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Barnes & Noble Axes Nook Engineers

But denies report that it fired all of them

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook was already on death's door , and things look even more grim today after news broke that the company had laid off the tablet's hardware engineers. Initially, Business Insider reported that the company had fired its entire engineering staff for the product. The company... More »

Barnes & Noble CEO Steps Down

William Lynch faced big Nook losses

(Newser) - Shortly after news of big losses for Barnes & Noble's Nook, the company's CEO is exiting. William Lynch, named CEO in early 2010, had made the firm's digital business paramount, the Wall Street Journal notes, working on an array of Nook gadgets. Now, however, Barnes & Noble... More »

Barnes & Noble Retreats in Tablet Wars

Will no longer make its own color Nook tablets

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble appears to be admitting defeat when it comes to competing with Apple, Amazon, and Samsung in the tablet market. The company announced today that it will no longer be making its own color Nook tablets, following big losses for Nook in the fourth quarter. However, the bookseller... More »

Chairman Looks to Buy Back Barnes & Noble

Leonard Riggio looking to acquire retail business, not Nook

(Newser) - Struggling Barnes & Noble might get bought by the very man who started the chain 40 years ago. Leonard Riggio, who bought the Barnes & Noble name and flagship location in the 1970s and turned it into the country's biggest bookseller, told the company's board today that... More »

Nook HD Worth a Look

Barnes & Noble's 7-inch e-reader is a solid buy, say reviewers

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook HD is by no means a world-changer, but most reviewers think those in the market for a modestly priced e-reader would be well advised to give the $199 device a close look. Dig into the source links for more details, but here are some bottom... More »

Kids' E-Books Squashing the Real Thing

UK survey finds almost half of parents read to kids via e-reader

(Newser) - Kids aren't exactly picking a book off the shelf before snuggling under the covers these days. SmartMoney reports on the trend by way of the UK, where a survey found that almost a full half of parents say they now read to their kids via e-reader or tablet (or... More »

Microsoft Joins Barnes & Noble in E-Book War

Invests $300M in Nook-based subsidiary

(Newser) - There's a new major player in the battle for the e-book market. Microsoft is investing $300 million in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary devoted to the bookseller's Nook e-reader plus its College division. Microsoft will have a 17.6% stake in the company (currently dubbed "Newco"... More »

B&N May Spin Off Nook

Seems to be a sign that company is struggling against Kindle

(Newser) - Trouble in Nook-ville? Barnes & Noble shares lost about a quarter of their value this morning on the surprising news that the company might spin off its Nook e-reader. B&N has poured a ton of money into the e-reader business, but the news suggests it's losing the arms... More »

B&N Unveils $249 Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble device has more memory, better display than Kindle

(Newser) - The Nook Tablet is here, and while it won’t cost you nearly as much as an iPad, at $249 it still comes in a bit more expensive than Amazon’s Kindle Fire . Barnes & Noble unveiled the tablet in New York City today, just in time for the holiday... More »

Nook Beats Out Kindle

Barnes & Noble e-reader boasts touch screen, lighter weight, two-month battery

(Newser) - If you’re looking to do some e-reading on the beach this summer, Consumer Reports is advocating something other than the Kindle for the first time: Barnes & Noble’s Simple Touch Nook finally has beat Amazon's offering. Unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a touch screen; it’s... More »

Nook's 3G Version May Be Phased Out

Barnes & Noble will keep WiFi-only model, says tech site

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader is quite popular —but apparently, just the WiFi-only version. The bookseller is discontinuing the model with 3G, reports Engadget , and apparently will continue sales only until the current stock runs out. The move makes sense, writes Will Shanklin on : Because e-readers require... More »

Nooks Squashing Books

The e-reader is Barnes & Noble's best-selling item ever

(Newser) - Following in Amazon's footsteps , Barnes & Noble announced yesterday that its Nook e-reader is now the company's best-selling item ever. What's more, the retailer is now selling more e-books on its website than old-fashioned, papery things. Though Barnes & Noble is being shy about releasing actual sales figures, it did... More »

Kindle Allows E-Book Lending ... Sort Of

You can loan to a friend for two weeks, with publisher's OK

(Newser) - Amazon today gave its Kindle users the ability to lend e-books for the first time, an innovation the Nook e-reader had first. The privilege comes with similar limits, however, as ReadWriteWeb explains. First of all, it's up to the publisher whether a book can be loaned, which could create a... More »

Why I Won't Buy a Kindle

A twentysomething explains why she hates e-readers

(Newser) - Unless all the hype is wrong, e-readers like the Kindle are the future—and precisely the sort of thing a twentysomething technophile who loves to read must adore, right? Meet 26-year-old Emma Silvers, who explains in Salon why she's actually a little repulsed by the idea and won't give up... More »

Ads in Books Are Inevitable

Google's already started down the path

(Newser) - Cover your eyes book purists, because pretty soon, there will be ads in your novels—at least if you’re using an e-reader. That’s the case a Houghton Mifflin editor and a business professor make in today’s Wall Street Journal , calling the move "inevitable." The flagging... More »

Amazon Offers Even Cheaper Kindle

It's also thinner, has better screen

(Newser) - Amazon has announced a new, improved and cheaper version of the Kindle, boasting that the price cut will make it a “mass market” device. The new, slightly smaller, device boasts a higher-contrast screen and a one-month battery life, but can be had for just $139 for the WiFi-only model.... More »

Prices Slashed on Amazon, Nook E-Readers

Pressure from iPad leads to $60 and $70 savings

(Newser) - A price war is heating up in the electronic reader market, as Amazon cut the price of its Kindle e-reader below $200 today, just after Barnes & Noble did the same with its competing Nook device. The Kindle's price was slashed by $70 to $189, just a few hours after... More »

E-Readers Abound, But Market Looks Gloomy

Many believe the era of dedicated gadgets is almost over

(Newser) - This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of a raft of new e-readers, but the would-be Kindle and Nook competitors could have a hard go of it. First off, some are pretty pricey—that Plastic Logic Que will cost $649 without 3G, or $799 with an AT&... More »

Barnes & Noble Unveils 'Nook' E-Reader

Unlike Kindle, users can loan books to others for 2 weeks

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble unveiled its new e-reader today: the Nook. Like the Kindle, it's a wireless device that allows for instant downloads of purchases. Some details, via CNET, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and PC World.
  • It costs $259, same as the Kindle, and will be out
... More »

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