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Cops: Popular Car-Part Theft Proves Fatal

Police say man in Anaheim was crushed while trying to steal catalytic converter from Prius

(Newser) - In the early morning hours of St. Patrick's Day, police responded to a call from a worker at a local industrial building in Anaheim, Calif. The employee had made a distressing find upon arriving at the site: a man's unmoving legs sticking out from underneath one of the...

Toyota Recalls 1.9M Priuses
 Toyota Recalls 1.9M Priuses 

Toyota Recalls 1.9M Priuses

Software problem can cause cars to stall

(Newser) - Another day, another Toyota recall : This time, the automaker is recalling all of the newest-generation Prius hybrids, a total of 1.9 million cars. About half of those are in Japan, and 713,000 are in North America. The problem? A software glitch that could cause the car to stall,...

Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad'
 Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad' 

Why Prius Drivers Are So 'Bad'

How an annoyed driver became 'annoying' himself

(Newser) - Annoyed by Prius drivers who coast up to intersections and cruise at 55mph on the freeway? So was Dwight Silverman, until he found himself driving the exact same way in his wife's Prius. "Indeed I do" become an annoying driver, he writes in the Houston Chronicle . "But...

2012's Best Value Car? Hint: It's Green and Japanese

Prius dethrones Honda Fit in Consumer Reports rankings

(Newser) - The Prius isn't exactly the cheapest car on the market, but it's the best value for your money, Consumer Reports has concluded. "Like penny stocks, a low purchase price doesn't make a car a good value," the magazine cautions. Toyota's increasingly popular hybrid bumped...

2 Out of 3 Hybrid Owners Switch Back

Prius owners stay a little bit truer

(Newser) - America's love affair with hybrids has turned out to be more of a fling for many owners: A new study finds that when they go to trade in, about 65% of hybrid owners pass on getting another hybrid. The numbers, based on 2011 data, do fluctuate based on the...

Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study
 Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study 

Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study

Except for a few models, hybrids and electric cars take years to pay off

(Newser) - Thinking of buying a hybrid or electric vehicle to ease the pain at the pump? You may want to think again: A study commissioned by the New York Times shows that, except in three cases, fuel-efficient technology is so expensive that these types of cars take years to...

Bear Takes Family's Prius on Joyride

Well, if slipping car into neutral and rolling down the driveway is a joyride...

(Newser) - Bears getting stuck in honeypots: old news. A bear getting stuck in a 2002 Toyota Prius, then managing to make it roll down the driveway: definitely new news, at least for one California family. They woke up around 3:30am on Aug. 28 to find a bear wedged inside the...

Toyota Recalls 650K Priuses
 Toyota Recalls 650K Priuses 

Toyota Recalls 650K Priuses

Cooling pump problem could lead to overheating, power loss

(Newser) - Toyota today issued another recall of its Prius, this time recalling 650,000 of the hybrids to fix a faulty cooling pump, reports the Wall Street Journal. The problem could lead to overheating and loss of power, but thus far hadn't resulted in accidents; Toyota, however, appears to be erring...

Runaway Prius Driver's Account 'Inconsistent': Toyota

James Skies' car was operating properly, automaker says

(Newser) - Toyota is casting doubt on a California man's claim that his Prius sped out of control, saying the report is inconsistent with the findings of the company's preliminary investigation. The automaker said today the accelerator pedal was tested and found to be working normally and a backup safety system worked...

Feds Question 'Runaway Prius' Driver's Story

Investigators can't replicate incident; brake-wear patterns inconsistent

(Newser) - Investigators have not been able to replicate the incident of uncontrolled acceleration a Prius driver says he experienced last week, and the condition of the car's brakes is raising suspicions with federal investigators and Toyota engineers, the Wall Street Journal reports. James Sikes said he lost control of his car...

