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Spirit Air Doesn't Care You Hate All Its Extra Fees

Because people are booking lots of flights with cheap fares

(Newser) - "No one goes to Chick-fil-A and complains they can't get a burger. And people shouldn't come to Spirit if they want lots of legroom." That quote's source? Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza speaking to the Wall Street Journal , explaining that yes, there've been lots... More »

The Best Day to Buy a Plane Ticket Is...

Thursday, according to latest airfare study

(Newser) - When should you buy your next plane ticket? According to a new fare study from Hopper , Thursday is the best day to book both domestic and international tickets. But keep in mind that it won't save you much: There's just a $10 difference between the best day to... More »

Airfares Rise for 4th Year in a Row

Average price now at $363.42

(Newser) - If flying seems like an increasingly expensive option, you're not imagining things. Airfares rose for the fourth straight year in 2013, bringing the average domestic ticket, with tax, up to $363.42, according to an AP analysis of travel data. That's up 2% on the year and 12%... More »

Oops: Delta Website Glitch Doles Out Cheap Tickets

Airline will honor the discount prices

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines had an inadvertent sale today, all thanks to a website glitch, reports Bloomberg . Lucky customers boasted on social media of scooping up round-trip flights across the country for about $50 at before the company figured out what was happening. The good news for those customers... More »

Here's How Much Airfares Have Jumped Since '05

6.5% overall, and that's after inflation

(Newser) - Feel like you're paying more for a plane ticket these days? You are. USA Today did an analysis of fares at the 100 busiest airports in the country, and found that on average, prices are up 6.5% (after adjusting for inflation) since 2005. The biggest fare change: Savannah-Hilton... More »

Where Does Your Airfare Go?

If plane had 100 seats, only one would go toward profit

(Newser) - Long lines, lost luggage, bad food, extra fees, and oodles of delays—with all of our complaints about air travel these days, you probably think the airlines are making scads of cash from your airfare. But, it turns out, you probably think wrong. In fact, if a hypothetical domestic flight... More »

Expect Pricey Flights All Decade: FAA

US forecasts more passengers, less space

(Newser) - Expect airfares to stay high for the rest of the decade: Prices won't drop until there's more competition for airlines, which won't happen for a while, an FAA report says. Passengers' miles flown will almost double over the next two decades, from 815 billion last year to... More »

Best Time to Buy Your Flight Ticket Is ...

... 6 weeks before you fly, study says

(Newser) - Flying anytime soon? With any luck your trip is a month and a half from now—because a new study says travelers can find the lowest airfares 6 weeks before flying, the Los Angeles Times reports. The price difference: 6% lower than average, according to a company that analyzed millions... More »

Most Expensive US Airport to Fly Out of Is...

...Memphis International Airport

(Newser) - Memphis, Tenn., is no place for thrifty travelers, or at least not those who prefer the open sky to the open road. The average price of a ticket at the Memphis International Airport is the highest among the top 100 largest airports in the US, according to a report released... More »

Southwest Has Nicest Flight Attendants: Survey

68% think passengers with kids should in separate cabin

(Newser) - Southwest has the nicest flight attendants, while Delta's are the rudest, passengers told in their first annual survey of flier preferences. Other points:
  • 83% have traveled with kids recently, but 68% think there should be a separate section for parents with children—meaning some of parents wish to
... More »

Holiday Fares Headed for Stratosphere

Recession doesn't seem to be dampening travel enthusiasm

(Newser) - If you haven’t booked your holiday airfare yet, stop reading this and do it. Unlike last year, when airlines dropped prices at the last minute to fill unusually empty planes, prices this fall are on a decidedly upward trajectory, the New York Times reports. Last week, overall Thanksgiving fares... More »

Buckle Up for Higher Airfares

(Newser) - If you’re planning on flying this summer, book your tickets now. After a long period of dropping fares and constant sales, prices went up earlier this month and appear likely to keep rising throughout the summer, the Wall Street Journal reports. “I think for the consumer, it’s... More »

Plunging Airfares Hit 2-Year Low

Airlines desperate to fill seats

(Newser) - The recession is causing a drop-off in ticket sales, which in turn is causing the airlines to make deep fare cuts, reports the Wall Street Journal. According to Travelocity, airfares for the 100 most popular routes have hit a 2-year low, and are priced 40% lower than last June's peak.... More »

Airfares Dip on Last-Minute Holiday Trips

Ugly economy pushes demand down, along with price of fuel

(Newser) - With many consumers too concerned about their wallets to make pricey trips, airlines are, for the first time in memory, lowering prices before the holidays, the Chicago Tribune reports. The reversal of convention is allowing late buyers to scrounge tickets for as much as $200 less than travelers who locked... More »

Fewer Will Travel for Thanksgiving: AAA

600K more expected to stay home, first decline in 6 years

(Newser) - An estimated 600,000 Americans will forego the 50-plus miles of travel they made last year to celebrate Thanksgiving, AAA predicts. The dip is the first in 6 years, but the fourth consecutive for general holiday travel. Despite cheaper gas, fewer people will drive cars this year, opting for more-economical... More »

Hey, at Least Travel Costs Are Plunging

Airlines, cruises, hotels slash prices for those who can still afford it

(Newser) - There’s a spot of good news for travelers amid the barrage of dire economic reports: Those looking for a flight, cruise, or hotel stay may find surprisingly good deals. As financial woes keep many Americans grounded, the travel industry is forced to drop prices to fill space, the Los ... More »

Airfares May Sag in '09: Report

Declining demand, dropping oil prices likely to bring prices down

(Newser) - The slumping economy may bring some good to the travel industry: Domestic airfare and hotel rates could fall next year as strapped individuals and companies think twice about globetrotting. A slash in oil prices, down to half of summer’s record high, has also brought airlines relief, Reuters reports. In... More »

Airfare to Get More Expensive This Holiday Season

Limited flight schedule will lead to price increases

(Newser) - Get ready—this holiday season is going to boast some of the most expensive airfares ever, USA Today reports. Because of high fuel costs, most airlines have cut back flight schedules; figure about 9% fewer flights in November compared to a year ago. Having constricted supply, expect the airlines to... More »

Air Bargains Still There, But More Hunting Needed

Flexibility in schedule, destination seen as key to finding cheap travel

(Newser) - It’s no secret that airline ticket costs are up—18% on average from last year. But, the Los Angeles Times reports, deals are still there, if you’re wiling to hunt for them. Limited-time online bargains can provide cheap fares, and many travelers are searching smaller airlines’ websites for... More »

Fare War Breaks Out at LAX

Thanks to Virgin America, ticket prices dip as fuel prices soar

(Newser) - Even as fuel prices soar, Los Angeles airline passengers are enjoying an old-fashioned fare war sparked by newcomer Virgin America, the LA Times reports. Sir Richard Branson's brainchild has drawn United, Alaska, Southwest, and even longtime LAX holdout JetBlue into a feud that's seen one-way fares as low as $44.... More »

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