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'Ivan the Terrible' Painting Viciously Attacked—But Why?

Russian attacker says he was 'overwhelmed'

(Newser) - Maybe it was the vodka—or the crazy in Ivan the Terrible's eyes. Whatever, a drunk Russian has assaulted one of his of his country's most famous paintings, Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581, reports the Guardian . The government released video of the... More »

David Duke's Godson Was 'Heir' to White Power. Till He Flipped

'Washington Post' profiles the transformation of Derek Black

(Newser) - Derek Black is 27, and if things had gone as planned, he'd be a leading figure, perhaps the leading figure, of the white nationalism movement by now. As the Washington Post explains in a profile, he's got the pedigree: His father, Don Black, is the creator of the... More »

Ukraine Ruling Party Claims Election Win

But ultranationalist party gets big boost

(Newser) - Ukraine's governing Party of Regions says it won yesterday's parliamentary elections, though it will be weeks before the new parliament's makeup becomes clear. Exit polls suggest President Viktor Yanukovich's ruling party took between 27.6% and 32% of the vote and the former prime minister Yulia... More »

China, Japan Trade Stunts Over Disputed Islands

With big gas fields under islets, neither country backing down

(Newser) - Chinese and Japanese activists are causing headaches in both countries over some islands in the East China Sea controlled by Japan, but claimed by both countries, reports the BBC . Called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China (and in Taiwan, which also claims them), the uninhabited islands made the news... More »

Arabs Outraged Over Israel's Loyalty Oath

Bill would force non-Jews to pledge loyalty to Jewish state

(Newser) - Israel’s Arab minority is decrying a new law that would force new citizens who are not Jewish to pledge a loyalty oath to the “Jewish and democratic” state. Critics say the bill is yet another move intended to stifle dissent and marginalize the country’s Arabs, who already... More »

Indian Pol Tells White Actresses to Leave Bollywood

White women stealing Indian jobs, Hindu nationalist says

(Newser) - The head of a Hindu nationalist group has started a campaign to drive white women out of Bollywood. Raj Thackeray says the hundreds of foreigners from Britain and elsewhere who work in Mumbai's film industry are stealing jobs from Indian women. His group raided one production last week demanding to... More »

More Troops in Afghanistan = Angrier Insurgents

Doesn't US remember how our country began? Or how Vietnam ended?

(Newser) - The United States was born from a nationalist insurgency. “Given that history, you’d think we might be more sensitive to nationalism abroad,” writes Nicholas Kristof. “Yet the most systematic foreign-policy mistake we Americans have made in the post-World War II period has been to underestimate its... More »

Obama-Bashing Is Manchurian Candidate Crap

Claims he has an anti-US agenda go well beyond Bush-loathing

(Newser) - Liberals questioned George W Bush's legitimacy and wanted him to fail, writes Michael Tomasky, so what's the difference between those Bush haters and the birthers, teabaggers, and "paranoid" “committed conservatives” who Tomasky writes are way “off the continuum” of political debate over Barack Obama’s presidency? No... More »

Turkey, Armenia Move Toward Diplomatic Ties

Talks won't touch WWI-era massacre at root of ill feelings, however

(Newser) - Armenia and Turkey, bitter foes for a century, took a step toward reconciliation today by announcing they would launch final talks aimed at establishing diplomatic ties. But they won't discuss the deepest source of their enmity: the World War I-era massacres of Armenians under Ottoman rule. The sides say they... More »

What Inferiority Complex? Canada Thinks It's the Bomb

(Newser) - Canadians—contrary to popular belief—are pretty sure they live in the best country in the world. In a poll pegged to today’s Canada Day celebrations, the Globe and Mail found that 89% of Canucks think their nation can’t be beat, and 87% consider it best suited to... More »

India to Sell Cow Pee Soda

Nationalists push drink as Coke, Pepsi rival

(Newser) - India's largest Hindu nationalist group is taking on Coke and Pepsi with a native brew that's a little, uh, earthier: a soft drink made from cow urine. "Don't worry, it won't smell like urine and will be tasty, too," its maker assures the Times. The so-called cow water—... More »

Holder Pushed Clemency for Puerto Rican Militants

Obama's attorney-general pick helped commute sentences for PR nationalists

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s attorney-general nominee fought for clemency for 16 militant Puerto Rican nationalists during his time in the Clinton administration, the Los Angeles Times reports. Eric Holder pushed Justice Department subordinates to pave the way to Clinton’s clemency grant, documents show, sparking fury from law-enforcement officials who’d... More »

When Did Bombay Become Mumbai?

Locals have always called it that, but city made it official in 1995

(Newser) - The terrorist attacks last week saw Mumbai dominate headlines across the world. But when did Bombay become Mumbai? For locals it’s always been Mumbai, in honor of Mumbadevi, the city’s deity, writes Christopher Beam for Slate. But the city’s official name change happened in 1995, when the... More »

Firebrand Sets Russia's Tone at NATO

Moscow's Brussels rep, a Stalin admirer, revels in attack

(Newser) - If you needed proof of Russia's contempt for NATO, look no further than Dmitri Rogozin, Moscow's representative to the military alliance. A fiery ultranationalist who once had a poster of Stalin hanging in his office, Rogozin has seemed more showman than diplomat. But since the South Ossetian war, something's changed—... More »

Why the Chinese Need Olympic Glory

(Newser) - Those shocked by China’s bristly response to Olympic protests and criticisms would do well to remember some history, Orville Schell writes for the New York Review of Books. After what the Chinese call a "century of humiliation" at the hands of the West and Japan, the nation has... More »

Low-Profile US-Iraq Pact Sparks Big Worries

Proposed agreement 'eerily resembles' disastrous 1930 Britain-Baghdad deal

(Newser) - The US is pressuring Iraq to sign off on a long-term security agreement that looks unfortunately similar to a disastrous 1930 pact between Iraq and Britain, and the new pact "could haunt Washington’s relations with Baghdad for years to come," historian and journalist Karl E. Meyer writes... More »

Blogs Vent China's Anti-West Ire

Chinese see outcry over Tibet, torch as effort to sap newfound strength

(Newser) - The Chinese Internet is aflame with vitriol at Western governments and news organizations for “insults” over Tibet and recent Olympic torch incidents, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Chinese authorities, usually quick to censor the Web, have let the sentiment flow, believing "the West is trying to humiliate them... More »

Hungarian Right-Wingers Evoke Nazi-Era Militia

Black-booted Hungarian Guard stirs fears

(Newser) - A far-right group reminiscent of Nazi-era fascist militias is causing alarm in Hungary and echoing nationalist movements across Eastern Europe, the Los Angeles Times reports. Members of the Hungarian Guard march wearing black uniforms that resemble those of the Arrow Cross, a militia that helped Nazis kill thousands of Hungarian... More »

Franco-Flemish Split Widens in Belgium

66% of Belgians believe the nation will break apart sooner or later

(Newser) - Tensions in Belgium over whether the country should be split in half have reached a crescendo, with 3-month-old elections still unsettled and Flemish separatist politicians calling for a divorce, the New York Times reports. "We are two different nations with nothing in common except a king, chocolate, and beer,... More »

Extremists Mark New ‘Cold Peace’

Russian videos signal paranoia, wounded pride

(Newser) - The “sleeping bear” of Mother Russia is either waking to attack its enemies or rolling over a few victims as it dozes, dreaming of a lost empire, Maclean’s reports. Military flights above Guam and flag-posting on the North Pole have been well-reported; but an explosion of violent nationalism,... More »

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