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Neiman Marcus Hawking a Poor Man's Staple—for $66

Or you can buy Thanksgiving dinner for the low, low price of $495, plus shipping

(Newser) - Not yet mastered the art of cooking a Thanksgiving turkey? Neiman Marcus can help you out—for a price. As part of its Christmas Book of fantasy gifts, the department store chain is offering a " Holiday Turkey Dinner " for $495 plus shipping, complete with a 12-pound roast turkey,... More »

Single Dinner at Singapore Restaurant Costs $2M

Restaurant, Russian company are offering the event to just two worthy diners

(Newser) - In the ultimate act of lavish absurdity, Singapore restaurant Ce La Vi is partnering with Russian company World of Diamonds Group to offer what is being billed as the "most expensive dining experience in the world." It's one only two worthy diners will have the chance to... More »

Being Near Fancy Stores Makes Us Selfish Jerks

People on streets with high-end stores are considerably less likely to help a stranger in need

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself relying on the kindness of strangers, you'd best hope you're not on a street lined with upscale shops. So conclude French researchers in a study titled, "'Wrong place to get help': A field experiment on luxury stores and helping behavior,"... More »

Inside the Making of a 104K-Square-Foot 'Giga-Mansion'

'The One' is under construction in Bel Air, may be priciest home ever

(Newser) - In the hills above Bel Air in Southern California, "The One" is about halfway built. And when construction on the 104,000-square-foot "giga-mansion" is complete, it just might become the most expensive home in the world, the Orange County Register reports. The asking price for The One will... More »

Manhattan Condo Sells for Record $100M

It's the priciest place ever sold in New York City

(Newser) - The decimal points alone could buy a posh residence: An unknown buyer has paid $100.47 million for a Manhattan condo overlooking Central Park. The 11,000-square-foot penthouse is in the luxe One57 apartment tower, reports the Real Deal . It's not only the highest price ever paid for a... More »

Mom Buys $6.5M NYC Apartment for Toddler

Because she assumes the 2-year-old will go to a prestigious Northeast school

(Newser) - We get it, parents. You want the best for your kid. Sometimes, that means feeding them nutritious food, reading to them, and being there for them. And sometimes, it means buying them a $6.5 million high-rise apartment in a city on the other side of the planet. That's... More »

Alessandra Ambrosio Unveils $2.5M 'Fantasy Bra'

Victoria's Secret reveals fashion show model after accidental leak

(Newser) - The wearer of this year's Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra has been revealed—after a bit of an "oops." The company had planned to unveil Alessandra Ambrosio as the lucky gal in its SoHo store tomorrow, but Ambrosio was accidentally seen wearing the bra—a bejeweled contraption... More »

What Hotels Give You for $1,000 a Night

Big room, brilliant view, fawning staff ... you name it

(Newser) - What's $1,000 a night, when you can keep out the riff-raff, eat high on the hog, and get tickets to American Idol? That's the thinking these days at smaller chi chi hotels, where ultra-luxurious grand-a-night rooms are becoming more common, the Wall Street Journal reports. So just... More »

11 Toughest Restaurants to Get Into

And how you can at least attempt to get a reservation

(Newser) - If you fancy yourself a gastronome, you have surely heard of these celebrated restaurants where masters engage in the high art of cooking. But getting into them is another thing entirely. has compiled a list of 11 restaurants around the world where it is virtually impossible to snag... More »

5 Posh Culinary Vacations to Book This Fall

Learn to appreciate food, wine, and bread in style

(Newser) - There's no better time than autumn or winter, the harvest seasons, for foodies to embark on a luxurious gastronomic adventure. Consider these premier gourmet trips, rounded up by the Wall Street Journal :
  • Wine: Spend 3 days refining your palate as you learn to taste, select, and pair top wines
... More »

Luxury Home Sales Surge in Beverly Hills

Just ask Jennifer Aniston's accountant

(Newser) - Luxury real estate in and around Beverly Hills is selling at a hot pace despite a swell in foreclosures on high-end homes elsewhere in the US, reports the Wall Street Journal . One high-profile example: Jennifer Aniston sold her mansion last summer for $36 million—nearly triple the $13.5 million... More »

Luxe RV's Pimped Pricetag: $3M

Austrian company puts a mansion on wheels

(Newser) - It's the anti-Prius: An Austrian company has essentially put a mini-mansion on wheels. The 40-foot-long Elemment Palazzo from Marchi Mobile has an en suite bedroom, underfloor heating, a 40-inch TV, a bar area, and a pop-out roof terrace, reports Time . Glow-in-the-dark paint is optional. But get ready to cough... More »

London Sets Record for Luxury Home Sales

Foreign buyers are pouring in money to escape volatility at home

(Newser) - The market for London's most luxurious homes is skyrocketing as foreign buyers, seeking safe investments, swoop in to purchase the city's priciest residences. Sales of properties worth more than $8 million spiked 31% to a record 262 in the past year, reports Businessweek . House-hunters hailing from the Middle... More »

Trump Shows Off New $100M Plane

Refurbished 757 is a luxury suite in the sky

(Newser) - No more slumming it in the air for Donald Trump: The real estate mogul gave the New York Post a tour of his modest little $100 million private plane before taking it on its inaugural flight from New York to DC. The overhauled Boeing 757 seats 43 very comfortably and... More »

Americans Buy $1.2T Worth of Stuff They Don’t Need

That's about 11% of total consumer spending

(Newser) - Ever wonder how much Americans spend on non-essential goodies such as jewelry, yachts, booze, and even candy? A lot, as in $1.2 trillion, or about 11% of total consumer spending, reports the Wall Street Journal . The percentage is up from 9.3% a decade ago and 4% in 1959,... More »

Donald Trump Reigns in 'Upper Blowhardia'

And he's proud of it, God bless him: David Brooks

(Newser) - Donald Trump gets the cultural anthropologist treatment today from David Brooks, who sees the billionaire as the product of "deep currents" in our society. For starters, Trump is that rare breed so impressed with himself he feels compelled to give the rest of us his "every stray thought"... More »

Why White Truffles Cost $2K a Pound

It's surprising, considering they smell like 'a locker room'

(Newser) - Truffles: They’re a featured ingredient in a $1,000 bagel or the similarly priced “Golden Opulence” ice cream sundae . So what is it about these mushrooms, the white truffle in particular, that make people willing to spend $2,000 a pound on them? They’re rare—only available... More »

Neiman's 2010 Fantasy Gifts: $15K Gingerbread House

Welcome back, ridiculous $1 million-plus offerings!

(Newser) - Well, the economy must be getting better: Neiman Marcus has returned to the practice of putting $1 million-and-higher items in its annual Christmas catalog. Specifically, you can have Dale Chihuly transform your swimming pool into a work of art for $1.5 million. Last year, such items were bumped from... More »

What It's Like to Stay in NYC's Priciest Hotel Room

Champagne, butlers, and Maybachs, oh my!

(Newser) - To stay at the top of NYC's Four Seasons Hotel, you have to fork over $35,000 a night (no matter who you are—no discounts given). The four-room 4,300 square-foot Ty Warner Penthouse (named for the hotel's owner/Beanie Baby mogul) took 7 years to design and $50 million... More »

Aston Martin Debuts Mini-Car

Cygnet is intended for 'luxury commuting'

(Newser) - Aston Martin released pictures of a tiny new concept car intended for "luxury commuting" today. The Cygnet, a miniature coupe that resembles a luxe Tata Nano, will be available only to existing Aston Martin customers. The hope is that they'll use the gas-efficient Cygnet to commute and run errands,... More »

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