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Exercise DVDs May Actually Be Psychologically Harmful

New study finds 1 in 7 statements are negative

(Newser) - Exercise DVDs are a mostly unregulated industry, and their safety and accuracy haven't been scientifically proven—yet their promises of chiseled, bronzed bodies have us forking over $250 million for them every year. Not only do we not know whether they work, researchers at Oregon State University are going... More »

Netflix Stock Tumbles 35%

Aggressive expansion, subscribers' departure add to woes

(Newser) - Amazon’s plunging profits may have Jeff Bezos worried, but he can take solace in the misery of a competitor: Netflix stock dropped a whopping 35% to $77.37 yesterday following some bleak announcements the day before. On Monday, the company said its US subscribers had plummeted and that... More »

Netflix Split: Insanity or Genius?

Following news of Qwikster, some are leaping to defend the move

(Newser) - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings certainly sent tongues wagging when he announced last night that Netflix was spinning off its DVD business into something called "Qwikster." Was the move visionary or boneheaded? Here’s what people are saying:
  • Hastings’ post “feels like yet another failure to communicate,”
... More »

Netflix Spins Off 'Qwikster,' CEO Admits 'I Messed Up'

Reed Hastings explains recent price hike, but many still not happy

(Newser) - Netflix’s recent price hike caused rampant backlash , cost the movie rental service one million subscribers , and sent the company’s stock tumbling. Last night, CEO Reed Hastings admitted in a blog post , “I messed up.” But he’s not offering a reversal on the price hike, simply... More »

New DVD Designed to Last 1,000 Years

Data on M-Disk can endure sunlight and extreme heat, company says

(Newser) - Are you hoping that future generations will watch fine modern fare like Mars Needs Moms a thousand years from now, on DVDs that can endure 932 degrees Fahrenheit? You're in luck, thanks to Millenniata, a company that has created the M-Disk—a DVD that stores data on synthetic material... More »

iPad Catching On Faster Than the DVD Player

Adoption rate the fastest ever

(Newser) - Apple sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days of its shelf life, and is currently selling about 4.5 million a quarter, making it by far the fastest-adopted piece of technology in history, CNBC reports. Its nearest competitor is the iPhone, and that sold a mere million units... More »

Avatar Busts Another Record

Sells 2.7 million Blu-ray discs in just 4 days

(Newser) - Add another record to the books: It took Avatar a whopping four days to sell as many Blu-ray discs as previous record holder The Dark Knight has sold in the past 16 months. But wait, there's more: In addition to the 2.7 million such discs 20th Century Fox has... More »

Danish Man Turns Himself In for Copying DVDs

He hopes to test-anti piracy law in court

(Newser) - A Danish man has reported himself to police for copying his DVD collection to his computer. Henrik Anderson is looking to test two contradictory Danish laws—one that allows the creation of "personal use" backup copies and another that prohibits the breaking of DRM, or digital rights management, to... More »

DVD Box Sets of TV Shows Are Pure Evil

Even the best programs will end up seeming superficial

(Newser) - This holiday season, have some pity on your friends and relatives—spare them the DVD box sets of their favorite TV shows. "The DVD box set is the newest and most terrifying form of ritualistic abuse we inflict on one another," writes Grady Hendrix. Not only are we... More »

Oscar Winners Giving Away Movie for Free

Documentary backers to raise awareness about cleft palates

(Newser) - The makers of one Oscar-winning documentary is trying an unusual marketing tactic: they’re giving away the movie for free. Ads will appear in 125 major papers tomorrow urging readers to request their copy of Smile Pinki, winner of the Best Short Documentary prize at this year’s Oscars. What... More »

Thirtysomething Hits DVD— But Is It Still Good?

Former fan would prefer an escape over this tedious show

(Newser) - Thirtysomething is finally on DVD, much to the excitement of baby boomers everywhere—and Seth Stevenson, who, inexplicably, loved the show as a 14-year-old boy. “I wondered: Would I find it even more compelling now that I’d actually reached my 30s?” he writes for Slate. But, though the... More »

Netflix's Speedy Secrets Revealed

Workers sort 650 discs per hour; machines scan 30K hourly

(Newser) - Distributing DVDs out of 58 warehouses across the US, Netflix keeps its operations very quiet and extremely efficient; the unmarked building that houses Chicago-area operations was so nondescript he wouldn’t be able to find it again, Christopher Borrelli writes for the Tribune. Inside, workers, many apparently grandparents, whose shifts... More »

Netflix Is for 'Blobby People'

(Newser) - Like 10.6 million Americans, Time film critic Richard Corliss has a subscription to Netflix, which sends everything from Bollywood megamusicals to BBC miniseries to his mailbox. "No question," Corliss admits, "Netflix serves a need"—it's super cheap and stocked with titles. But the DVD delivery... More »

Neil Young's Latest Redefines Compilations

10-disc set bursting with music, photos, video

(Newser) - Neil Young leaves other retrospectives in the dust with a look back at his career that spans 10 Blu-ray discs or DVDs, or eight CDs, the Chicago Tribune reports. Neil Young Archives: Volume 1, 1963-1972 contains everything from high school band recordings through Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to his... More »

This Summer, Catch Up on Neglected TV Series

(Newser) - As the American Idol dust clears and you resign yourself to never understanding Lost, TV's fallow season looms, just begging you to catch up on some excellent viewing you might have missed. NPR blogger Linda Holmes has some suggestions:
  • Mad Men"Works very well when you can grab
... More »

GE Launches Disc That Stores 500GB

(Newser) - General Electric has announced a new DVD-sized disc that holds 500 gigabytes of data—the equivalent of 20 Blu-Ray discs or 100 DVDs. Aimed at archivists but likely headed for the consumer market, the micro-holographic disc saves more data by storing it in three dimensions rather than on the disc's... More »

Best Buy Joining Digital Movie Biz

Service may come built-in to electronics

(Newser) - Best Buy plans to join the digital movie market this summer to offset declining DVD sales, Variety reports. The retailer is in talks with film providers such as CinemaNow—also Blockbuster's supplier—and may market TVs or Blu-ray players with built-in access to the movie library. That would put Best... More »

Hollywood Reeling From DVD Slump

Disappearing profits threaten movies, star deals

(Newser) - Hollywood studios are faced with huge losses because of a 21% slump in DVD sales and the fallout from the crisis on Wall Street, reports the Financial Times. Studio heads have been forced to cut back on the number of new movies in production and are preparing to trim the... More »

Be Kind, Rewind, One Last Time

The era of VHS is officially over

(Newser) - Remember those black plastic bricks you used to pop into your entertainment system to watch movies? The nostalgic might want to snap a few digital photos, because tapes won't be with us for much longer now that the last VHS supplier has made his final shipment. The LA Times rewinds... More »

Next Gen Movie Watching: Chat Meets DVDs

New Blu-ray feature allows viewers to chat on screen; other innovations on way

(Newser) - As technology takes movie-watching ever further from the days of clunky film reels, the Wall Street Journal rounds up some developments to look for:
  • A new Blu-ray feature—called BD Live—combines movies with social networking, letting people viewing the same movie chat on screen.
  • Technology in the works will
... More »

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