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Toy Truck Sets Real Truck on Fire

Toys 'R' Us yanks Tonka product for now

(Newser) - Toys 'R' Us has pulled a ride-on toy truck from shelves days after a couple says it burst into flames while they were bringing it home from the store, reports AP . The couple tells KING-TV that the Tonka Ride-On Dump Truck, which is powered by a 12-volt battery, was... More »

Fisher-Price Recalls 7M Trikes Over Genital Bleeding Risk

Fisher-Price also recalling more than 3 million other toys

(Newser) - Fisher-Price is staging the biggest recall of the year, recalling more than 10 million toys due to safety concerns. The more than 7 million tricycles being recalled have a plastic ignition key that sticks out and can cause genital bleeding, the AP reports . The company is also recalling more... More »

1.2M Toys Recalled at Chuck E. Cheese

No injuries so far, but one kid put battery up nose

(Newser) - More than 1.2 million Chuck E. Cheese light-up rings and toy eyeglasses were recalled today over concerns that children might swallow the small battery inside the toys. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the plastic on the toys can break, possibly exposing the button-type batteries inside. Ingestion could lead... More »

Wal-Mart Tightens Toy Safety Standards

Retailer goes beyond government requirements

(Newser) - Wal-Mart is adopting stricter toy safety standards, going above and beyond existing government requirements, the Wall Street Journal reports. The standards set hard lead limits, and encourage “traceability information,” to show where toys are from. Complying could boost toymakers’ costs by 5%-7%, but since Wal-Mart is the world’... More »

'Regulation' No Longer a Dirty Word in DC

Wall St. woes, toy and food scares have pols of all stripes on board

(Newser) - "Regulation" is becoming less of a dirty word in Washington in the wake of the mortgage meltdown, woes on Wall Street, and scares over tainted food and toys. Many Democrats and even some Republicans want a shift from voluntary industry standards in vogue since the Reagan administration. "We're... More »

New Tests: 35% of Toys Contain Some Lead

Many offenders still on shelves, environmental health groups say

(Newser) - Toy shelves are still lined with lead, according to test results released today from environmental health groups in nine states. Checking 1,268 toys, the groups found lead in 35%, with levels often surpassing federal recall standards. Only 23 of those toys have been recalled. “This is not about... More »

Lead Toys Get Charities Grinchy

Checking endless recall lists saps limited resources for many

(Newser) - Rampant toy recalls are putting a real cramp in the holiday spirit at many charities, MSNBC reports. Toy drives must devote so much manpower to checking donations against lists of lead-contaminated recalls that many have stopped the Santa act entirely. “You don’t know what you’re getting, you... More »

Don't Blame China for Toy Recalls: Study

75% stem from design flaws, not manufacturing

(Newser) - Don't blame China for soaring toy recalls, a new Canuck study says; the problem is design. "If you are going to get into a finger-pointing game, you should point it mostly on the design side," said a Canadian prof. "It has got nothing to do with China.... More »

New Chinese Toy Recall Sparks Fury in Congress

Consumer agency 'overwhelmed'

(Newser) - The embattled Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yet another recall of dangerous toys from China yesterday as it came under withering fire in Congress over a recent wave of product safety problems.  Another half million toys made in China are being recalled because of lead paint contamination. The announcement... More »

500K Toys Recalled Over Lead

Levels above legal limit in China-made bookmarks, blocks, key chains

(Newser) - Over half a million Chinese-made toys have been recalled due to dangerous lead levels, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today. Toys ranging from Winnie the Pooh bookmarks to Baby Einstein color blocks were found to contain levels above the .06% legal limit, Reuters reports. 192,000 dollar-store key chains... More »

Buyer, Beware of Recalled Goods on EBay

Online auction stalwart warns users to screen carefully

(Newser) - After the recent recall of 21 million toys, eBay has cautioned its shoppers about buying tainted goods—and warned sellers of them they may be kicked off the site. The internet phenom says it’s unable to police all items in its marketplace, but will be providing tip sheets and... More »

Recalls Our Fault, Mattel Tells China

Toy company admits it bungled designs, recalled too many toys

(Newser) - The fallout from Mattel's recall of Chinese-made products took a bizarre turn today as the toy company apologized to Beijing and took the blame for design flaws in lead-tainted toys, AP reports. In a meeting with China's top product safety chief, a Mattel VP called the recalls "overly inclusive"... More »

Toymakers Play Games With Regulations

Call for more safety testing a cynical move, Slate critic contends

(Newser) - The toy industry’s new safety-testing push may succeed in rebuilding trust, but it’s likely to leave dangerous ways unchecked—and the big guys know it, argues Slate’s E. Marla Felcher. The current scandals are matters of enforcement, not of the regulations themselves, but the new call for... More »

China Agrees to End Lead Toy Imports

After third Mattel recall, Beijing seeks to end fallout

(Newser) - After three recalls by Mattel and growing nail-biting among parents, Chinese officials have signed an agreement with Washington to stop using lead paint in imported toys, CNNMoney reports. Although the US outlawed sales of lead-painted toys in 1978, Chinese-made products containing the hazardous metal continue to seep into the market.... More »

Recalls Will Increase 'Made in China' Prices

New quality standards are expected to pinch consumers' pockets

(Newser) - Following a series of high-profile toy recalls and international criticism over China's export standards, the the cost of merchandise bearing the "Made in China" is expected to rise at least 10% in the next year, the LA Times reports. "For American consumers, the big China sale over the... More »

US, China Grow Closer Despite Touchy Issues

Bush accepts Olympics invitation; talks recalls, environment with Hu

(Newser) - President Bush accepted an invitation today from China’s president to attend next summer’s Olympics, a gesture that will likely anger human rights activists but may increase pressure on Beijing, the Times reports. In a 90-minute meeting in the eve of the APEC summit, Hu Jintao and Bush also... More »

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