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Only Food Critic to Win a Pulitzer Dies

Jonathan Gold of the 'LA Times' dead at 57, only weeks after pancreatic cancer diagnosis

(Newser) - Jonathan Gold was a restaurant critic, the only one to win a Pulitzer Prize for his efforts, and he was 57 when pancreatic cancer ended his life on Saturday—just a few weeks after his diagnosis. He was also a gentle giant in an industry that has now lost two... More »

Blogger Fined for Ranking Too High on Google

Negative restaurant review gets French blogger in trouble

(Newser) - Apparently in France, writing a negative review can land you in deep merde—at least if that review gets too popular. A French judge has fined a blogger more than $3,000 because her bad review of a restaurant ranked too highly in that restaurant's Google search results, the... More »

Reviewer Wants Female Servers to 'Show Skin,' Owner Caves*

*By offering a very cheeky special

(Newser) - A West Virginia restaurateur digging through the pits of depravity, er, troves of wisdom, more commonly known as "online reviews" stumbled upon a charming little screed on UrbanSpoon demanding that his female servers "show some more skin." But instead of sending his thoughtful patron directions to Hooters,... More »

Today's Best Read: NYT's Review of Guy Fieri's Eatery

Pete Wells' takedown of the restaurant is, in a word, amazing

(Newser) - If you haven't seen the New York Times' review of Guy Fieri's new Times Square restaurant on your Facebook feed today ... well, you probably haven't checked Facebook yet. Pete Wells' evisceration of Guy's American Kitchen & Bar is generating more than a little buzz, and for... More »

Gaga's Parents' Restaurant Is Gross

Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta need help, says critic

(Newser) - New York's new restaurant, Joanne, gets a scathing review in the Post by restaurant critic Steve Cuozzo, a fact about which few would probably care ... except that the restaurant in question is owned by Lady Gaga's parents, Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta. In his amusing critique, Cuozzo starts off... More »

Food Blogger Jailed for Complaining About Noodles

Judge ruled Taiwan woman didn't have the evidence to declare them salty

(Newser) - Be careful what you blog about in Taiwan. One woman, identified only as Mrs. Liu, learned that lesson the hard way recently, after she complained on her little-read blog about the Sichuan Flavor Beef Noodle Restaurant in Taichung. The place, she wrote, was full of cockroaches, the owner was a... More »

Restaurant Photographs, Then Boots Critic

Image posted on blog for industry to see

(Newser) - A Los Angeles Times restaurant critic has been “unmasked” by a feisty restaurant boss, who snapped her picture while she waited for a table and then sent her packing, the Times reports. The restaurant posted S. Irene Virbila’s picture on its Tumblr blog , where it spread like wildfire... More »

Hey, New York Times, Quit Dissing DC's Restaurants

Washington has had enough

(Newser) - The New York Times delivered its latest review of the Washington DC dining scene last week, and it was as withering as ever, raising its nose at the “spread of Everyman Eating” on Capitol Hill, where restaurateurs don’t even try for a Michelin star. It’s typical, writes... More »

Taste Test: Breast Milk Cheese

It's not so great, according to one food critic

(Newser) - Longtime restaurant critic Gael Greene did not race to Daniel Angerer's Klee Brasserie for a serving of his wife's breast milk cheese , but she nonetheless found herself squeamishly preparing for a taste test. Though the Health Department banned him from serving it after a New York Post article, Angerer gives... More »

70-Year-Old Lobster Deserves Freedom

Larry's plight stirs conscience of restaurant writer

(Newser) - Restaurant writer Ryan Sutton has dined on his share of lobsters, but the plight of one venerable crustacean has left him without an appetite. "Larry" is a 70-year-old lobster at New York's Oceana restaurant awaiting its fate as a $275 entree. Sutton admits he's never given much thought to... More »

