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Texas Lt. Gov.: Don't 'Sacrifice the Country' to Save Us Seniors

It's unclear just how many seniors agree with Dan Patrick on his thoughts about saving US economy

(Newser) - These are times in which we may all have to make some sacrifices, but in the Texas lieutenant governor's mind, senior citizens in the US should be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. NBC News reports that Dan Patrick appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show Monday night,... More »

Toddler Dies After Grandfather Dangles Her From Cruise Ship

Puerto Rico authorities say the man lost his grip on Indiana girl

(Newser) - A family cruise turned tragic Sunday afternoon when an 18-month-old girl died after her grandfather dangled her outside an 11th-story window on the ship and then lost his grip. Authorities tell the AP the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the time.... More »

His Grandpa Was Driving. Then, 7 Minutes of Panic

12-year-old Benjamin Bubis managed to call 911, pull car over after grandfather's medical emergency

(Newser) - A 71-year-old Massachusetts man is recovering from a stroke he suffered while driving on a major highway, and a doctor says he has his 12-year-old grandson to thank. Benjamin Bubis, a seventh-grader from Canton, was on his way to soccer practice on Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 495 when his grandfather,... More »

'Unbelievable Mistake' in Treating Man's Lung Leads to Suit

Family of the late William Hannah suing UK hospital after lung was washed with detergent

(Newser) - A UK hospital made an "appalling" error right before a 68-year-old died there, says his daughter, and now she and her family are suing the hospital for it. William Hannah passed away in September 2017 at Salford Royal Hospital while being treated after a car accident that had left... More »

On Travel Ban, Judge Hands a Victory to Grandparents

Decision out of Hawaii allows them as exceptions to the travel restrictions

(Newser) - A judge in Hawaii delivered a setback to President Trump's travel ban on Thursday with a ruling that might sound unusual in any other context: Grandparents, he declared, count as "close family." The decision involves the White House move to ban visitors from six mostly Muslim nations,... More »

When Heroin Forces You to Raise Your Grandchild

The 'New York Times' talks to grandmothers who are doing it

(Newser) - Cindi Colburn is 51 years old, but her social circle is full of twentysomethings, and not exactly by choice: They're the parents of other 5-year-olds, and Colburn is raising one herself—Maleigha, her granddaughter, the child of a mother addicted to heroin. Colburn serves as the lead character among... More »

You Can Now Eat Burgers With Sad Papaw

Just visit a flea market in Oklahoma on March 26

(Newser) - Strangers said they'd gladly dine with "Sad Papaw" after a viral photo taken last Wednesday showed all but one grandchild skipped a dinner with him, for which he'd made burgers and their favorite homemade ice cream. Now they have their chance. "The most famous Papaw in... More »

Lonely Burger-Eating Papaw Gives the Internet a Sad

'He made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed'

(Newser) - One sad, burger-cooking grandpa took the Internet by storm this week, inspiring everything from amusing memes to death threats, US Magazine reports. It all started Wednesday when Kelsey Harmon, a college softball player from Oklahoma, dropped in for a meal with her papaw. "Dinner with papaw tonight…he made... More »

4 Stars Who Were Brought Up by Grandparents

Including one who didn't realize they were his grandparents

(Newser) - The Huffington Post rounds up eight celebrities who were raised by their grandparents—and many of them credit their success to that upbringing. A sampling:
  • Oprah Winfrey: After her mother moved to the Midwest for a job, Winfrey was raised by her grandmother on a Mississippi farm before eventually moving
... More »

Suspect in Grandparents' Deaths Arrested

Hours-long motel standoff in Oregon ends peacefully

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Oregon man accused of murdering his grandparents is in custody tonight after a motel standoff ended with his arrest, reports the Oregonian . Michael Boysen had holed up in the Lincoln motel and refused police orders to leave the room for hours. Police eventually blew down the door with... More »

Egg Freezing: Mom, Dad's New Gift to Aging Daughters

More and more parents helping to foot the sizable bill

(Newser) - Some parents help pay for their kids' college tuition—others help foot the bill for freezing their daughters eggs? Apparently. The New York Times reports on what it paints as a growing trend: Would-be grandparents, worried about their daughter's advancing age and aware of the fact that the procedure... More »

Drunk Grandparents Busted for Towing Girl in Toy Car

Florida couple told cops they were just having fun

(Newser) - It's probably going to be a long time before Paul and Belinda Berloni will be allowed to be in charge of a motor vehicle—or their granddaughter. The couple were arrested after Florida police spotted them in their SUV, driving at speeds of up to 10mph while towing the... More »

Kids Less Likely to Be Hurt When Grandparents Drive

Insurance claims show 50% fewer injuries than with mom or dad

(Newser) - Kids may be safest in cars when grandma or grandpa are driving instead of mom or dad, according to study results that even made the researchers do a double-take. Previous evidence indicates that car crashes are more common in older drivers, but the study looked at injuries rather than who... More »

What Hillary Wants More Than the Presidency

She's looking at you, Chelsea

(Newser) - No pressure, Chelsea, but Hillary Clinton wants to be a grandma more than she ever wanted to be leader of the free world. Or so says Bill Clinton in a lighter moment of an interview at Davos, reports Reuters. When asked what he'd like to achieve in the next 10... More »

Nine Youngest Celeb Grandparents

That guy singing 'F*** You'? A grandpa

(Newser) - Next time you’re singing along to Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You,” think about this: The 36-year-old has been a grandfather since earlier this year. Celebuzz rounds up eight more Hollywood babies having babies … having babies:
  • Jim Carrey: The 48-year-old became a grandfather last February.
More »

Grandparents Urged to Go on Strike in Spain

Union wants to prove a point about child care

(Newser) - A Spanish workers' union is calling on grandparents to strike from caring for their grandchildren, the Guardian reports. UGT wants to highlight how many working families get necessary child care in the absence of government help—by getting grandma and grandpa to watch the kids. "We want grandparents to... More »

For More Kids, Grandparents the New Mom and Dad

Some 3 million children are raised by them

(Newser) - As our economy sank, the number of children being raised by their grandparents rose. A Pew Research Center analysis of census data found that 2.9 million American kids are being raised by grandma and grandpa—up 16% from 2000. But one period in that decade, 2007 to 2008, saw... More »

Hollywood's 10 Youngest Grandparents

Jim Carrey, at 48, is the latest

(Newser) - Jim Carrey recently became a grandfather at 48, but he’s not the youngest celebrity grandparent by a long shot. The Daily Beast rounds up nine others:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Here’s how you become a grandmother by 34: Have a daughter at 18 who then has her own daughter at
... More »

Parents Save, Send Kids to 'Camp Granny'

In recession, grandparents replace summer camp for many

(Newser) - The lingering recession is forcing cash-strapped parents to cancel camp for the kids—instead, they're being packed off to their grandparents'. The arrangement shifts the child-care burden to grandparents, many of whom enjoy the extra time with their grandchildren. Mom and dad save money and get some time to themselves,... More »

Grandparents Face Bitter Foe: Other Grandparents

Jealousy games amount to big consumer spending

(Newser) - Baby boomers are joining the ranks of grandparents, and as usual, they want to be the best—which includes outranking other grandparents in their mutual grandchildren's affections. The competition is so fierce that it's an economic stimulus unto itself: 42% of gift spending is by grandparents, the Boston Globe... More »

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