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'Intolerable' Verdi Situation About to Be Righted

5K pages of composer's drafts and sketches will go public

(Newser) - A 19th-century trunk filled with 5,000 pages of Giuseppe Verdi's "musical musings, stage directions, afterthoughts, and reconsiderations" has long been considered a "holy grail" of sorts, inaccessible to all but the most elite scholars. Per the New York Times , however, that trunk is now about to... More »

Swiss Hate War, but Want to Keep Big Army

Country votes 73% in favor of keeping the military draft

(Newser) - The paradox that is Switzerland: Due to its stance of neutrality, the country hasn't been in an international war in 200 years, yet it continues its policy of mandatory military conscription for young men. And that's the way the Swiss like it, apparently, with 73% of the country... More »

Trump Used Deferments to Dodge Vietnam Draft

4 student, 1 mystery medical deferment helped keep him out of war

(Newser) - Donald Trump must have "misremembered" when he told an interview this week that he avoided serving in the Vietnam War solely because he held a high draft number, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun . Selective Service records reveal that Trump—who graduated from New York Military Academy—... More »

To End Afghan War, Reinstitute the Draft

People didn't oppose the Vietnam war, they opposed going to fight in it

(Newser) - There’s one surefire way to end the war in Afghanistan: bring back the draft. After all, that's what worked in the '60s, writes cartoonist Jeff Danziger, who was drafted and served in Vietnam. The protests over that war ripped the country apart, grinding the war effort to a halt.... More »

16-Year-Old Quits School for Pros

Aims to get GED, qualifying him for 2010 draft

(Newser) - A 16-year-old baseball player is skipping his last 2 years of high school to head to college—and hopefully a big-league contract, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Bryce Harper’s father acknowledges that “there are going to be critics” of the move, but says “Bryce is always looking... More »

Red Sox Draft Another Yastrzemski

(Newser) - A familiar name might someday being roaming the outfield for the Boston Red Sox. The team today drafted the grandson of Carl Yastrzemski, reports the Globe. The younger Yaz, Michael, is 18 and no sure thing to make the bigs. But it can’t hurt that he’s been tutored... More »

The Death of the 'Old Army Buddy'

Draft's end means a generation sans sense of service, camaraderie

(Newser) - On Memorial Day, former soldiers of all ages will be touching base with their brothers in arms, but as Michael Auslin writes in the Washington Post, real Old Army Buddies are on the verge of extinction. The men who willingly served during the drafts of the '50s and '60s came... More »

McCain Puts the 'Pol' in 'Politically Incorrect'

Rape 'joke' turns spotlight on candidate's sense of humor

(Newser) - This week's flap over a rape joke John McCain reportedly made 22 years ago inspired Politico to recall the candidate's checkered history of telling jokes. Some examples:
  • A quip about why then-18-year-old Chelsea Clinton was "so ugly.”
  • Calling a young man who asked about his age “you
... More »

German Soldiers Too Fat: Study

'Compared to the British, we're viewed as pathetic,' soldier complains

(Newser) - The German army is fat. It’s also unfit, smokes too much, and eats badly, according to a recent parliamentary update, the Guardian reports. About 40% of German soldiers are overweight—8.5% seriously so—and 70% smoke. “This has much to do with poor equipment and lack of... More »

'War Czar' Concerned Over Troop Stress, Mulls Draft

Sees progress made on Iraq security front

(Newser) - Washington’s “War Czar” admits that it makes sense to a consider a military draft to relieve soldiers of repeated deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute tells NPR that the pressure point will come in spring, when Bush will have to juggle the nation's military needs... More »

Draft Won’t Solve Army’s Problems

Report forecasts a less effective—and not any fairer—force

(Newser) - Despite calls for a draft to "fix"  the ailing US Army, it would be less efficient financially and less effective on the ground than the volunteer Army, a new study concludes. A Congressional Budget Office paper, reported in Time, says draftees make for less well-trained soldiers because they... More »

NFL Draft Features Backflipper

Gymnastic rapper, XXXXXXL defensive end considered a sleeper

(Newser) - Walter Thomas, a remarkably athletic 370-pound 21-year-old who performs backflips in moments of excitement, is generating buzz as the NFL draft approaches.  This despite the fact that Thomas has played in exactly two games in the past two years and was then arrested for conspiracy to commit robbery. More »

Durant Will Jump to Pros

Will he be the No. 1 draft pick—or will Buckeyes center Greg Oden?

(Newser) - Longhorns freshman heartthrob Kevin Durant has announced he will leave Texas for the NBA draft.  Durant averaged a frankly absurd 25.8 points and 11.1 rebounds over the course of an award-sweeping first-year campaign that ended one game short of the Sweet Sixteen. Texas benefitted from a new... More »

Duke Baller Bolts for NBA

Sophomore forward/center Josh McRoberts will enter the draft

(Newser) - Duke co-captain Josh McRoberts  will enter the NBA draft, he announced yesterday, just a  week after his Blue Devils fell in the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  Duke men’s basketball Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski is OK with that. “It is time for him... More »

Candace Parker Can Go Pro

The UT standout, though not a senior, is eligible for the 2007 draft

(Newser) - UT women’s basketball standout Candace Parker can declare for the WNBA draft for 2007, even though she's a member of  the class of 2008. Parker, who could play her last college basketball game within two weeks, needs only to show she can graduate by December and that she intends... More »

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