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GOP Voters Sour on Palin, Warm Up to Huckabee

Poll also shows that President Obama has no worries on the left

(Newser) - A new CNN poll shows President Obama and Sarah Palin trending in opposite directions ahead of 2012, and Mike Huckabee sitting pretty:
  • The percentage of GOP voters who'd support a Palin run for the nomination dropped to 49, down 18 points from two years ago.
  • Two-thirds say they'd back Huckabee,
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Dems' Enthusiasm High, but Republicans' Higher

(Newser) - New polling shows record enthusiasm for the midterm elections, particularly among Republican voters. Among Democrats, 57% are “more enthusiastic than usual” about November, the highest percentage Gallup has ever recorded for them in a midterm. The problem? Republicans stand at a whopping 69%. This is obviously not great news... More »

39% of Republicans Want Obama Impeached

And 36% believe he's foreign-born, says Daily Kos poll

(Newser) - Self-identified Republicans are more than unhappy with President Obama—63% think he’s a socialist—and a host of other social ills, says a survey commissioned by liberal blog Daily Kos . Regarding Obama, 39% of the 2,003 Republican respondents say the president should be impeached, 36% believe he was... More »

Quitting Boosts Palin Among GOP Voters

Poll finds support still strong with base, weak with swing voters

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's surprise resignation has boosted her already strong ratings with Republican voters, according to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll. The poll found that GOP voters were slightly inclined to view her more favorably because of the move, although her ratings sank further among Democrats and Independents. Two-thirds of Republicans... More »

Tenn. Dad Names Baby After GOP Ticket

Newborn Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak's mom is not amused

(Newser) - It isn’t your typical get-out-the-vote strategy, but a Tennessee man says he hopes naming his new baby after the Republican ticket will get people to the polls, the Kingsport Times-News reports. Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak was born last week to a couple who’d agreed on the name Ava... More »

Dems Win Registration Wars

New swing-state voters look like Obama backers; independents add numbers, too

(Newser) - With voter registration closing in many states today, it appears Barack Obama has largely succeeded in his attempt to make over the electorate, the Washington Post reports. Some 4 million new voters have registered across a dozen battleground states, with new Democrats greatly outnumbering new Republicans. In Florida, Obama has... More »

Gossip Mags Bash Palin— But They'll Be in Love Soon

Running mate's star power may mean more favorable coverage

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has been an instant hit with gossip mags and supermarket tabloids, making the covers of US, People, OK!, and the National Enquirer, even before her knockout speech at the Republican convention. It hasn't been all that flattering—the US headline was “Babies, Lies and Scandal”—but... More »

Hispanic Dems Could Make GOP Nervous in Fla.

Sunshine State might not be such a sure bet for McCain in Nov.

(Newser) - Registered Democrats will take a lead among a crucial demographic for the first time this week: Hispanic Floridians. The GOP has lost ground in its traditional stronghold for the last 2 years, and its slide might give the Democrats a shot at the critical state and its 27 electoral votes... More »

GOP May Have Big Say in Dems' Indiana Primary

Clinton, Obama reaching out to Republican voters, too

(Newser) - In the red state of Indiana, the GOP could have a major say in the fortunes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Tuesday's primary, the Wall Street Journal reports. Republicans could account for up to 15% of voters in the Democratic race because of the state's open-primary system. As... More »

Turning Red States Blue a Tall Order for Obama

Primary voters a far cry from general election pool in some states

(Newser) - Barack Obama's sweep of red state primaries has won converts to Obama's claim that he can redraw the political map in November and take states that Democrats have long written off as hopelessly red. Not so fast, warns the Washington Post—Dem primary voters do not reflect the general election... More »

Why Rudy Fell So Far, So Fast

Did voters see too little of him, or more than enough?

(Newser) - How did the man who took summer polls by storm fall so precipitously in the esteem of GOP voters that he was finished by Florida, the state he chose for his first big victory? It could be the hubris, the inexperienced campaign team, the strategic mistakes—or it could be... More »

McCain Leads in 2 SC Polls

Three new studies give berth to Arizona senator

(Newser) - John McCain leads the pack in the GOP race for South Carolina, two new polls show, with Mike Huckabee in second place, the State reports. A Reuters/C-Span/Zogby poll updated today gives McCain 29% of voters to Huckabee's 22%; Fred Thompson follows with 14% and Mitt Romney 12%. Clemson University also... More »

Romney Wins on Economic Woes

Romney takes Michigan with promise to fight for jobs

(Newser) - Mitt Romney campaigned in Michigan as a favorite son, but he beat John McCain by persuading voters he could bring jobs back to the beleaguered state, the Wall Street Journal reports. Romney sold himself as a business executive who could end Michigan's  "one-state recession." He was quick to... More »

Thompson Aims for Gun Owners' Support in SC

But Huckabee, McCain have own in-roads with 2nd Amendment crew

(Newser) - Fred Thompson is banking on the support of South Carolina gun advocates in a last-ditch effort to save his Republican presidential campaign, Politico reports—and those Second Amendment supporters are hungry for a candidate who will represent their interests in Washington as well as President Bush has. For many, the... More »

Voters Sweat Economy, Slam Bush: Exit Polls

Voters share concerns about Bush, markets

(Newser) - New Hampshire exit polls picked the brains of yesterday’s voters, finding not only that women helped Hillary Clinton and independents boosted John McCain, but also that the economy was foremost in most voters’ minds—and Republicans weren’t giving Bush backers a free pass. While two-thirds of Granite State... More »

Thompson Losing Evangelicals

Balk at endorsing candidate who won't talk about his religion, doesn't back gay marriage ban

(Newser) - Fred Thompson, once the longed-for alternative to a field of uninspiring GOP candidates, didn't get through his campaign's first official month before the religious right started jumping ship, Politico reports. Thompson's refusal to back a gay marriage ban, past lobbying for an abortion-rights group, and refusal to talk religion has... More »

GOP Top Dogs Take Different Paths on Trail

Still no clear favorite among Republican contenders

(Newser) - The race for the GOP nomination remains unsettled, with evangelical voters yet to pick a favorite and Thompson's late entry failing to capture the Republican imagination. Contenders are adopting radically distinct strategies to establish some clarity, the New York Times reports. But the race isn't about to "sugar off"... More »

GOP Voters Undecided, Unhappy

'None of the above' leads Republican hopefuls; Dems heavily favor Clinton

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani has the support of 21% of Republicans in a new poll—down from 27% in June, which is bad enough, and second to the most popular option: none of the above. John McCain stands fourth, a notch below undeclared candidate Fred Thompson, in the most recent AP-Ipsos poll,... More »

Right Wing Is Leaning Rudy-ward

Religious cons sacrifice hot-button issues on altar of electability

(Newser) - The religious right is lining up behind Rudy Giuliani, Pew tells the Politico, despite the candidate's support for gay rights and abortion. Analysis of recent polls suggests that pragmatic social conservatives are so frightened of a Democrat in the White House they're passing over harder-line hopefuls like McCain, and buying... More »

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