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Plug Pulled on Potential Biggest Tech Deal Ever

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's $103B offer

(Newser) - It would have been the largest tech acquisition ever, per CNBC , but Qualcomm is saying no thanks. It rejected an unsolicited, $103 billion offer from Broadcom, saying that the proposal is significantly undervalued and that a tie-up between the massive chipmakers would face substantial regulatory resistance. Further, Qualcomm said Monday... More »

New Computers Will Learn, Change Their Minds

'Neuromorphic' processors resemble the biological nervous system

(Newser) - So are supercomputers really becoming more like human brains? Well, Japanese computer scientists have simulated cranial activity for one second, and now commercial chips are coming out that learn from their own mistakes, the New York Times reports. While today's computers are pre-programmed to perform operations with strings of... More »

Web-Worthy Computers Coming to Your Dashboard

Some block web surfing in motion, but some don't

(Newser) - Advances in computer chip technology have finally made web-connected dashboard computers possible in cars, to the delight of automakers and the horror of safety advocates. Chips used to draw too much power to make state-of-the-art car setups viable, but that’s changed, and this year’s CES has seen a... More »

PC Marketing Drops the Technobabble

'Fact tags' only confused customers: Intel exec

(Newser) - PC makers seem to have gotten the hint and are beginning to hawk their wares not with dazzling technobabble but with information useful to the average consumer, the New York Times reports. For years, tech concerns have touted their achievements in impenetrable language on “fact tags” (DDR2 RAM, anyone?),... More »

Apple Builds New Team of Chip Gurus

Hires hint that company is plotting to create its own, secret circuits

(Newser) - Apple has been steadily assembling a team of experts with the capability to design the company's own brand of chips, the Wall Street Journal reports. Insiders say the move—a major shift in strategy—will help Apple design new, exclusive features for its gadgets, and will eliminate the need for... More »

10 Computers That Changed Everything

Before the iMac, there were mega machines

(Newser) - Convenience is a given when it comes to today's PCs, but the machine you're reading this on has come a long way. Major transformations date as far back as the early 19th century. Live Science gives the back-story on 10 revolutionary computers.
  1. The Difference Engine, 1822: Designed by Charles Babbage
... More »

DreamWorks Jilts AMD for Intel

Major coup in battle between rival chipmakers

(Newser) - In an important win over its sometimes-struggling rival, Intel has wooed away AMD client DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks will replace its current servers and computer workstations, which use AMD chips, with new Intel-powered ones. The studio said the change will make its computing faster and help it start producing 3-D animation,... More »

Qualcomm Aims to Unseat Intel in Low-Power Chip Battle

Snapdragon may make Intel's Atom bomb

(Newser) - Qualcomm might be looking to unseat industry top dog Intel with its new Snapdragon chip—which uses half the power of Intel’s new Atom, will likely be cheaper, and is due out next year. As personal computers and mobile Internet devices continue to converge, the need for speed has... More »

Piles of Evidence Delay Intel Antitrust Trial

AMD has accused Intel of banned business moves

(Newser) - With countless documents and hundreds of witnesses to sort through, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices’ antitrust lawsuit against Intel won’t begin until 2010 at the earliest, the Wall Street Journal reports. AMD has long accused Intel of corrupt business practices; the delay comes after a Korean court ruled that... More »

In Cheap-Chip Market, It's Intel vs. Via

Small Taiwanese company is new competitor for PC giant

(Newser) - As Intel dives into the growing low-cost laptop chip market, it’s battling a new competitor: Taiwan’s Via Technologies, a far smaller company than Intel. Via’s low-power C7 chip had enjoyed its own niche in the market, but that’s changing as Intel rolls out the Atom chip,... More »

Chipmakers Get Graphic in 'Battle Royal' for Future

Intel, Nvidia and AMD jockey over advanced imagery for PCs

(Newser) - Three Silicon Valley companies are jockeying to plot the future course for chips that create the most realistic computer graphics, the Wall Street Journal reports. "All of them agree that graphics are the field where the battle is going to be fought," one analyst says of Intel, Nvidia... More »

Apple Snaps Up Chip Design Company

iPhones and iPods could get efficient next-generation chips

(Newser) - Apple has acquired a designer of sophisticated, low-power computer chips, Forbes reports. Analysts say the move will likely lead to a new kind of chip powering future iPhones and iPods, as well as new Apple designs, helping the company differentiate itself from competition scrambling to keep up. The news comes... More »

World's Smallest Transistor Sets Path to Better Chips

Newfound material could replace silicon

(Newser) - Scientists in England have created the world’s smallest transistor, the BBC reports. At 1 atom thick and 10 atoms wide, it could be the key to creating microchips beyond the power of silicon. The transistor is made of graphene, a single layer of graphite and an excellent conductor of... More »

$1B Intel Plant Helps Vietnam Reinvent Itself

Chip maker's choice gives validation to nascent tech industry

(Newser) - Intel's choice of Vietnam for a massive superconductor plant surprised the tech world 2 years ago, but the firm's trailblazing has sparked a wave of high-tech investment that is transforming the country, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The plant is still more than a year away from completion, but... More »

Intel Rides Global Sales to Strong Q1

Profit jumps 9% as chip-maker surprises Wall Street

(Newser) - Global demand for computer chips helped Intel power to a 9% first-quarter revenue gain, beating analysts' estimates and sending a message that while US sales may be slumping, the world’s largest chip maker’s still got game. Intel stock rose 7.7% in after hours trading, the New York ... More »

Sun Banks on Lasers to Make Next Speed Leap

Using light, not wires, to connect chips could make computers 1,000 times faster

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems is moving toward connecting computer chips using lasers instead of wires, a move that could make computers 1,000 times faster. The company snagged a $44 million Pentagon contract to continue work that could also mean smaller, more energy-efficient machines. It won’t be easy, though: A Sun... More »

Intel, Microsoft Fund Multicore Research

Future products call for chips with many more microprocessors

(Newser) - Intel and Microsoft will fund researchers at two universities working on new programming techniques for multicore chips, sources told the Wall Street Journal. The companies will reportedly provide $2 million annually for five years, to speed the development of chips that can contain dozens—or even hundreds—of microprocessors of... More »

Intel: Cheap Memory Won't Erase Profits

New markets will protect company from NAND flash price drops

(Newser) - Steep drops in the price of NAND flash memory have hit Intel's profits, but CEO Paul Otellini vows it's not going to put the company in the red, the AP reports. Prices of the chips have fallen more than 50% recently, much more than the chipmaking giant had predicted. Otellini... More »

Etch-A-Sketch Newest Chip Design Tool

Nano-sized wires can be drawn, erased using atomic microscope

(Newser) - Imagine a computer chip that could literally have wires drawn onto it and erased like an etch-a-sketch. That’s what University of Pittsburgh researchers have been able to create, Technology Review reports. To demonstrate the technology, researchers drew the tip of an atomic force microscope across the chip like a... More »

Intel Trims Q1 Profit Projections

An oversupply of flash memory chips is continuing to drive down prices

(Newser) - Falling prices for flash memory prompted chipmaker Intel Corp to trim its first quarter gross-profit projection slightly yesterday, driving share prices down nearly 3% in after-hours trading, reports Bloomberg. Analysts said oversupply for NAND flash chips—used in cameras, music devices, and mini-storage devices—would likely persist into the third... More »

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