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2 Major US Airlines Ban Big-Game Trophies

No more rhino heads on Delta, American

(Newser) - More fallout from the killing of Cecil the lion : Two major American airlines say people whose hobby is killing and beheading African wildlife will have to fly other carriers if they want to take the animal parts home with them. In a statement, Delta Air Lines said it has now... More »

US Huntress Poses With Her Kills

Sabrina Corgatelli defends the hunting of animals in Africa

(Newser) - A huntress from Idaho has added her two cents to recent stories about Americans accused of hunting illegally in Africa—and attracted her share of outrage in return, the Telegraph reports. On July 25, Sabrina Corgatelli responded to the story of Cecil the lion's death by posting photos on... More »

American Hunters Bag Hundreds of Lions a Year

Washington Post: Walter Palmer is far from the only one

(Newser) - As the outrage against dentist and lion-killer Walter Palmer simmers, the Washington Post points out that he's far from the only American hunter to kill a lion in Africa. In fact, hundreds do so every year in legal hunts. Palmer's problem is that his guides lured a lion... More »

Man May Have Paid $55K to Kill Africa's Most Famous Lion

Spaniard sought in killing of Cecil

(Newser) - Months after Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe came under fire for exporting 23 elephant calves to China ( National Geographic has published undercover photos), the park is again mired in controversy—this time after a hunter skinned and beheaded Africa's most famous lion, 13-year-old Cecil. The lion was wearing... More »

Wisconsin Hunter Shoots Deer, She Strikes Back

72-year-old bow hunter wounded a doe and she struck his leg with her head

(Newser) - Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted, as a 72-year-old bow hunter in Wisconsin recently found out when the doe he struck with his arrow apparently had enough. After the man injured her and attempted to track her, she turned on him. "Apparently the man was going through some thick... More »

Hunter Accidentally Shoots, Kills Himself

Not clear how 79-year-old's gun went off

(Newser) - A coroner says a 79-year-old hunter found dead in the western Pennsylvania woods accidentally shot himself with his own rifle. The body of James Turnbull, of White Township, was discovered by another deer hunter shortly before 5pm yesterday in a wooded area of the township. Indiana County Coroner Jerry Overman... More »

'Tipsy' Hunter Finds Way to Fight Off Crocodile

Stephen Moreen, an Australian, poked croc in the eye

(Newser) - How to cope when a crocodile pulls you underwater? Just poke it in the eye, of course. That's what Australian hunter Stephen Moreen, 20, did when a 6-foot croc grabbed his arm and dragged him under in a remote area about 200 miles southwest of Darwin, Australia, the BBC... More »

Elephant Ancestor's Bones Alter Our Continent's History

Gomphotheres appear to have roamed North America as recently as 13,400 years ago

(Newser) - North America's prehistoric Clovis people were known hunters of large mammoths and mastodons. But another elephant ancestor, the smaller gomphothere, may also have fallen prey to the ambitious hunter-gatherers. An archaeological dig begun in 2007 in northwestern Mexico now carbon dates that site—which has given up Clovis spear... More »

Namibia to Hunters: Shoot Our Rare Elephants

Country grants 9 permits for adult male desert elephants

(Newser) - At least one rare desert elephant has been killed in Namibia and more are likely to follow. The country has granted nine permits to hunt the large beasts, of which the Conservation Action Trust says only 100 exist. As the permits specify adult males, the trust says that part of... More »

7 Celebs Who Like to Hunt

Including some you might not expect

(Newser) - Fox News rounds up a list of celebrities who like to hunt—and some of them may surprise you:
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The model and Transformers star calls herself a "farm girl," and says that growing up, she ate animals she shot herself, including "a few pheasants
... More »

Hunter Mistakes Man for Deer, Shoots Him —Twice

Tampa man may have suffered permanent damage in shooting

(Newser) - A hunter in Tampa, Fla., mistook a man practicing turkey calls for a deer Sunday night and shot him—twice—with a high-powered rifle. Amazingly, he survived, Opposing Views and the New York Times report. Clint Galentine, 37, was walking with a friend in a wildlife management area when the... More »

Lost 72-Year-Old Survived on Algae, Frogs for Weeks

Gene Penaflor got separated from hunting partner in California forest

(Newser) - A pretty incredible tale of survival out of northern California, where a deer hunter lost in the Mendocino National Forest survived for 19 days. The most incredible parts: temperatures fell as low as 25 degrees; Gene Penaflor was at one point temporarily unconscious after falling down a steep slope; he'... More »

Hunter Started Yosemite Fire: Feds

Campfire apparently got away from him

(Newser) - Looks like it wasn't an illegal pot farm after all : The gigantic wildfire in and around Yosemite National Park began when a hunter allowed an illegal fire to escape, the US Forest Service said today. No arrests have been made, and the hunter's name was being withheld pending... More »

PETA: Our Drones Will Catch Abusive Hunters

Animal rights group announces 'impressive new weapons'

(Newser) - American hunters, watch out: The animal rights group PETA says it's going to launch drones to make sure you're abiding by the law, Fast Company reports. "PETA will soon have some impressive new weapons at its disposal to combat those who gun down deer and doves,"... More »

Oopsss: Fla. Python Hunt Names Wrong Winner

The real longest snake captured was returned to the Everglades

(Newser) - The wrong hunter nabbed some glory when Florida named the winners of its Python Challenge, reports the Miami Herald . A pair of hunters who bagged an 11 foot, 1 inch snake were the real winners of the longest-snake-captured category, but the winner was named as somebody who brought in one... More »

Final Tally in Fla. Python Hunt: 68

Take that, tens of thousands of dreaded, non-native reptiles

(Newser) - Florida's ambitious 2013 Python Challenge has officially wrapped, and after some 1,600 hunters combed the Everglades in the month-long state-sanctioned slaughter of the estimated tens of thousands of snakes that can reach 18 feet in length, well ... ladies and gentlemen, there were 68 casualties. "You can go... More »

Cats Are More Murderous Than You Think

For every corpse you see, there are 3 you don't

(Newser) - Only 30% of house cats kill when they are allowed to roam outside, but those that do are much bloodier than you might have thought, reports USA Today . In fact, the mouse carcasses and other gory presents that felines leave for their humans represent just a quarter of the average... More »

Bizarre 'Goat Man' Turns Out to Be Hunter

Utah authorities relieved after baa-d feeling

(Newser) - Authorities got a baa-d feeling about a worrisome "goat man" spotted wearing a white fur and scrambling along on his hands and knees trailing the wild goats on a Utah mountain. But the unidentified beastie has contacted a wildlife worker to explain that he's merely preparing for a... More »

Hunter Mistakes Pal for Bird, Shoots Him —Twice

Brian Hansen is expected to recover

(Newser) - While hunting with his friend Brian Hansen before daylight Friday, Terrance Spaeth thought he saw a turkey, so he shot. When Hansen fell and began rolling around on the ground, Spaeth didn't realize he'd actually hit his friend—he thought it was still a turkey … so he... More »

Another Hunter Shot by Dog

Bulldog bumps Fla. hunter's rifle

(Newser) - The combination of a bumpy road, a loaded gun, and an over-excited bulldog has left a Florida hunter in critical condition. Billy Brown, 78, and a friend were on their way to a deer hunting post when the dog apparently bumped Brown's loaded Browning .208, shooting him in the... More »

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