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Court Says &#39;Pastafarian&#39; Has Right to Wear Strainer Hat
Court Says 'Pastafarian' Has Right to Wear Strainer Hat

Court Says 'Pastafarian' Has Right to Wear Strainer Hat

Even in his official license photo

(Newser) - A Czech Republic court has struck a blow for religious freedom—ridiculous, ridiculous religious freedom. Lukás Novy, 29, successfully argued that he should be allowed to wear a pasta strainer on his head in his official, government-issued ID photo, because he was required to do so by his "...

Judge Gives Blessing to Cheerleaders' Bible Banners

...but only if school district approves

(Newser) - Gimme a "V" for "VICTORY!" The Kountze High School cheerleading squad can display their Bible-thumping banners at games—assuming the school district allows it—State District Judge Steven Thomas ruled yesterday. Thomas concluded that putting Christian messages on banners at public school sporting events didn't constitute...

Don&#39;t Call Me a Bigot for Opposing Gay Marriage
Don't Call Me a Bigot
for Opposing Gay Marriage

Don't Call Me a Bigot for Opposing Gay Marriage

John Kass asks for tolerance of his religious views

(Newser) - John Kass embraces civil unions but opposes gay marriage as a Christian. For those who disagree, he knows what you're thinking: He must be a bigot, right? "If I hold to my faith and resist applauding the changes, I'm easily cast as some drooling white cartoon bigot...

White House Revamps Contraception Rules

But rules out a broader exemption

(Newser) - The Obama administration today officially issued a proposed change to its rule mandating that employers offer their female employees insurance that includes copay-free access to contraception. Under the new rule, women who work for a religiously-affiliated employer, such as a Catholic hospital, will still get free access to contraceptives, but...

Rick Scott Unwittingly Becomes Satanist Hero

Satanists like his support for 'inspirational messages' in school

(Newser) - When Florida Gov. Rick Scott approved a Senate bill allowing students to read inspirational messages at school assemblies and sports events, he probably wasn't expecting to get the Satanists on his side. But that's exactly what happened, as the Satanic Temple is championing the bill as a "...

John Walker Lindh Wins Prison Prayer Suit

Former Taliban fighter sued to pray with other Muslims

(Newser) - An American convicted of fighting alongside the Taliban must be allowed to pray daily in a group with other Muslim inmates at his high-security prison in Indiana, a federal judge ruled yesterday. Barring John Walker Lindh and his fellow Muslims from engaging in daily group ritual prayer violates a 1993...

Germany Protects Circumcision
 Germany Protects Circumcision 

Germany Protects Circumcision

Lawmakers affirm right to procedure after court case

(Newser) - German lawmakers took the unusual move today of reaffirming the right to have baby boys circumcised, reports Reuters . The move came after a local court in Cologne banned the practice for health and safety reasons, prompting Jewish and Muslim groups to call the court decision discriminatory. No nation outlaws the...

Supreme Court Orders New Review of ObamaCare Suit

Lawsuit claims violation of religious freedoms

(Newser) - The court cases continue for ObamaCare, with the Supreme Court today ordering a Virginia appeals court to review a lawsuit over the law's provisions regarding reproductive rights. Virginia's evangelical Liberty University had filed an earlier lawsuit arguing that the individual mandate meant taxpayer dollars would fund abortions and...

Case Against 'Under God' Heads to Top Mass. Court

They will be 'making new law' in Pledge case, plaintiffs say

(Newser) - The Massachusetts Supreme Court has agreed to hear what could be a landmark case against the Pledge of Allegiance. A family of secular humanists are arguing that the phrase "under God" in the pledge violates the state's constitutional ban on religious discrimination, the Religion News Service explains. A...

At-Home Bible Study Lands Man in Jail

City says pastor was violating zoning laws

(Newser) - Gang-member-turned-pastor Michael Salman found himself behind bars after holding a Bible study at his home, reports Fox News . Authorities say Salman violated zoning laws, and thus his probation, when he gathered some 80 people at his four-acre home, but the Phoenix man and his family are crying foul, saying his...

Pro-Obama Clergy Wrestle With Stance on Gay Marriage

President contacted ministers just after announcement

(Newser) - In one breath, President Obama endorsed gay marriage last week. In the next, he turned directly to a contingent of supporters likely to be offended by that endorsement: Obama called up a number of ministers to explain his views and get feedback, the New York Times reports. On a conference...

Catholics Back Obama's Birth Control Mandate: Poll

Women especially want insurance to cover contraception

(Newser) - Bishops and pundits have been blasting President Obama over his decision to require all employers—including Catholic institutions—to offer health insurance plans that cover birth control. Peggy Noonan even predicted it would cost Obama the election . But a new poll, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute , shows...

In Karachi Slum, a 5K-Seat Megachurch

Despite facing violence, extremism, Christianity keeps toe-hold in Pakistan

(Newser) - Despite Pakistan's religious extremism and violence, a new Christian church, the largest in Pakistan, has just opened in Karachi, reports the AP . St. Peter's of Karachi, which opened on Nov. 9, is a domed, three-story building in the heart of a sprawling slum in Pakistan's largest city,...

Scientology Files Fraud Appeal in France

Church and leaders were convicted in 2009

(Newser) - The Church of Scientology opened an appeal today of a 2009 fraud conviction in France , reports the AP . The original case convicted Scientology's French branch, bookstore, and six leaders of fraud related to pressuring members into paying for expensive but questionable treatments, as well as harassing recruits. The church...

Family Fined Over Home Bible Studies

Nonprofit willing to fight case if fine not reversed

(Newser) - A California family has been fined $300 for violating city zoning codes … by holding Bible studies in their house. Charles and Stephanie Fromm have appealed the fine, but were told that more fines would be levied if the regular study groups continue without the Fromms obtaining a permit. A...

Americans Big on Religious Freedom ... But Not Muslims

Fox News viewers especially see clash of civilizations

(Newser) - Americans are big on the concept of freedom of religion—but they aren’t so keen on Muslims. According to data from a larger study last week, spotted by Dino Grandoni of the Atlantic , 88% of Americans say the country was founded on the principle of religious freedom, yet a...

Fort Bragg Will Host Atheist Concert

Military agrees to give it same support it gave to Christian event

(Newser) - Last fall a Christian-themed concert was held at Fort Bragg; next spring, an atheism-themed one will be staged there—and the Army will provide equal support. Rock Beyond Belief, an event organized by atheist, agnostic, and non-theist soldiers, was originally planned for this year, but organizers complained that leaders at...

Malaysia: Woman Can't Quit Islam

Court refuses to grant 'teapot cultist' permission to change religion

(Newser) - Kamariah Ali may consider herself a member of the Sky Kingdom sect—known as the "teapot cult"—but she is a Muslim under the law, a Malaysian civil court has decided. The court rejected the 60-year-old woman's request to leave Islam to avoid being jailed for apostasy,...

Giuliani: Debate Over Mosque Is Great, Healthy
Giuliani: Debate Over Mosque Is Great, Healthy

Giuliani: Debate Over Mosque Is Great, Healthy

Hizzoner opposes the Cordoba House, but likes the discussion

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani weighs in on the Cordoba House controversy in the New York Daily News today, saying he opposes the building—which he repeatedly, erroneously states is "at Ground Zero"—but thinks the debate over it “is testimony to our values as a free society. There are...

Koran Burning Uproar Spreads, but Pastor Defiant

Clinton decries it, Bloomberg defends pastor's right

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus decrying a Florida pastor’s plan to burn Korans on Sept. 11. “Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation,” Clinton said last night at a State Department Iftar meal celebrating Ramadan, according to the Daily ...

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