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Crist Names Aide to Senate
 Crist Names Aide to Senate 

Crist Names Aide to Senate

LeMieux is the Florida governor's former chief of staff

(Newser) - Florida Governor Charlie Crist has appointed his former campaign manager and chief of staff to fill the Senate seat of Mel Martinez, MSNBC reports. George LeMieux will represent the state until next year's election, when Crist himself will vie for the GOP nod. “George is bright, capable, and an...

Florida Sen. Martinez to Resign: Insiders

Announcement could come today

(Newser) - Florida Sen. Mel Martinez will resign, perhaps as soon as today, sources tell the Miami Herald. “It's a deeply personal decision that he will expand on later today. He decided it's time to move to another stage of his life,” one said. The Republican has previously refuted word...

Sotomayor Wins Republicans' Backing

 Sotomayor Wins 
 Republicans' Backing 

Sotomayor Wins Republicans' Backing

She's shown 'judicial temperament': statement

(Newser) - Richard Lugar said today he’ll back Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court bid, making him the first GOP senator to do so, the Washington Post reports. Mel Martinez of Florida, the chamber's sole Republican Latino, quickly followed suit. “Judge Sotomayor has demonstrated a judicial temperament during her week-long nomination...

Fla. Gov Charlie Crist Eyes 2010 Senate Race

(Newser) - Florida's GOP Gov. Charlie Crist is mulling a 2010 Senate run that would put him within range of the Oval Office in 2012, the Washington Post reports. But he faces a crowded field when one-term Sen. Mel Martinez steps down: A host of state lawmakers have tossed in their...

Strong Candidates Give GOP Hope for Open Senate Seats

No dearth of Republican recruits for 2010 races in Fla., Mo., Ohio

(Newser) - Don’t let the stories about how grim 2010 looks for the Senate Republicans fool you. The spate of retirements in swing states is no boon, to be sure, but, Politico reports, the GOP will have no trouble coming up with good candidates in Florida, Ohio, and Missouri. A state-by-state...

GOP Stalwart Bond Will Leave Senate After 2010

Open Missouri seat sure to invite a contest

(Newser) - The GOP just can’t catch a break. Kit Bond, another senior Republican senator from a swing state, announced his retirement today, Politico reports. Bond joins Florida’s Mel Martinez, Kansas’ Sam Brownback, and, likely, Texas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison in a clutch of GOP Senate retirements. His decision not to...

Jeb Bush Rules Out Senate Run in 2010

(Newser) - Jeb Bush put an end to feverish political speculation today and announced that he will not seek Mel Martinez’s Florida Senate seat in 2010, the Chicago Tribune reports. The former Florida governor was widely reported to be considering a run—even his father had publicly encouraged the idea. “...

Dubya: Jeb Would Be 'Awesome' Senator

President touts brother's fitness for Fla. seat

(Newser) - President Bush gave his little brother a glowing job recommendation, telling RealClearPolitics the former Florida governor would make “an awesome US senator.” Among those who stand to benefit if Jeb Bush runs to replace retiring Republican Mel Martinez in 2010, per Dubya: The GOP, Florida, and the country....

Jeb Bush Eyes Florida Senate Seat

Former governor may run in 2010

(Newser) - Jeb Bush may be about to pump new life into his family's political dynasty by running for the Florida Senate in 2010. The president's baby brother and former Florida governor is mulling a grab for the seat which will be vacated by Republican Mel Martinez, who has decided not to...

Fla. Sen. Martinez Won't Run in '10

Florida senator opens seat for fierce race

(Newser) - Florida's Sen. Mel Martinez won't be running for re-election in 2010, leaving open a senate seat that's sure to attract big money and fierce partisan competition. The first-term Republican was a sure Democrat target anyway, given that his constituency is split on whether he deserved another shot in Congress. Martinez...

Senate GOP Stymies Dem Housing Relief

Republicans say plan to aid homeowners would inflame crisis, hurt lenders

(Newser) - Capping a week of gridlock, GOP senators yesterday blocked consideration of a Democratic-backed housing-relief bill. The mortgage industry had fought hard against the proposal, which would allow judges to slash interest rates for low-income homeowners facing bankruptcy, the Washington Post reports. The bill also included billions of dollars for local...

Florida Gov. Backs McCain as Race Turns Nasty

Crists' backing may put presidential hopeful ahead of Romney

(Newser) - Florida's popular governor endorsed John McCain tonight, giving a major boost to the Arizona senator as his tight race with Mitt Romney took a nasty turn. Gov. Charlie Crist called McCain a "true American hero" three days ahead of the state's primary, the Miami Herald reports. The endorsement came...

Key Fla. Senator Backs McCain
Key Fla. Senator Backs McCain

Key Fla. Senator Backs McCain

Martinez's support could swing Cuban vote in Tuesday's GOP primary

(Newser) - Mel Martinez will back John McCain in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, the Florida senator announced today after earlier waffling. Martinez’s endorsement could boost McCain’s appeal among Hispanics, an important demographic in Tuesday's primary, the Associated Press reports. “I would trust the future and the...

Martinez Quits Top RNC Post After 10 Months

Fla. senator bucked party on immigration, won't be replaced

(Newser) - Mel Martinez has quit as RNC general chairman after only 10 months in the post. The US  Senator from Florida, a Cuban refugee, publicly split with GOP hardliners over immigration reform. Martinez was also left to explain why the party’s presidential hopefuls were no-shows at a bilingual forum, the...

Senators’ Plane Draws Iraqi Fire
Senators’ Plane Draws Iraqi Fire

Senators’ Plane Draws Iraqi Fire

Flight crew of VIP aircraft used evasive maneuvers in 'close call'

(Newser) - An airplane carrying three US senators and a congressman was fired upon by rockets as it left Baghdad last night, forcing the pilot to resort to evasive maneuvers to avoid being struck. Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby described the rocket attacks as “near misses,” CNN reports. “Our plane...

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