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Beauty and the Beast Smashes Record for Most Views in a Day

It's the childhood regression we all need

(Newser) - The trailer for Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was released Monday, aka, the exact moment in time a significant portion of the American populace was looking for a distraction from political news—and in its first day online, it was viewed more times than any other... More »

Goofy Ghostbusters 'Silences the Backlash'

Kate McKinnon resembles 'a young Bill Murray'

(Newser) - Remaking Ghostbusters was never going to be easy. Luckily, an all-female cast wasn't afraid to answer the call. While audiences—who may or may not have read the hate blanketing the web —give this summer's reboot a 44% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes , most critics are counting... More »

Hamilton Star Joins Cast of Mary Poppins

Lin-Manuel Miranda will star opposite Emily Blunt

(Newser) - The star and creator of Broadway hit Hamilton is heading to the big screen. Lin-Manuel Miranda has been cast in Disney's live-action reboot of Mary Poppins, starring Emily Blunt in the title role. In this version set in Depression-era London, the children of the classic story are grown up;... More »

10 Movie Remakes That Were Awful

Many were hated by critics and audiences alike

(Newser) - Some movie remakes and reboots are actually good , but many are cringeworthy—and Radar runs down 20 of the worst offenders:
  • The 2011 remake of Arthur was called a "career killer" for leading man Russell Brand—especially bad news since it was Brand's first film in the lead
... More »

Total Recall Totally Forgettable

Critics not impressed with Colin Farrell remake

(Newser) - Critics aren't much impressed with Total Recall, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller about fake memories. While the 1990 original has become a classic of sorts, this version, starring Colin Farrell, has inspired some pretty harsh reviews.
  • "The ambitions of the filmmakers lie in the direction of maximum noise and
... More »

Hollywood's New Tactic: Remake Duds

Get ready for reboots of 'Daredevil' and 'Judge Dredd'

(Newser) - The Ben Affleck-helmed Daredevil was a flop, but it may be getting a reboot, compliments of 20th Century Fox. Ditto for Judge Dredd (coming in September as just Dredd, and minus Sylvester Stallone), the moderately successful Fantastic Four, and the often re-interpreted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sure, Hollywood has long... More »

11 Films That Did Not Need a Remake

Let this be a warning to you, 'Police Academy'

(Newser) - Is a Police Academy remake really necessary? Obviously, someone thinks so . But in the Telegraph , Mark Monahan offers up a cautionary list of other, better films whose remakes we could have lived without:
  • Psycho: Though there's not much "inherently wrong" with Gus Van Sant's 1998 reboot of
... More »

Latest Really Bad Idea: Dirty Dancing Remake

Reboot officially announced, to little fanfare

(Newser) - Dirty Dancing is getting remade, and not everyone is happy about it. "Deal with it, it's happening, there's nothing you can do about it," declares Kyle Buchanan in New York . Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original film, will direct the reboot, Lionsgate announced. Ortega went on... More »

Arthur Remake Just Plain Awful

Russell Brand stars in Jason Winer's remake

(Newser) - Arthur, a Russell Brand-powered remake of the film about a drunken billionaire man-child, fails miserably at recapturing its predecessor’s magic:
  • It’s a “grim load of mediocrity,” writes AO Scott, “made according to a lazy and cynical commercial blueprint” of Brand's “patented shtick,” “
... More »

Sci-Fi Legend Ray Bradbury Weighs In on Mel Gibson

'The Russian girl' distracts filmmaker, author says

(Newser) - Mel Gibson's travails are taking a toll on ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, their baby daughter, the actor/filmmaker's reputation—and legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury. You see, Gibson holds the rights to the remake of Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451, Movie City Indie explains. "There's no news," Bradbury, 89, said... More »

Karate Kid Remake: A Star is Born, Maybe

Will Smith's son, Jaden, impresses critics; Jackie Chan, too

(Newser) - The Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son, Jaden, is getting mostly decent reviews:
  • Mike Russell, Oregonian : Sometimes, "formulaic" works. It's "charming, thoughtfully paced and even a bit emotionally involving, with what might be a movie-star turn by a movie star's son."
  • Carrie Rickey,
... More »

10 Ridiculous '80s Remakes

Let's be honest, some of these movies were bad already

(Newser) - It seems like Hollywood is churning out nothing but remakes these days, and Tom Chivers runs down 10 of the most ridiculous sounding ones on the horizon—almost all from the glorious 1980s—in the Telegraph :
  • The A-Team: Most troubling is the casting of Liam Neeson as Hannibal: “He's
... More »

6 Totally Unnecessary Movie Remakes

Clash of the Titans was bad enough, but it gets worse

(Newser) - Sometimes you don’t even have to sit through a movie remake to wonder, Was this really necessary? Cary McNeal lists six do-overs that we definitely don’t need, on Café Mom :
  1. The Karate Kid: “They're remaking the 1984 classic. Which probably leaves you with the same question I
... More »

Clash of the Titans: Not Worth 3D Prices

3D can't save this soulless creature feature

(Newser) - In Clash Sam Worthington plays a half mortal hopelessly in love and stuck between two worlds. Sound familiar? This remake aims for Avatar, but falls short. Though it has expensive effects (3D!) and stars (Ralph Fiennes!), it even falls short of the cheerfully cheesy original.
  • This movie manages
... More »

Avatar Success Sparks 3D Rush in Tinseltown

Industry abuzz with talk of rejiggering movies new and old

(Newser) - The unexpected-by-some success of Avatar’s 3D iteration has sparked a flurry in Hollywood, with big names screaming for the chance to make their audiences wear funny glasses. Sharon Waxman has it on good authority that Ridley Scott wants his upcoming Robin Hood flick released in 3D, and that the... More »

Top-Grossing Films of the Decade

The list is populated with sequels, adaptations, remakes

(Newser) - Thanks to a Wikipedia contributor who put together a list of the 50 highest-grossing films of the decade, it’s easy to see Hollywood’s—and, apparently, America’s—obsession with rehashing old material. As The Wrap points out, only nine aren't sequels or adaptations, and you have to reach... More »

Step Away From The Stepfather

Remake of cult classic is thoroughly unnecessary, critics agree

(Newser) - Most critics would rather curl up with some popcorn and watch the original 1987 version of The Stepfather than see the remake again. Most would also like to see all prints of the new release, which casts Dylan Walsh as the murderous title character, burned. Some reactions:
  • One high point:
... More »

Halloween II a Gory Dud

Critics yawn over Rob Zombie's horror remake

(Newser) - Dimension Films refused to screen Rob Zombie's Halloween II for critics—which is looking like a wise move based on the reviews coming out:
  • "Creatively comatose, even by the standards of a sequel to a remake," writes Rob Nelson in Variety. "Zombie's hatchet job on the series
... More »

3D Remake of Yellow Submarine to Surface

(Newser) - Disney is planning a 3D remake of Yellow Submarine, the 1968 psychedelic cartoon buoyed by a Beatles soundtrack, the Independent reports. Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame will direct. Aside from the music, the Beatles were only tangentially related to the original film—actors provided the voices to... More »

Pelham 1 2 3 Remake: Stick With the Original

Slick remake of '70s thriller has its pluses, but fans of the original should stay away

(Newser) - The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is a slick and solid thriller, though most critics say it pales in comparison to the '70s original—even with the energy of Denzel Washington and John Travolta.
  • Liam Lacey, Toronto Globe & Mail: The New York subway heist movie is an
... More »

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