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Top Bullfighter Seriously Gored

Jose Tomas of Spain suffers serious blood loss in Mexico

(Newser) - One of the best-known members of the legendary Spanish bullfighting community was severely gored during a performance yesterday and is in serious condition in a Mexican hospital. Jose Tomas sustained a torn vein and artery when an 1,100-pound bull's left horn drove 4 inches deep into his groin, the...

Olé! Teen Matador Kills 6 Bulls

16-year-old Jairo Miguel pulls off feat usually reserved for pros

(Newser) - A 16-year-old Spanish matador killed six bulls in one afternoon today, pulling off a feat normally attempted only by seasoned veterans and winning trophies for his skill—ears from animals he had just slain. Jairo Miguel Sanchez Alonso, the son of a bullfighter who nearly died from a horrific goring...

Matador Puts Gay Drink Ad on Cape

Spaniard breaks with macho tradition, and how

(Newser) - Joselito Ortega is breaking more boundaries than one. The little-known Spanish matador will be advertising his new sponsor on his cape while in the ring, an unheard-of break with tradition. Then there’s the sponsor itself, a club-scene energy drink called (seriously) “Gay Up.” It’s not exactly...

Kid Matador Kills Record 6 Bulls

Bloody spectacle gets last-minute go-ahead despite controversy

(Newser) - An 11-year-old Mexican bullfighter has broken a world record by killing six young bulls in a single bloody spectacle, reports the BBC. "I'm happy to have achieved this great victory," boasted the boy as he left the ring in Merida yesterday. The controversial bullfight exhibition won a last-minute...

Olé! Breeder to Clone Prize Bull

US company to copy Alcalde's DNA

(Newser) - Alcalde is one in a million: The hulking black bull's sons have struck fear in the hearts of Spain's bravest matadors for more than a decade. But now, in his waning years, his famed breeder has commissioned a US company to make him two in a million—with the cloned...

Spain Deals Bullfights Fatal Blow

Spanish television yanks coverage of lethal, decreasingly popular sport

(Newser) - The traditional sport of bullfighting suffered what may prove to be a death blow yesterday, when the Spanish national television network decided not to include coverage in next year's schedule. Traditionalists are up in arms, but animal-rights advocates cheered the decision, which will eliminate the traditional Sunday afternoon broadcast of...

Dwarf Matadors Stand Tall

Mexican little people hold their own in the arena

(Newser) - The image of a pint-sized bullfighter waving red at a calf might induce laughter among the more callous, but for Mexican little people, the bullfighting arena is serious stuff. The mini matadors acknowledge an element of humor in their act, but "if a little person can fight a bull,...

Spanish TV Channel Nixes Live Bullfights

Public broadcaster deems gore and gorings unfit for kids and afternoons

(Newser) - Spanish state television will not show any live bullfights this year, bowing to restrictions on gore on daytime TV but disrupting a time-honored tradition. Televised bullfights had been a viewer magnet for public-TV station TVE, and fans are seeing red, the Guardian reports. "It is obvious that watching bullfights...

Bullfighting Dustup Has France on Guard

Government bans violent protest ad but lets festivals continue

(Newser) - Animal activists and bullfighting fans in France are butting heads over an anti-bullfighting ad that shows bulls being speared and slaughtered. The French government banned the ad as too violent, prompting cries of hypocrisy from a well organized group of celebrities and dignitaries who have been protesting the gruesome "...

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