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Bullfighting Returns to Mexico City, as Do Protests

It had been suspended in the city for 1.5 years amid legal battle

(Newser) - With protesters outside a full arena, bullfights resumed in Mexico City on Sunday after the country's highest court temporarily revoked a local ruling that sided with animal rights defenders and suspended the events for more than a year and a half, the AP reports. The resumption of bullfights in...

Activists Slam 'Shameful' Killing of Escaped Bull

Campanito the bull gored 2 elderly men in Brihuega, Spain, before a local slammed their car into him

(Newser) - Animal rights advocates are steaming after a 500-pound-plus bull escaped from a bullfighting ring in Spain over the weekend and met a terrible fate. The Guardian reports that spectators had gathered early Sunday in Brihuega to attend a "concurso de recortadores" event, in which those taking part taunt the...

Crowd Applauded as Matador Wiped Bull's Eyes, Then Killed It

Viral video sparks outrage, defense of bullfighter

(Newser) - There was applause from the crowd in Spain when a bullfighter wiped a bull's eyes before killing it on Friday. But reaction online was different and plentiful once videos of the encounter in Seville went viral. "Morante de la Puebla took a handkerchief out of his pocket to...

Bull Kills Itself After Fiery Torches Put on Horns

It ran head-on into a post at a Spanish festival

(Newser) - A horrifying scene out of a bull festival in Spain has reignited a firestorm—this one a literal one—around the subject of how bull are used as entertainment. The Independent reports on a bull that was tied to a post in front of a "baying" crowd during the...

Bullfighter Trips Over Cloak, Fatally

Ivan Fandino gored in the ring in France, 2nd fatality in past year

(Newser) - In a profession with little room for error, Ivan Fandino made one that cost him his life on Saturday: The 36-year-old Spanish bullfighter tripped on his cape while in the ring in France, sending him to the ground, where a bull gored him in the chest, reports Sky News . Fandino'...

Matador's Debut Bullfight Ends in Throat Goring

Daniel Garcia Navarrete tossed around 'like a rag doll' in Madrid's Las Ventas ring

(Newser) - A 23-year-old matador was severely injured after a nasty turn with a bull in one of Spain's most famous bullfighting venues. More than 10,000 people in Madrid's Las Ventas bullring watched in horror Sunday as a bull started tossing Daniel Garcia Navarrete around "like a rag...

One-Eyed Matador Gored in Eye Again
One-Eyed Matador
Gored Again

One-Eyed Matador Gored Again

Luckily for Juan Jose Padilla, it was at or near the same eye as last time

(Newser) - Five years almost to the day after he was gored in the eye by a bull, Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla was gored in virtually the same spot again—but he won't need to buy a second eye patch. At a bullfight in Zaragoza Saturday, the 43-year-old was gored...

Bullfighter Gored to Death on Live TV

Victor Barrio is first to die in ring in more than 3 decades

(Newser) - A Spanish bullfighter was gored to death Saturday on live television in a horror not seen in the ring in more than three decades, reports the AP . Victor Barrio, 29, was pronounced dead late Saturday by a surgeon at the Teruel bullring. Barrio was first gored in the thigh by...

Pic of Baby in Bullfighting Ring Has Spain Seeing Red

Matador posts controversial photo

(Newser) - Even if Spain celebrates "Take Your Child to Work Day" like we do, people are shocked over a matador's decision to bring his infant daughter into the bullfighting ring. Francisco Rivera Ordonez, called the "David Beckham of bullfighting" in the Sydney Morning Herald , is catching heat for...

Bullfighter Gored Again, This Time in the Jugular

Wound to neck damaged artery, says doctor

(Newser) - One stick in the thigh with a bull horn wasn't enough to stop Spanish bullfighter Torero Jiménez Fortes. One of three matadors gored at an event last year, Fortes, 25, is in serious condition after he was again gored at the Feria de San Isidro bullfighting festival—this...

