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Texas Cops Go on High-Speed Food Fight

Thief pelted officer's car with steaks: police

(Newser) - What a waste of perfectly good beef. Authorities in Longview, Texas, say they tried to pull over a suspect accused of stealing steaks from a local Walmart on Wednesday, but the man kept on trucking, hitting speeds of 100mph as he fled through two counties, per the New York Daily ... More »

Woman Gobbles 9 Lbs. of Steak in 15 Minutes

Molly Schuyler sets Big Texan challenge record

(Newser) - Molly Schuyler set a new steak-eating record on Monday: She ate a 72-ounce steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas—plus sides of baked potato, shrimp cocktail, bread, and salad—in less than five minutes, crushing the former record of 8 minutes and 52 seconds, the Amarillo ... More »

Meat Cutters Discover a New Steak

Get ready for the Vegas strip steak

(Newser) - Good news for carnivores and not so good news for cattle: People who specialize in such things say they've found a new cut of beef from a cow called the "Vegas strip steak." Business Insider picks up on the weird scoop from the Drovers Cattle Network , which... More »

Jell-No! Hospital Chow Goes Upscale

(Newser) - If an industry group's cooking competition is any indication, the Wall Street Journal reports, hospital food ain’t what it used to be. This year's winner of the National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management's gold medal produced a “Machaca Flat Iron Steak” that met with his hospital nutritionist’s... More »

The Most Overused Menu Descriptions

From 'grilled to perfection' to 'garden fresh'

(Newser) - Tired of menus that use the same old phrases over and over? So are the food critics at the Chicago Tribune. They nominated nine menu clichés for the compost pile:
  • "Grilled to perfection": Subjective to the point of meaninglessness. And why always grilled, and not “boiled” or
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Eating Charred Meat Boosts Cancer Risk

(Newser) - Grill-happy Americans who favor burned or charred red meat are 60% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than people who eat less incinerated protein, Reuters reports. Charred meat is known to contain cancer-causing compounds, but the study makes the first direct connection. “Turning down the heat when grilling, frying,... More »

How This Tastes to a Vegetarian

Scribe's first steak in 22 years 'absolutely delicious'—until brain, stomach revolt

(Newser) - The embarrassment for a cow in being a meal for a human one-fifth its size is among the reasons AJ Jacobs doesn’t eat meat. “If my body ended up as brunch for some badger or dachshund, I know I'd be pissed,” he writes in Esquire. But that... More »

Steak: More Than Meats the Eye

Esquire provides the basics, from grades to cooking times

(Newser) - There's more to a mouthwatering steak than meets the eye. So Esquire offers some tips and terms every steak lover should know before a Labor Day meat-fest:
  • Types of beef: Grass-fed: "Healthier but ... less flavorful than corn-fed." Heritage: "Rare heirloom breeds ... without the hormones or pesticides."
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3 Steps to a Perfect Steak

Pick good charcoal, time carefully, and jab with your thumb

(Newser) - Just in time for grilling season, Esquire serves up tips on making the perfect steak.
  1. Choose charcoal wisely: Hardwood charcoal burns hotter, which is great for the grill. You want to sear the meat, so wait until the flames have calmed before tossing in steaks.
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10 Best Places to Pig Out

10 best gut-stretching meals around the country

(Newser) - Tired of picking at salads and counting out almonds?  Fill up your plate with the 10 "best-tasting, most gut-stretching" meals the Discovery Channel could find.
  1. Lambert's Cafe, Sikeston, MO
  2. Eagle's Deli, Brighton, MA
  3. Seiad Valley Cafe, Seiad Valley, CA
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A Steak-House View of the Economy

Ribeyes are grreat predictors of business performance, says Daniel Gross

(Newser) - High-end steak houses like Ruth's Chris and Peter Luger are a great place to study trends affecting the US economy, argues Slate's Daniel Gross. The price of sirloin, for instance, reflects the recent spike in energy prices, as demand for ethanol has raised the price of corn, which is what... More »

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