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MLB Could Get Video Replay Next Season

Managers would get 3 challenges per game in 2014

(Newser) - It looks as though Major League Baseball will dramatically increase its use of video replay next season to curb blown calls. Though the plan requires 75% approval with owners, as well as approval from both player and umpire unions, it's so far been met with praise, the Boston Globe...

It Just Got Easier to Make the Playoffs in Baseball

MLB is adding two wild-card teams

(Newser) - That soul-crushing loss by the Red Sox on the last game of the season this year might have been just another game had this been in effect a little earlier: Major League Baseball is adding two-wild card teams to the playoffs, maybe next year but by 2013 at the latest,...

Bud Selig Scuttles Dodgers' TV Deal, McCourt Divorce

But MLB doesn't move to seize woeful team

(Newser) - Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gave Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt a major league headache today after putting the kibosh on a proposed TV deal between the Dodgers and Fox—and simultaneously squashing McCourt's divorce deal from Jamie McCourt. Selig said the deal was "structured to facilitate the...

Fans Rejoice at Dodgers Takeover

But battle for the fate of the team could be a long one

(Newser) - There is general jubilation among Dodgers fans today, after Major League Baseball seized control of the team from wildly unpopular owner Frank McCourt. “Seven years here with the Boston Parking Lot Attendant and the Screaming Meanie, and clueless reporters are asking Dodgers officials Wednesday if this is the darkest...

Just Reverse the Call, Bud!
 Just Reverse the Call, Bud! 

Just Reverse the Call, Bud!

Shouldn't Bud Selig just set matters right?

(Newser) - The baseball world is up in arms over the blown call that cost Armando Galarraga his perfect game. So here's a radical idea: Why can't Bud Selig just reverse the dang call? “Only a grinch would protest such a thing,” writes Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post . And...

November Baseball's a Farce
 November Baseball's a Farce 
Jay Mariotti

November Baseball's a Farce

Selig needs to get the boys of summer off the field

(Newser) - Isn’t the Fall Classic supposed to happen in the fall? Not this year. The World Series begins tomorrow night and, in case Bud Selig hasn’t noticed, it’s “never seemed more irrelevant,” writes Jay Mariotti. It’s simply too late in the year for baseball. “...

MLB Chief Weighs Pardon for Pete Rose

Aaron, others want disgraced player in Hall of Fame

(Newser) - Pete Rose may yet have a shot at baseball’s Hall of Fame: Commissioner Bud Selig is weighing ending Rose’s lifetime ban for gambling on the sport, the New York Daily News reports. Hank Aaron, whose opinion counts heavily with Selig, told reporters over the weekend he’d like...

World Series Games Get Earlier Start Time

Games to start before 8 in the East

(Newser) - For the first time in 34 years, World Series games will start before 8pm in the East, USA Today reports. First pitches will be thrown at 7:57 (except on Sundays, due to broadcaster Fox’s NFL coverage); in recent years, the average was around 8:30, and games often...

Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game'
 Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game' 

Selig: A-Rod 'Shamed the Game'

MLB boss, powerless to impose penalty, scolds player over drug use

(Newser) - Bud Selig slammed Alex Rodriguez yesterday for "shaming the game" by using steroids, reports the AP. Angry words may be the only thing the MLB commissioner can use to punish the Yankees player, however, since his positive test was meant to be anonymous and took place years before the...

Canseco Calls for Major League Drug Summit

Says he can help baseball quit steroids

(Newser) - Former slugger Jose Canseco, who blew the lid off steroid use in two controversial books, is seeking to meet with baseball commissioner Bud Selig and union head Donald Fehr to discuss his plans to run drugs out of the game, reports AP. "I think I have the ear of...

Fox Vetoes World Series Day Game
Fox Vetoes World Series
Day Game

Fox Vetoes World Series Day Game

Prefers prime time start

(Newser) - With all the late starts and later finishes plaguing the World Series, many are pining for an old-fashioned day game—including Bud Selig. The commish says he’d love to schedule an afternoon contest, if only Fox would let him. But the network insists on starting in prime time, when...

Bookies Call Game 5 for Phillies

Under Vegas rules, the fat lady sung at the bottom of the fifth

(Newser) - Game 5 of the World Series is stuck in a rain-soaked limbo in Philadelphia but it's all over in Vegas, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Nevada gaming ‘house rules’ state that a canceled game reverts to the score of the last finished inning, making it a 2-1 victory for...

MLB's Young Stars Will Stamp Series

Both league champions are full of next decade's superstars

(Newser) - The recent woes of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays belie what could be a truly classic World Series, the New York Times reports. With 13 of 16 starting position players under 30 and each team's ace only 24 years old, the future of baseball could be on...

Players OK More Drug Tests
 Players OK More Drug Tests 

Players OK More Drug Tests

Tougher doping rules kick in immediately

(Newser) - Baseball players agreed to more frequent drug tests yesterday and gave more clout to the drug program's independent administrator, the AP reports. The tougher guidelines follow recommendations made in the Mitchell Report and mark the third time the league has toughened its doping policy since 2002—each time under the...

Baseball Owners, Players Toughen Drug Policy

They agree to more tests; players in Mitchell Report are spared

(Newser) - Clubs and players agreed yesterday to toughen Major League Baseball's anti-doping policy, the AP reports. Players will be tested more frequently without notice, and the game's outside administrator—a position created in 2005 to oversee testing—will get more authority. As part of the deal, all of the players named...

Clemens Headed for the Hill
Clemens Headed for the Hill

Clemens Headed for the Hill

He, others to speak with officials prior to House committee appearance

(Newser) - Roger Clemens, fighting back hard against being named in the Mitchell Report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, will continue that strategy on Jan. 26, when he answers questions from Congressional committee staff about the topic under oath, in advance of planned public hearings, reports the New York Times. "Roger...

Selig Endures Another Grilling on Doping

Commish tells House hearing he's agonized over the issue

(Newser) - Commissioner Bud Selig and union leader Donald Fehr were back in front of a congressional committee today, joined by ex-senator George Mitchell, to answer questions about Mitchell's report on steroids in the sport. Selig in particular was grilled over his own role. "This scandal happened under your watch. I...

Selig Wants to Avoid Repeat of 2005 Hearings

Commish hopes Congress sees Mitchell Report as progress

(Newser) - It has been nearly three years since MLB commissioner Bud Selig was taken to task by members of Congress for allowing steroids to permeate the nation’s pastime. But while Selig has toughened the league’s stance on PEDs and commissioned George Mitchell to investigate baseball’s steroids era, the...

MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push
MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push

MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push

Selig announces creation of investigative unit for illegal substances

(Newser) - Taking its cue from the Mitchell Report's findings, Major League Baseball today announced it has established a permanent investigations unit to check allegations of drug use by players in the grand old game. An ex-NYC cop and former FBI agent will lead the department - whose goal is "protecting...

Players Won't Testify at Congressional Hearings

Not expected on Jan. 15th, according to new report

(Newser) - A newly released report suggests that the only MLB personnel expected at the Jan.15th congressional hearings will be Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, ESPN reported last night. The 86 players named in Senator Mitchell's investigation are likely to be under no obligation to speak before the committee, and Rep....

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