. Suffering from hepatitis, Heisley had to leave the Marine Corps' officer candidate program as a young man. In the course of the illness, he tells Fox News , "I had all my hair cut... More »

New Zealand PM: Time for a New Flag

He promises referendum on 'post-colonial' design

(Newser) - The era of British colonialism is over and it's about time New Zealand adopted a flag without a Union Jack on it, says Prime Minister John Key. "The flag remains dominated by the Union Jack in a way that we ourselves are no longer dominated by the United... More »

Meet the Guys Building World's Tallest Flagpoles

Trident Support makes them for governments in Middle East, Asia

(Newser) - Marc Summers and David Chambers got their start in defense logistics, but their company, Trident Support Corporation, now focuses on something rather different: Building really, really big flagpoles. They built the tallest one in the world, a 541-footer in Dushanbe, Tajikistan; they also built the prior record-holder in Baku, Azerbaijan,... More »

Florida Town Lifts Ban on Non-US Flags Ahead of St. Patrick's

Irish pub can put Ireland's flag back up

(Newser) - Just days ahead of St. Patrick's Day, a northeast Florida Irish pub has won the right to fly the Irish flag again. On February 20, Culhane's Irish Pub was told it had 24 hours to "cease display of flags other than American flag." The rule was... More »

N. Korea Furious After US, South Use Flag in Drills

Pyongyang calls move 'politically-motivated provocation'

(Newser) - Last week, a North Korean flag appeared during the largest US-South Korea military drills since the Korean War; now Pyongyang is taking the countries to task. "It is an extremely grave military action and politically-motivated provocation to fire live bullets and shells at the flag of a sovereign state... More »

New York Unveils 9/11 Memorial Flag

Andrew Cuomo presents banner to appear at Ground Zero

(Newser) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has unveiled New York state’s official September 11th Memorial Flag, to be displayed at the Ground Zero memorial as well as the state Capitol, the Albany Times-Union reports. At a press conference today with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Cuomo said the flag “... More »

Virginia City Limits Confederate Flag-Flying

Stars and bars barred from downtown light poles in Lexington

(Newser) - The Virginia city where Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are buried has approved a proposal to limit the flying of Confederate flags. Lexington's city council voted 4-1 in favor of allowing only the Virginia, US, and city flags to be flown from light poles on a bridge and... More »

Veteran Dies Replacing Flag on Memorial Day

James Catron, 83, died of natural causes, strapped to his TV tower

(Newser) - A Korean War veteran from Ohio died on Memorial Day while trying to replace a weathered American flag on his 20-foot TV tower. An autopsy showed that James Catron died of natural causes; the 83-year-old had a history of heart trouble, according to a local newspaper. A neighbor saw Catron,... More »

Myanmar Unveils New Flag

Government says it's part of transition to democracy

(Newser) - Military-ruled Myanmar unveiled a new national flag today, just two weeks before an election that the government calls a major step in a transition to democracy but critics say is a sham. The 2008 constitution pushed through by the military called for fresh national symbols, including a new flag whose... More »

Palin Under Fire for Flag 'Desecration'

Her signature on Old Glory Tea Party rally violates US Flag Code

(Newser) - Sarah Palin appears to have desecrated Old Glory at a Tea Party Express rally in Reno. Video from the event shows Palin signing a flag handed to her by a fan, thereby violating a section of the US Flag Code that states the flag "should never have placed upon... More »

Afghan Flag Raised in Marjah

Government aims to win residents' allegiance with jobs, projects

(Newser) - The Afghan flag was raised today in Marjah after a two-week offensive that left at least 10 coalition troops and 150 Taliban fighters dead and set the stage for the Afghan government’s hopeful return to an area it ceded two years ago. The governor of Helmand province was at... More »

Say, That Star-Spangled Banner Is Huge!

Gigantic flags greet sports fans nationwide

(Newser) - A decades-old trend for field-sized Stars and Stripes at sporting events shows no signs of flagging, writes the New York Times. A flag big enough for the Statue of Liberty to wear as a cape will cover Yankee Stadium's turf before the upcoming all-star game—and the giant 150-foot banner... More »

Let's Stick This Pin on the Constitution

If it's that big a deal, then make patriotic lapel pin the 28th Amendment

(Newser) - If flag pins are so very important, it ought to be illegal not to wear one, Roland Martin writes on CNN. The obvious root of all our nation’s problems stops with Amendment 28: Elected officials must wear flag lapel pins. Heck, why stop at pins? Shouldn’t the candidates... More »

Reuters Posts 'Titanic' Frame in Arctic Gaffe

Agency pinched movie still for North Pole report

(Newser) - Reuters was caught in another photo pas today, when it revealed pics used in a report on Russia's flag-planting at the North Pole last week were actually lifted frames from the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. An image captioned with descriptions of Russian submersibles on an Arctic seabed was actually a still... More »

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