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Starting Today, TV Ads Can't Blare Anymore

FCC implements rule toning down volume of commercials

(Newser) - TV viewing could soon sound a little calmer. The CALM Act, which limits the volume of TV commercials, goes into effect today. CALM stands for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation. The act is designed to prevent TV commercials from blaring at louder volumes than the program content they accompany, and it... More »

Fox Refuses Ads for Service to, Well, Kill Ads

Dish Network's Hopper can automatically skip commercials

(Newser) - How awesome would it be if your DVR automatically skipped commercials on shows recorded off the major networks? Probably not very awesome if you were one of those same networks, which is why they're outraged over the Dish Network's upcoming "Hopper," which, Dish announced last week,... More »

The Super Bowl Ads Are Here

David Beckham, Audi Vampires, and Mr. Quiggly top our list

(Newser) - At $3.5 million for a 30-second slot , they better be brilliant, right? So far so good with Super Bowl ads for 2012: Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller revamp for Honda and Jerry Seinfeld's comic turn with the Soup Nazi for Acura have been popular online. Now Super Bowl... More »

TV Ads Approved for Abortion Clinics

British broadcasting committee OKs the commercials

(Newser) - Britain's broadcast advertising body has given the go-ahead for private abortion clinics to advertise their services on television, angering those who say that the move desensitizes the public to the practice. The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice said yesterday there was no justification for barring private clinics that offer... More »

Super Bowl Ads Sell Out, and 30 Seconds Cost...

...about $3.5M, up from last year's $3M

(Newser) - Big money, big money, no whammies? When it comes to Super Bowl XLVI, the big money sure has poured in: The commercial slots are officially sold out, at a cost of about $3.5 million for 30 seconds. The no whammies part remains to be seen... The Wall Street Journal ... More »

GOP Ad War Begins

As first primaries near, TV ad blitz rolls out in key states

(Newser) - With less than 10 weeks to go until Republican primary voting, the campaign for the GOP nomination is stepping up to a whole new level—the level where you can't turn on your TV without hearing someone utter, "I approve this message." The first round of candidate... More »

Grover as Old Spice Man Rocks the Web

'Smell Like a Monster' parodies aftershave ad

(Newser) - Once again proving it's not just a show for kids, Sesame Street's hilarious spoof of the popular Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice ad has become an Internet hit. Grover preaches the importance of smelling like a monster and of using the word "on" correctly in the parody of the "... More »

Dentist Launches Hillary 2012 TV Campaign

'Where there's a Hil, there's a way'

(Newser) - A Chicago dentist has launched the 2012 presidential campaign a smidge early by running a pro-Hillary ad on television, reports CNN . The 30-second spot, paid for by William DeJean, says Clinton has "more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents" and is "one... More »

Old Spice Man Trades Horse for Motorcycle

'Man your man could smell like' Isaiah Mustafa returns

(Newser) - The "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial was a tough act to follow, but the body wash's latest spot is a thing of beauty, Linda Holmes blogs for NPR . Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa is back, but his horse isn't. "There are so many ways this all... More »

Amid Skepticism, 3D Ads Debut

ESPN prepares to roll out 3D sports channel

(Newser) - ESPN has persuaded three advertisers to join it on the post-Avatar 3D bandwagon, but there may not be many more following anytime soon. Pixar, Sony, and Procter & Gamble will air 3D ads on ESPN 3D when the new channel launches tomorrow, in time for the World Cup, reports the... More »

Lost Finale Earns Raves—for Target Ads

Keyboard, smoke detector, barbecue sauce spots tickle viewers

(Newser) - Last night's Lost series finale left a lot of critics unhappy , but one thing most viewers agreed on was the cleverness of the Target ads that incorporated the show's mythology. "Can we have more of these, please?" asks New York's Vulture blog . "How about one for Dramamine showing... More »

First Abortion Ads to Hit British TV

Campaigners vow to block 'grotesque' ads

(Newser) - Anti-abortion activists are seeking to block the first TV commercial advertising abortion services from reaching British screens next week. The Marie Stopes organization says the ad will direct women facing unplanned pregnancies to "clear, non-judgmental information" on abortion services, but opponents say it's "grotesque" that abortion providers are... More »

Fox News Still Loves Beck, Even If Advertisers Don't

Beck gives 'terrific kickoff' to Fox News evening shows

(Newser) - Glenn Beck may be scaring away advertisers, but Rupert Murdoch still thinks the controversial personality gives a "terrific kickoff" to the Fox News evening lineup. That's what Murdoch said when asked how long Fox News would subsidize Beck's show, which has been losing advertisers since Beck said last year... More »

Psychedelic Cat Food Commercial a Real Trip

The making of the Friskies 'Adventureland' spots, with turkey choreography

(Newser) - The insane "Adventureland" commercials for Friskies—which seem to suggest that your cat is dropping acid right there in the kitchen—took 6 months to produce and involved a cast of three cats and numerous humans, including a turkey-dance choreographer. The behind-the-scenes video about the making of the inescapable... More »

Google Runs 1st Super Bowl Ad

Search giant breaks into big time with romantic spot

(Newser) - After countless rumors and one coy tweet, Google aired its first Super Bowl ad tonight. The spot, "Parisian Love," traces a romance through search queries and results, beginning with "study abroad paris france" and ending with "how to assemble a crib." CEO Eric Schmidt hinted... More »

All That Attention Makes Super Bowl Ads Suck

Focus-group-esque setting leads to a lot of talking animals

(Newser) - You already know what you’re going to see during breaks in the Super Bowl action on Sunday: talking animals, talking babies, and crotch shots. Why? Because you, the public, demand it, says Tom Denari of Advertising Age . Now that sites allow viewers to rate Super Bowl ads, advertisers believe... More »

The Year's Worst Commercials

From crapping bears to creepy wind-up dolls, these ads flopped

(Newser) - If Hollywood makes a successor to Mad Men is set in this decade, some ads are going to seem really strange. For example, our prescription medicine spots, which already seem comical, will absolutely dumbfound people of the future, writes Seth Stevenson for Slate . And that’s before we get into... More »

Pepsi Won't Field Super Bowl Ads

Beverage maker focusing on integrated digital campaign instead

(Newser) - Pepsi will end its 23-year advertising presence on the Super Bowl telecast to focus on a cross-platform marketing push with a strong digital component. The company was quick to spin the retreat, which will leave the broadcast wide open to archrival Coca-Cola. “The Super Bowl broadcast can be an... More »

Steelers Legend Cops Award for 30-Year-Old Coke Ad

'Mean' Joe Greene, child co-star receive Clios 30 years later

(Newser) - Already a Hall of Fame-bound football player, Joe Greene of the Steelers became an advertising legend 30 years ago with the release of the Coca-Cola commercial that ends with him tossing his jersey to a starstruck young fan. The spot won the ad industry's highest honor, but the stars had... More »

DVR Viewers Give Ratings Boost to Grey's, Others

Execs hope these watchers will eventually translate into ad dollars

(Newser) - TV networks dismayed at low ratings early in the season are getting a ray of hope in the form of the once-feared DVR. Sure, ad buyers won’t pay out when a viewer watches Grey’s Anatomy on TiVo, but that and other shows are gaining a massive audience days... More »

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