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Ontario Elects 1st Gay Premier

Kathleen Wynne also province's first female leader

(Newser) - Canada's Liberal party of Ontario made history twice yesterday by choosing the province's first female leader and its first openly gay leader, the Ottawa Citizen reports. At the governing party's leadership convention, Kathleen Wynne beat Sandra Pupatello by 1,150 to 866 on the third ballot to... More »

LA Sex Conventions Can't Get Along

There's only room in this town for one adult show... even in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Things are getting dirty. Competing sex conventions in Los Angeles are in the middle of a public feud over the right to host events at the LA Convention Center. The managers of Adultcon—the largest of the three—have canceled two of next year's shows because the city is... More »

Tea Party Convention in Turmoil Over Costs, Palin

Internal disputes, profiteering concerns derail event

(Newser) - A much-ballyhooed Tea Party convention is coming apart, as the veteran protesters turn their rage on their own gathering. Sponsors and participants are pulling out, outraged over the enormous cost—tickets are a whopping $549, plus a $9.95 fee—and the $100,000 the convention is reportedly paying keynote... More »

Bush, Liz Cheney Speaking at Hunters' Convention

The Safari Club is a big GOP donor

(Newser) - Attendees at the Safari Club International Annual Hunter’s Convention in Reno will surely have a “night to remember” when former President George W. Bush gives the keynote address on the last night of the gathering later this month. That’s what SCI promises, at least. The hunters' rights... More »

Miss, Mrs., or Ms.— 'It's OK Not to Care'

Nancy Gibbs reflects on women's freedom to choose title

(Newser) - Not so long ago, feminism and convention waged a battle over titles—Miss, Mrs., and the young upstart, Ms. Though seemingly trivial, the question of whether a woman should have to specify her marital status in stating her name cut to the core of women’s place in society—and... More »

Film Sneak Peeks Thrill Comic-Con Fans

(Newser) - Some 125,000 giddy comic book fans converged on the San Diego Convention Center over the weekend to jockey for a spot at the film portion Comic-Con to get tantalizing sneak peeks at upcoming movies and hear insiders rave about projects. USA Today reports a few of the tantalizing tidbits... More »

Brits Groan as Convention Goes American-Style

British style depends more on beer, debate than flash

(Newser) - England's political conventions have relied more on booze and debate than American-style showmanship, the Wall Street Journal reports. That has mean no flags, no banners, no stadium-sized crowd, and no rock & roll. Which is why some stalwarts got uppity when the Labor Party added a videoscreen and the prime... More »

Wacky Garb Key to Conventions

(Newser) - Political die-hards flock to conventions in outlandish costumes, temporary tattoos, and head-to-toe buttons—“as much red, white and blue as possible in a patriotic arms race,” Robin Givhan writes in the Washington Post. Yet these goofy fans are integral to the messy, democratic process—by making it accessible... More »

Ron Paul Fans Stage Their Own Party

Ronstock '08 a poke in the eye for the RNC

(Newser) - "Ronvoys" have begun converging on Minneapolis, where Ron Paul supporters plan to gather in a convention near to, but separate from, the Republican hullaboo in St. Paul. Nearly 10,000 anti-war, anti-taxes, anti-big-government, and pro-personal-liberties revelers plan to attend the Rally for the Republic, otherwise known as Ronstock '08,... More »

Anxious Dems Urge Obama to Hit Hard

Convention will seek to define candidate and attack McCain

(Newser) - The Democratic convention opens tonight, not quite the coronation envisioned only a month ago as twitchy party grandees push Barack Obama to make his case forcefully to a still-skeptical electorate—using the spotlight to draw the strongest possible distinctions between himself and John McCain. "The stakes of this election... More »

Obama Quietly Courts Edwards

Meets with Edwards, seeks endorsement

(Newser) - Democratic contender Barack Obama secretly visited former campaign rival John Edwards yesterday, seeking his endorsement, according to the Chicago Tribune. The media usually travels everywhere with Obama, but he managed to shake his entourage in Chicago on a day when his campaign said all events were canceled because of bad... More »

Super Delegates Will Crown Dem Nominee

Blogger runs math, fears party choice will 'lack legitimacy'

(Newser) - So-called super delegates will end up crowning the Democratic presidential nominee, Open Left’s Chris Bowers blogs. Even if Hillary Clinton wins a whopping 937 delegates to Barack Obama’s 862 on Super Tuesday, she would have to score 76% of the rest to win the nod. That's where 796... More »

Scranton Throws 'Office' Party

Mockumentary setting town delights in visits from cast, fans

(Newser) - "It's as if we had been reading the Oz books and then actually visited the Emerald City," the executive producer of "The Office"  quipped about visiting Scranton, Pa., the fictional setting for the hit show, for an "Office" party this weekend. Thousands of fans turned... More »

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