American Gored Horrifically in Bullfighting Festival

Surgeon: 'Biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on'

(Newser) - Running bulls and thousands of inebriated tourists: Once again, not a particularly wise combination, and the latest victim is a 20-year-old man from Georgia who has what his Spanish surgeon calls "the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on." Benjamin Miller underwent three hours of...

Bullfight Ends After Unusual Series of Gorings

Bulls score rare victory at Madrid event, goring all 3 matadors

(Newser) - A prestigious bullfighting event in Spain ended in a very unusual way—with a knockout victory for the bulls. The first bull of the evening at Madrid's Las Ventas stadium badly gored bullfighter David Mora in the leg, tossed him in the air, and pummeled him into the ground,...

In Andean Bullrings, Bulls Fight ... Condors

Annual tradition pits heaven against earth

(Newser) - If you thought humans against bulls was an alarming tradition, check out how they do it in Peru: condors against bulls. The cross-species fight is part of an annual Andean festival known as the Yawar Fiesta, or Blood Festival, in which wild condors are tied to the bulls' backs, then...

21 Hurt in Bloody Pamplona Run
 23 Hurt in Bloody 
 Pamplona Pileup 

23 Hurt in Bloody Pamplona Pileup

But no fatalities as human-bull melee happens outside bull ring

(Newser) - This morning marked the penultimate running of the bulls in Spain's storied San Fermin Festival, and it turned bloody quickly, with 23 revelers in Pamplona injured in a pileup of bulls and humans outside the bull ring. As the AP reports, dozens of falling runners clogged the ring's...

Bullfighting Ends Today in Barcelona

Catalonia ban comes after years of decline for blood-filled tradition

(Newser) - Today's bullfights at the 97-year-old Plaza de Toros Monumental arena in Barcelona will be the last ever for the venerable—and brutal—sport in Catalonia province, reports the BBC . The province voted to end bullfighting last year, the first ban on the corrida de toros in mainland Spain (it'...

French Bullfighter Gored
 French Bullfighter Gored 

French Bullfighter Gored

Sebastian Castella ends up on wrong side of bull again

(Newser) - There are bad days at the office, and then there is getting tossed around like a ragdoll by one ton of bloody, raging male cow. French bullfighting phenom Sebastian Castella had both over the weekend, reports the Huffington Post, breaking his collarbone after ending up on the wrong side of...

Bull Charges the Stands, Injures 40

Rampage in same region of Spain that hosts Running of the Bulls

(Newser) - A bull leapt into the stands at a bull ring in Spain yesterday, tearing through the crowd and injuring 40 people. He was eventually subdued and killed with the help of an ex-bull fighter who happened to be in the stands, the New York Times reports. While most of the...

Catalonia Bans Bullfights (Hemingway Saw It Coming)

Region is first in mainland Spain to abolish the sport

(Newser) - Score one for the bulls. Catalonia became the first region in mainland Spain to ban bullfighting today, reports the BBC . Animal rights activists who see the sport as barbaric succeeded in getting the ban passed, much to the dismay of those who see it as an integral part of the...

Barcelona May Ban Bullfighting

Catalonia vote pits tradition vs animal rights

(Newser) - Catalonia will vote today on whether to become the first mainland Spanish region to say adios to bullfighting. The spectacle has long been in decline in the region, and the capital, Barcelona, now only holds a dozen or so bullfights a year, with foreign tourists making up much of the...

Matador Arrested for Fleeing Bull
 Matador Arrested 
 for Fleeing Bull 
'i didn't have the balls'

Matador Arrested for Fleeing Bull

He ran from the ring...twice

(Newser) - It looks like a scene out of a comedy flick, but it’s real: A terrified matador throws himself over the perimeter wall in an attempt to escape a charging bull, then is coaxed back into the ring…only to flee again. It gets better: Christian Hernandez, 22, was actually...

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