Police Help Stop 90mph Runaway Prius

Toyota is sending an investigator

(Newser) - In yet another runaway Toyota incident, a man called 911 yesterday when his 2008 Prius went out of control on Interstate 8 near San Diego, hitting 90mph and refusing to decelerate. When driver James Sikes tried to pass another car, he says the gas pedal “jumped and it just...

Woman's 6-Mile Terror Ride to Open Toyota Hearings

Pressure mounts on Toyota as House investigation kicks off

(Newser) - A House panel probing acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles will begin hearing testimony today from safety experts, Toyota's American president, and a Tennessee woman who says her Lexus suddenly zoomed to 100 miles per hour while she was driving on an interstate, the AP reports. Rhonda Smith says the emergency...

Toyota Announces Worldwide Prius Recall

Braking issues force recall of nearly 500K hybrids

(Newser) - Toyota president Akio Toyoda apologized to customers as he confirmed the widely expected worldwide recall of 437,000 Prius and other hybrid vehicles today. "We sincerely acknowledge safety concerns from our customers," he said at a press conference in Tokyo. "We have decided to recall as we...

Toyota Expanding Prius Recall
 Toyota Expanding Prius Recall 

Toyota Expanding Prius Recall

311,000 vehicles suffer from 'regenerative' braking issue

(Newser) - Toyota will extend its Prius recall to all 310,000 of its 2010 models sold worldwide to address a brake flaw. Scores of motorists have complained that their Priuses won't stop on uneven surfaces. The automaker is investigating whether it also needs to extend the recall to the Lexus HS250h...

Toyota Waffles on Prius Brake Recall

Automaker's woes keep mounting; $2B pricetag likely

(Newser) - Toyota has yet to decide whether to issue a recall of Prius hybrids over potential trouble with the car's brakes, but it's just the latest snag to hit the automaker. The company acknowledged yesterday that the brakes can stick briefly in certain circumstances, generally on bumpy or slippery roads, reports...

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game
 Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game 

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game

Not dirty, sexy, or violent, brand is 'a minor miracle'

(Newser) - Nissan already had its work cut out in designing a hybrid—whatever it made had to measure up to Toyota’s hugely successful Prius. Then it needed a name, which came at the end of a process blending business, culture, and the law. Possibilities must be cleared in hundreds of...

Why This Hot Rod Is Greener Than a Prius
 Why This Hot Rod Is Greener 
 Than a Prius 

Why This Hot Rod Is Greener Than a Prius

You'll drive less frequently but enjoy it more

(Newser) - So, conventional wisdom tells us, if you want to help the environment, ditch those dreams of a hot-rod, get a hybrid, and commute knowing you’ve done your part to save the environment. Nonsense, writes Joe Eaton , who did precisely the opposite. “Giving up your Prius and putting a...

Toyota Plans Cheaper, More Fuel-Efficient Hybrid

(Newser) - Toyota plans to keep its lead in the environmentally friendly vehicle market with a new car to be released in 2011, Bloomberg reports. The vehicle, to be based on the company's Vitz compact, will be around 5% more fuel-efficient than its Prius and will sell for around $15,600, according...

Hybrid Owners Have More Accidents, Get More Tickets

Environmentally-conscious motorists also drive more, study says

(Newser) - Owners of hybrid vehicles tend to drive more, have higher repair bills, and get more tickets than their gas-guzzling counterparts, the Car Connection reports. A study of the behavior of 360,000 motorists found insurers pay 17% more for comprehensive coverage of hybrid owners compared to owners of conventional models....

How Taxpayers Can Profit From the New GM
How Taxpayers Can Profit From the New GM

How Taxpayers Can Profit From the New GM

A change in the automotive paradigm would be worth more than any dividend

(Newser) - Tomorrow will see the death—and rebirth—of General Motors. And with the government taking a 60% stake, it's reasonable to wonder whether taxpayers will ever see a return on their investment, writes Matthew DeBord for the Big Money on Slate. But the focus on money might be "short-sighted,...

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