Worst Food Trends of the Decade

From onion blossoms to overhyped chefs, these things need to go away

(Newser) - Asked to name the decade's worst dining trends, chefs and other food experts couldn't shut up. There were too many (including "mache, water sommeliers, organ-meat entrees, unisex bathrooms, bacon tattoos on chefs, over-flaunted kitchen burns, chefs tables") for Christopher Borrelli to list them all, but he... More »

12 Food Trends That Need to Die

Calorie counts are a bummer, and unisex bathrooms are embarrassing

(Newser) - Why must everything, from burgers to pizza to Vietnamese street sandwiches, have a high-end gourmet version? Those three things should die, along with 9 other food trends that bug Esquire:
  1. Faux speakeasies: spots with no phone number, sign
  2. "Farm to table": idea is fine, but the expression must die
... More »

Trend Alert: Gourmet Pizza Heats Up

Pies in new 'stratosphere of respect'

(Newser) - In recent years, a new culture has developed around pizza: “It’s scrutinized and fetishized, with a Palin-esque power to polarize,” writes Frank Bruni in the New York Times. That means debates over oven types, varieties of flour, the virtues of buffalo mozzarella. The new “stratosphere of... More »

Critic Fights Copycat for Twitter Identity

Lawyers pursue blogger who spoofs restaurant reviewer

(Newser) - A restaurant reviewer and her lawyers are after a man who’s been tweeting and blogging under her name, the New York Times reports. Adam Robb Rucinsky has been spoofing New York Daily News critic Danyelle Freeman, aka Restaurant Girl, imitating her distinctive style in posts using both her monikers.... More »

Kiddie Chefs Should Go to Their Rooms

Child foodie trend is an insult to culinary world

(Newser) - Rachel Ray's smile may curdle your soul, but it's nothing next to the "absurd" child foodie trend, writes Regina Schrambling in Slate. From a 12-year-old restaurant critic to a 5-year-old host of a cooking show, a woeful food movement is upon us: "Today chefs barely out of... More »

Paris Food Critic Gets Taste of His Own Medicine

Feisty writer's meal was 'barely adequate,' complain diners

(Newser) - Even by the standards of food-obsessed Paris, the exacting tastes of François Simon stand apart: The acerbic critic for the newspaper Le Figaro called one superstar chef "a clown" and "a fake peasant," and once described a meal as "a three-star crucifixion." But... More »

Michelin Guide Names German Woman Editor-in-Chief

Foodie bible looks beyond Paris

(Newser) - The prestigious French Michelin restaurant guide today named a German woman editor-in-chief, the Telegraph reports. German cuisine has a stereotype somewhere along the lines of overcooked sausage and sauerkraut, so the news that Juliane Caspar will become the world’s most powerful restaurant reviewer has been greeted with some shock... More »

Noodle Chain Rules London Dining Scene

Wagamama tops pricey competitors in new Zagat survey

(Newser) - Wagamama, a chain of inexpensive Japanese-inspired noodle bars, is London’s most popular restaurant in the latest Zagat survey, the Telegraph reports. The low-key chain topped fine-dining establishments such as the Ivy and Gordon Ramsay for the top honor, which also takes price, atmosphere, and overall value into account. Ramsay’... More »

Goody Gumbo: Restaurant Reviews Back in New Orleans

City's dining scene is coming back to life after Katrina

(Newser) - Nearly three years after Hurricane Katrina, the Big Easy finally has its restaurant reviews back, the New York Times reports. Judging that the city's famed eateries can now take the heat, the Times-Picayune has revived a ratings scale of 1-5 beans along with reviews. Many see the move as another... More »

Michelin Guide Goes Interactive

Gastronomy bible's website lets amateur cooks weigh in

(Newser) - Before it was the last word in gastronomy, the Michelin Guide was a free book designed to spur travel, and hence sell tires. Now, it’ll be free once more, thanks to a revamped Web strategy, BusinessWeek reports. Michelin’s redesigned site will not only give away more content, it’... More »

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