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Recession Squeezes 'Grandfamilies'

Layoffs sting rising number of people raising grandkids

(Newser) - The recession is putting a serious strain on the safety net millions of American grandparents provide for their grandkids, the Wall Street Journal reports. The number of children who live in a household headed by a grandparent has been rising for decades, but older workers are finding it tough to... More »

Aging Boomers Want Hipper Label Than 'Grandpa'

Forever Young generation outgrows stereotypical grandparent tags

(Newser) - As baby boomers become grandparents, the generation that never wanted to get old is grappling with maturity. Many new grandparents are dodging the bullets of age by avoiding typical “Grandma,” “Grandpa,” and “Bubbe” labels, the Wall Street Journal reports. Preferring to retain her glamour, one... More »

It'll Be a Boy for Bristol: Gramps

Governor's grandson due Saturday

(Newser) - Bristol Palin and babydaddy Levi Johnston will welcome a boy roughly any second now, spills Sarah Palin's dad in an interview with, but "they don't have a name for it yet." Soon-to-be great-grandfather Chuck Heath said the guv will make a great grandmother. "I don't... More »

How Obama's Grandma Visit Could Help Him

Humanizing move could warm ex-prof's 'aloof' image

(Newser) - Is it risky for Barack Obama to step off the trail so close to the election? No, writes Carl Lavin in Forbes, and here’s why: first, the move humanizes the former law professor, showcasing his “compelling family story.” Second, opponents can’t really attack a guy who’... More »

Gay Couples Hit New Stage: Grandparents

Some out and proud, others fear damaging relations with the kids

(Newser) - A t-shirt slogan—"I love my trailblazing, woman-loving, out and proud grandma"—is proof: A growing demographic of gay couples who had kids in the 1970s are now grandparents. Gay-rights groups tell the Philadelphia Inquirer that such role models show kids how the world can change. "People... More »

Chinese Woman 'Needled' for Being Female

26 needles embedded by grandparents who wanted a grandson

(Newser) - Chinese doctors have found an astonishing 26 sewing needles embedded in the body of a woman which they believe were inserted when she was a baby by grandparents who wanted a grandson. Some of the needles have pierced vital organs, and a broken one lies in the woman's brain. The... More »

Sex, Please; We're Grandparents

Health problems can interfere with lusty drive

(Newser) - US grandparents are enjoying sex nearly as often as younger generations, concludes a surprising new study. Even couples in the 75-to-85-year age range reported having sex at least twice a month, with a quarter enjoying sex at least once a week. When there is a drop off in activity, it's... More »

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